12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Osaka | crockery (2023)

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17. November 2020

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One of Japan's largest cities, Osaka is located on the south coast of West Honshu, at the point where the Yodo River empties into the wide Osaka Bay that opens to the Pacific Ocean. Its location on the Yodo Delta, with its network of waterways and canals crossed by over a thousand bridges, has earned Osaka the deserved nickname "Venice of the East".

While Osaka's origins date back to the early days of the Japanese Empire, today it is arguably one of Japan's most modern cities, with a futuristic skyline alongside numerous impressive examples of modern architecture. Its world-class status is underpinned by its many cultural institutions. These include the many excellent museums and art galleries, as well as the cutting-edge music, theater and entertainment venues, which combine to create an endless list of unique things to do.

When planning your Osaka itinerary (and where to stay) remember that the city has two major urban centers. If proximity to the best dining, shopping and entertainment experiences is an important factor, consider spending time in Minami or the "South" district. Kita, the "North" district, is Osaka's traditional business center and certainly worth considering. Here you will find endless shopping, dining, entertainment and accommodation options.

Whichever you choose (but make sure you visit at least both), you'll find an excellent transportation system as you wander around and explore the city's best sights. If possible, consider traveling to this popular destination during quieter times like winter. You'll avoid the crowds at the most popular attractions and have the chance to experience unique sights like Osaka Castle, snow-capped and illuminated at night.

Plan your sightseeing itinerary any time of the year with our list of the best tourist attractions in Osaka.

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1. Schloss Osaka

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Osaka Castle (Ōsaka-jō) was completed in 1586 and was built in just three years. Built by order of the famous Japanese warrior and politicianToyotomi HideyoshiIt was then the largest castle in Japan. Almost all of Hideyoshi's military commanders had to contribute stones for its construction, the largest being the Higo-ishi stone near the south entrance. Almost 6 meters high and 13 meters long, it was the contribution of the famous General Kato Kiyomasa from Shodo Island.

After Hideyoshi's defeat in 1615, the castle was destroyed, only to be rebuilt by the Tokugawa shoguns for prestige purposes. Destroyed again after the fall of the shogunate, the castle was rebuilt in its current form in 1931.

Highlights include the five-story, 42-meter-tall main tower, which contains a large museum with exhibits on the history of the castle and the city (it also offers great views of Osaka from its upper floors). also of interestOsaka Castle Parkand theHokoku-SchreinDedicated to Hideyoshi and his family.

This popular site can get very busy, especially in the summer months, so be sure to use the 'e-ticket' option available on their official website (see below).

Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Bezirk Chuo, Osaka, Präfektur Osaka 540-0002

Official page:www.osakacastle.net/english/

2. Tempo Shitenno-ji

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Shitennō-ji is Osaka's most famous temple, with roots dating back to 59 AD. C. It was also the first Buddhist temple in Japan. Although this beautiful temple has been rebuilt several times over the centuries (the last reconstruction took place in the 1960s), it remains the oldest officially administered religious site.

Tour highlights include the site's five-story pagoda and several other ornately decorated buildings. The best are the Golden Pavilion (Kondo) with its beautiful statues and paintings, the Lecture Hall (Kodo) and a beautiful covered corridor connecting three of the site's gates.

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Other prominent buildings of the complex are the classroom, a pharmacy and a hospital. Be sure to spend some time exploring the pretty on-site garden.

Address: 1-11-18 Shitennoji, Bezirk Tennoji, Osaka, Prafektur Osaka 543-0051

3. Osaka-Kaiyukan-Aquarium

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The Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium, which looks a bit like it could be made out of giant Lego bricks, is worth a visit. One of the top attractions in the world, this aquarium takes visitors on a fascinating tour of different marine habitats. These include the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica, as well as the Great Barrier Reef and Monterey Bay.

A variety of Japanese marine life can also be seen, including freshwater species as well as native reptiles and mammals. In total, the site has 27 tanks, the largest of which is nine meters deep and can easily accommodate large marine life, including manta rays and sharks.

For a truly unforgettable experience, consider visiting at night when the tanks are dazzlingly lit. Also, be sure to check feeding times before your visit (they're listed on the aquarium's official website below).

Address: Chome 1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato District, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022

Official page:www.kaiyukan.com/language/eng/index.htm

4. The Tempozan Ferris Wheel and Port City

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The Tempozan Ferris Wheel offers some of the best views in Osaka, particularly of the port area and thePort city of TempozanWhere is this giant ferris wheel?one of the biggest attractions of its kind in Asia, over 112 meters high and 100 meters in diameter.

Operating since 1997, this popular attraction offers an exhilarating 17-minute ride that's especially enjoyable at night, when the wheel lights up different colors depending on the weather (orange when the sun is shining, green when it's cloudy, and blue when it's raining). . Adventure seekers can opt for one of the special "transparent" cars to enjoy incredible panoramic views of Osaka Bay.

After that, be sure to check out Harbor Village's other attractions. The best are the Santa Maria Cruise, the Legoland Discovery Center, and the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Address: 1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato District, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 552-0022

5. Kobe Port Tower

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Osaka boasts not one, but two tall towers that have become synonymous with the city. The newest of them, the Kobe Port Tower, is located on the outskirts of the city, near the main port. Although a little further from the city center, it's certainly a must-see attraction that draws crowds of tourists.

Inaugurated in 1963 and built of red steel, this earthquake-resistant structure stands 108 meters tall and has retained a modern look. The highlight of a visit is staying at the observation deck, which offers great views of the city of Kobe and the port area.

Better yet, if you're hungry, book a meal at the revolving restaurant, which has the same spectacular view (it's a particularly fun experience at night).

Address: 5-5 Hatobacho, Bezirk Chuo, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0042

Official page:www.kobe-port-tower.com/language/english.html

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6. Torre Tsutenkaku

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The older of Osaka's two towers, Tsūtenkaku stands in the center of the city and is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks. It was actually built on the site of a replica Eiffel Tower built in 1912 and destroyed in World War II.

The current structure, completed in 1956, still offers some of the best views in Osaka. The best of these views are from the observation level on the fifth floor, which also houses a shrine to the god of fortune. If you visit at dusk, the tower glows in a dizzying neon glow.

Address: Chome-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Bezirk Naniwa, Osaka, 556-0002

7. The National Art Museum

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The Osaka National Museum of Art (NMAO) is a unique underground art museum located just minutes from downtown on Nakanoshima, a small island between the Tosabori and Dojima rivers. This important gallery opened in 1977 and contains a large collection of some of the leading post-war international artists, including examples from Picasso and Cézanne, as well as Japanese artists Kuniyoshi and Foujita.

It also houses many important relics and statues. Even if you're not interested in art, the spectacular steel structure outside the museum is worth a visit, a massive installation that looks like reeds bending in the wind.

Also worth a visitOsaka City MuseumVisual arts🇧🇷 This outstanding gallery houses a collection of ancient Chinese calligraphy and artworks by Japan's most respected artists.

Address: 4 Chome-2-55 Nakanoshima, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0005

Official page:www.nmao.go.jp/en/index.html

8. Osaka Tennōji Park and Zoo

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The largest green space in Osaka,Tennoji-Park(Tennōji Kōen), serves as a rest stop from this busy city. Known for its many fragrant flower beds and cherry blossoms in spring, the park is a pleasure to explore, thanks in part to its many playful sculptures, ponds and bridges.

It is also home to some of the city's top tourist attractions such as:Osaka Tennoji-Zoo🇧🇷 Opened in 1915, the zoo is home to a variety of species including lions, giraffes and elephants, all housed to roam the African savannah.

The hippo pool and the reptile house are also worth a visit.good date:Try to time your visit with free tours of the park's greenhouses and other areas not normally open to the public.

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Endereço: 1-108 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka

Official page:www.city.osaka.lg.jp/contents/wdu170/tennojizoo/en/

9. Osaka Science Museum

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Resembling the bridge of a large ship owing to its location on the water, the Osaka Science Museum (Osaka Shiritsu Kagakukan) is a delightful outing for travelers with children.

inaugurated in 1989National Art Museum, the museum contains numerous hands-on and interactive exhibits on various science-related topics, from astronomy to energy sources. It also has the country's first planetarium.

Also worth a visitOsaka International Peace Center(Ōsaka-kokusai-heiwa-sentaa), a museum dedicated, as the name suggests, to peace issues. Highlights include sober exhibits about the devastation of war, as well as a replica of the famous doomsday clock.

Address: 4 Chome-2-1 Nakanoshima, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0005

10. Umeda Sky Building

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Aside from the stunning architectural designs associated with its museums and art galleries, Osaka has many other excellent examples of modern architecture. Perhaps the most famous is the aptly named Umeda Sky Building (Umeda Sukai Biru), an impressive landmark consisting of two office towers joined at the top by a large platform-like structure.

It is this roof structure that draws visitors, largely due to the network of bridges and escalator connecting the two towers, offering views of over 170 meters that will send shivers down the spines of any height-sensitive person. View from the observatory and roof garden aptly named Floating Garden Observatory-they are just amazing.

Afterwards, be sure to stroll through the Stadtgarten at its base with its pleasant pathways, fountains and lakes. There's also a fun underground market modeled after early 20th-century Osaka.

Address: 1 Chome-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita Ward, Osaka, 531-6023

Official page:www.skybldg.co.jp/en/

11.Universal Studios Japan

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Universal Studios Japan is one of the city's newest attractions and is quickly becoming one of the top things to do in Osaka. They are also one of the liveliest spots in the city, attracting around 10 million visitors each year. As one of five Universal theme parks worldwide, the Osaka location features a number of well-known pop culture franchises as well as some location exclusives.

Recent additions includeHollywood Dream: The Walk, a fun roller coaster that sometimes goes backwards; Tours based onSpider ManFilm; YUniversal Wonderland, a perfect family area for travelers with young children. Exclusively Japanese entertainment and characters can be found in attractions based on games and TV showsuniversal legal japanarea, inclMonsterjägerit's himOne Piece Premierenshow.

Also interesting for fans of the books and filmsThe fascinating world of Harry Potter, based on the popular rides at Universal's Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. To skip the lines, be sure to check out the handy Universal Express Pass.

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Address: 1-33 Sakurajima, Osaka Prefecture 554-0031

Official page:www.usj.co.jp/e/

12. Tenmangu Shrine and Tenjin Festival

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Osaka is also the host city of one of Japan's largest annual festivals. The Tenjin Festival (Tenjin Matsuri) has been held here on the same day, July 24th and 25th, for over 1,000 years. It features colorful processions taking place both on land and water, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display.

A lot of the fun happens around themTenmangu Shrine, which celebrates the god of learning and gives tourists the opportunity to experience local customs, see many traditional costumes and enjoy the city's wonderful hospitality. It's also an opportunity to shop for souvenirs and taste the excellent food from the many vendors who have set up their stalls for the occasion.

Address: 2 Chome-1-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0041

Where to stay in Osaka for sightseeing

The best place to stay in Osaka is in the densely populated city center, close to restaurants, shops, and many major attractions. The famous Osaka Castle is at the west end of the city center and the Shitennō-ji Temple to the south. Closer to the water you will find the world famous Tempozan Ferris wheel and Hafendorf. Below are somehighly rated hotelsin good locations:

  • Luxury hotels:LosHotel IntercontinentalOsakaoffers large rooms in a prime location in the heart of the action. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the main train station.

    The new stands on the tallest building in JapanMarriott MiyakoHotel🇧🇷 The hotel, which occupies floors 38 to 57, has rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the city and surrounding levels.

    On Midosuji Avenue, one of Osaka's most prestigious streets lined with unique shops,El St. RegisOsakaIt offers luxuriously furnished rooms and is only a few minutes away from Osaka Castle.

  • Mid-Range Hotels:Ideal for families and close to Universal StudiosHotel UniversalPorto🇧🇷 A ferry departs from behind the hotel and goes to the village of Tempozan, where the Ferris wheel is located.

    Halfway between Osaka Castle and Tennoji Zoo is theDaiwa Roynet Hotel OsakaKitahama🇧🇷 The standard rooms are comfortably furnished and there is a metro station below the hotel.

    LosMitsui-GartenHotelIt offers spacious rooms in a quiet area just a short walk from Osaka Science Museum and the National Museum of Art.

  • Budget-Hotels:Located in the Namba area, not far from the zooBusiness-HotelMikado🇧🇷 This budget hotel offers simple Japanese-style rooms with shared bathrooms and showers. Free bicycles are available for guests.

    It offers good value for money and spacious rooms in a good location.HotelA gift.The hotel's name refers to the city area and the main train station is within walking distance.

Tips & Tours: How to make the most of your visit to Osaka

  • Mid season in Osaka: If you travel outside of the peak summer season, you will be rewarded with many unique experiences and sights in Osaka. In winter, the city comes alive with wonderful illuminations and colored lights. A good time to visit is from November to January, during the Festival of Lights and when the beautiful Osaka Castle is lit up for Christmas. Spring is also popular when the city's parks and gardens come alive.
  • travel days: Osaka is perfectly located for adventurous travelers to enjoy a variety of fun day trips. Popular options areDay tour to Kyoto and Nara including the Golden Pavilion and Todai-jiTemple, it's himFull day sightseeing tour of Hiroshima and MiyajimaRota, which includes two of Hiroshima's top attractions: Itsukushima Shrine and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Benefits include the services of an English-speaking guide, luxury coaches, and entrance fees.

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12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Osaka | crockery (14)Attractions near Osaka: Besides the fun day trips already mentioned, Osaka is a great base from which to explore a variety of othersAttractions and sights nearby🇧🇷 Destinations that are easily accessible by train includeKyotojHiroshima, each only a few hours away by bullet train.

12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Osaka | crockery (15)Discover Japan's rich history: A great vacation destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions of JapanFukuoka🇧🇷 In addition to its magnificent castle and many excellent shrines and temples, the city offers immersive experiences such as origami and calligraphy. Of course, similar experiences and other historical attractions can also be enjoyed in other historical cities, such asNarajSapporo.

12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Osaka | crockery (16)Japan vacation ideas: Japan offers a variety of incredibly beautiful landscapes. So no trip should miss the iconMonte Fuji, easily accessible fromTokyo and its many sights🇧🇷 If your itinerary doesn't allow you to visit the mountain, at least you can see it well by boarding a high-speed bullet train to destinations likeNagoya.

Osaka Map - Sights (Historical)

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What is the #1 tourist attraction? ›

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris. Spring flowers in front of the Eiffel Tower. The symbol of Paris and one of the most photographed structures in the world, a visit to the Eiffel Tower is a must for all travelers. Few landmarks inspire such a passion for travel as this single iron structure.

What Osaka is famous for? ›

Osaka is best known for its amazing casual food and outgoing locals. It's arguably Japan's street food capital, and most famous for snacks including takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Osaka is also renowned for its fun, extroverted people who make eating and drinking in the city an unforgettable experience.

What is the best part of Osaka? ›

10 Most Popular Neighbourhoods in Osaka
  • Morinomiya.
  • Nakazaki-cho.
  • Juso.
  • Osaka Bay.
  • Shinsaibashi.
  • Amerikamura.
  • Tenma.
  • Tennoji and Abeno.

What famous tourist attraction is found in Japan? ›

Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Disneyland, Osaka Castle, Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and many more.

What are the top 5 most visited places? ›

The Top 10 Most Visited Cities In The World:

Paris (Total International travelers: 19.10 million) London (Total International travelers: 19.09 million) Dubai (Total International travelers: 15.93 million) Singapore (Total International travelers: 14.67 million)

Why do tourists visit Osaka? ›

Osaka is the food capital of Japan

Known as the Nation's Kitchen, Osaka is famous for its large street food scene. You'll find lots of stalls offering takoyaki, or fried octopus balls. They look like little donuts or hush puppies, but inside is a warm filling with octopus!

Is Osaka good for tourists? ›

Osaka is home to Universal Studios Japan and it's location in the Kansai region makes it a great jumping off point to fascinating destinations like Kyoto and Nara. There's much to love about this city that's become one of our favorites in Japan.

Why is Osaka worth visiting? ›

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan (population 2.7 million) behind Tokyo and Yokohama. It has a rich history dating back some 1,500 years. Popular for its nightlife, food and shopping, Osaka should definitely be on your list when planning your Japan itinerary.

What is the most popular area to stay in Osaka? ›

Kita. Kita tops the list as the best place to stay in Osaka. It ticks all the boxes. Kita is Osaka's most important transport hub and four train lines converge here (the JR Line and three private lines: Hankyu, Keihan and Hanshin).

How many days in Osaka is enough? ›

How many days should I spend in Osaka? I recommend at least 5 days to see the must-see of the Kansai region, namely Osaka and Kyoto. But it would be better if you can stay for at least 8 days, which will allow you to visit all the best highlights of Kansai: Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, and Hiroshima.

What is Japan's most beautiful place? ›

Mt Fuji, Yamanashi

Japan's crown jewel and arguably the most beautiful place in the country, Mt Fuji is a must for any visitor. There are plenty of places to see the grand mountain, but the views from Arakurayama Sengen Park, which boasts the majestic Chureito Pagoda, and from Lake Kawaguchi best capture its beauty.

What's better Osaka or Tokyo? ›

Osaka vs Tokyo: The Bottom Line

If you want to be at the heart of everything, Tokyo can be your best bet. But, if you want to enjoy a lower cost of living and friendlier neighbors, Osaka can be the better choice. Both cities have something unique to offer, and living in either city can be a fantastic experience.

What are the top 10 most visited? ›

Most Visited Countries in the World in 2022
  • France – 82.6 million visitors.
  • The United States – 75.6 million visitors.
  • Spain – 75.6 million visitors.
  • China – 59.3 million visitors.
  • Italy – 52.4 million visitors.
  • United Kingdom – 35.8 million visitors.
  • Germany – 35.6 million visitors.
  • Mexico – 35.0 million visitors.

What is the #1 tourist city in the world? ›

But a new index from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) also says that Paris is the world's most powerful city for tourism. The WTTC, a nonprofit travel industry body based in the UK, analyzed tourism data from the year 2022 to see where travelers were spending the most money.

What are the 8 types of tourist? ›

The three tourism categories
  • Domestic tourism. Domestic tourism is defined as traveling within your own country of residence, either for business or leisure purposes. ...
  • Inbound tourism. ...
  • Outbound tourism. ...
  • Business tourism. ...
  • Leisure tourism. ...
  • Shopping tourism. ...
  • Cultural tourism. ...
  • Sports tourism.
Jan 19, 2023

What are the 3 main types of tourism? ›

Forms of tourism: There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism. These can be combined in various ways to derive the following additional forms of tourism: internal tourism, national tourism and international tourism.

What are the 3 types of tourist? ›

There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism refers to activities of a visitor within their country of residence and outside of their home (e.g. a Brit visiting other parts of Britain).

What is the most popular tourist spot in Japan Why? ›

1. Mount Fuji. Without a doubt Japan's most recognizable landmark, majestic Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) is also the country's highest mountain peak.

What makes Osaka different? ›

Osaka is famous for its local dishes and strong food culture. It is said people from Osaka will spend all their money on food and drink until they go bankrupt! Local specialties include takoyaki, okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, kitsune udon, teppanyaki and beef.

When should I go to Osaka Japan? ›

You can visit Osaka at any time of year because the weather is temperate. The best times to visit Osaka are the fall (October/November) and spring (March/April/May). Summer (June/July/August) in Osaka is hot and humid. Winter (December/January/February) in Osaka is cold but not too cold for traveling.

What is nice in Osaka? ›

Together with Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka is one of three must-visit cities in Japan for every visitors to Japan. There are countless tourist attractions in Osaka including delicious local food, trendy shopping streets, bustling districts lit by neon lights, modern skyscraper, the world's greatest amusement park, and more.

Is Osaka English friendly? ›

Surprisingly, Many Osaka People Speak English

However, there were also quite a few Osaka people in the shopping area who spoke English, which brought me some peace of mind. One surprising thing for overseas travelers during their first trip to Osaka is the 'Osaka-ben' or even 'Kansai-ben' dialect.

Is 3 days in Osaka enough? ›

If it's your first trip and you don't have a lot of time, then I'd say that 3 days in Osaka is ideal. It'll give you enough time to see the city's top attractions without feeling rushed. The following 3-day Osaka itinerary offers suggestions on what to do and where to eat in Osaka.

Is Osaka Japan cheap? ›

As you travel around Japan and stay in other cities, you'll find that the prices are less than Tokyo. Even Osaka – another big city – is about 25 per cent cheaper on average. The only main city that isn't necessarily much cheaper than Tokyo is Kyoto, but that's because it is such a popular tourist destination.

What are nicknames for Osaka? ›

Osaka's nickname -- Tenka no Daidokoro (the nation's kitchen) -- originally referred to its Edo Period status as Japan's rice-trade hub. Nowadays, it refers to its reputation as a gourmand's paradise.

Is Osaka or Kyoto better? ›

However, Kyoto and Osaka are both beautiful places to live in and more authentic than the crazy city life. Kyoto – Laidback, traditional, authentic, less noisy, a lot of things to see and do, and more affordable. Osaka – Big city life, lots of tourists, expensive, great food, and better nightlife, etc.

What is downtown Osaka called? ›

Dotonbori. Known as the central heart of Osaka s busy Minami district, Dotonbori is well-known for scenes such as tourists crowded around the famous Glico sign to take commemorative photographs.

Is it cheaper to stay in Tokyo or Osaka? ›

1. Affordability: Osaka. When it comes to affordability, it is definitely cheaper to live in Osaka. The cost of living in Tokyo is considerably higher in Tokyo, and as you can see, the minimum wage in Tokyo is currently 1,013 yen per hour while in Osaka it's 964 yen per hour.

What is the main area in Osaka? ›

The heart of Osaka is the Kita Area, which is also known as Umeda. This is the city's main business and transport center, and it's packed with hotels, restaurants and shops.

What should I order at Osaka? ›

Best Food in Osaka: Your Guide to What to Eat
  • Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki, a thick savory pancake of mixed ingredients, literally means “whatever you like, cooked”. ...
  • Negiyaki. Similar to okonomiyaki, negiyaki is a savory pancake-style food. ...
  • Takoyaki. ...
  • Tecchiri. ...
  • Kitsune Udon. ...
  • Taiko Manju. ...
  • Oshizushi. ...
  • Kushikatsu.
Jan 18, 2017

What is the most popular snack in Osaka? ›

The 10 Best Popular Snacks You Must Buy in Osaka, Japan
  1. Jagarico Takoyaki Flavor. photo by mi18na / embedded from Instagram. ...
  2. Mangetsu Pon. photo by ponrica / embedded from Instagram. ...
  3. Iwa Okoshi. ...
  4. Okonomiyaki senbei. ...
  5. Omoshiroi Koibito. ...
  6. Kaki no Tane Takoyaki Sauce Flavor. ...
  7. Osaka Maeda Nyu Bolo. ...
  8. Chinchin Do Mayo-ala.

What are 3 popular Japanese foods? ›

  • Sushi. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish and the first thing people think of when they think of Japanese cuisine. ...
  • Sashimi. Sashimi refers to thinly sliced raw fish or seafood. ...
  • Ramen. ...
  • Tempura. ...
  • Unagi. ...
  • Wagyu. ...
  • Kushiyaki / Yakitori. ...
  • Takoyaki.
7 days ago

How long is the ride from Tokyo to Osaka? ›

The journey time from Tokyo to Osaka is a reasonable 2.5–3 hours, with no transfers required. The route, on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line, is popular, served by multiple Shinkansen every hour. The fastest service, Nozomi, will get you from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station in just 2 hours 30 minutes.

How much is bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo? ›

Shinkansen or bullet train

In only about 2 hours and 30 minutes, it can take you from Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka to Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. However, it is not covered by your JR Pass, and you must purchase a one-way ticket that costs 13,620 yen (unreserved seat) or 14,650 yen (reserved seat).

How long do you need at Osaka Aquarium? ›

How long do you spend at Osaka aquarium? You can either spend 3-4 hours here if you have enough time or you can take a short trip around, spending as little as one hour if you're short on time.

Where is Disney in Japan? ›

Although called "Tokyo" Disney Resort, the parks are actually located in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture , right around the bay from Tokyo.

Where should I go for the first time in Japan? ›

As a first timer in Japan, you should definitely visit the main tourist spots like Tokyo, Kyoto and/or Osaka. In addition, you can also visit some isolated areas such as some the beautiful islands like Hokkaido and Okinawa!

What is the best Japanese name for a girl? ›

Most Common and Popular Japanese Girl Names
  • Jun. ...
  • Hana. ...
  • Reina. ...
  • Himari. ...
  • Tsumugi. ...
  • Rin. ...
  • Mei. ...
  • Aoi. Another perfect choice for a floral name, Aoi means “hollyhock, althea” and comes from the kanji that means “green, blue,” just like the flowers.
Oct 27, 2022

What is the best month to go to Japan? ›

The best time to visit Japan is during spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). This is when Japan is at its most vibrant, with delicate cherry blossom or bright red leaves adding contrast to the scenery.

What is the least visited place in Japan? ›

Kochi prefecture is a great place to get away, as it is the second-least-visited prefecture in Japan.
The Emerald Sea of Kashiwajima.
Website (English)https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10030
2 more rows
Aug 18, 2020

Is Osaka foreigner friendly? ›

Osaka is considered by native Japanese people as well as foreigners a more welcoming city, where people are more affable and open to outsiders compared to Tokyo.

Is Osaka a beautiful city? ›

Osaka is known for its beautiful skyline, lit nightlife and mouth-watering street food. Just imagine you are getting all the good things at one place, isn't it simply amazing? Well, the fun doesn't end here as there are interesting places to visit in Osaka that will make you fall in love with it even more.

Is Osaka a number 1? ›

Osaka is a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, with two Australian Open and two US Open titles.
Naomi Osaka.
Highest rankingNo. 1 (January 28, 2019)
Current rankingNo. 65 (January 30, 2023)
Grand Slam singles results
Australian OpenW (2019, 2021)
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What is the #1 most visited place in the world? ›

London. England's vibrant capital, London, will draw close to 18.82 million people this year, making it the number one most visited city in the world. It's not surprising that so many people want to visit, as it has so much to offer.

What is the number 1 tourist city in the world? ›

Total International Visitors per year: 22.78 million

Bangkok city! The most visited city in the world.

Which is the most beautiful city in the world? ›

1. Rome, Italy. At number one you voted Rome as the most beautiful city in the world. With its thousand-year-old buildings such as the Forum Romanum or the Colosseum, beautiful piazzas and world-class art – not to mention Vatican City – we are certainly not surprised.

What are the top 4 most visited cities in the world? ›

The world's most visited cities
  • Dubai, UAE – 6.9 million.
  • Shanghai, China – 6.1 million.
  • Paris, France – 5.5 million.
  • Guangzhou – 4.7 million.
Nov 30, 2022

What are the top 3 most visited countries? ›

United States - 79.3M. China - 65.7M. Italy - 64.5M. Turkey - 51.2M.

What city is the #1 US tourist destination? ›

More than 50 million visitors travel to New York City every year making it the number one tourist destination in the USA.

Who is the first tourist in the world? ›

Cyriacus of Ancona (1391-1452), the first cultural tourist since antiquity, lacked these advantages when, in the first half of the 15th century, he sailed around the Mediterranean in search of the remains of Greek and Roman civilisations.

Which city has the best tourist attractions? ›

Best cities for tourist attractions
RankDestinationRating of Paid Attractions
1New York4.52
16 more rows
Jul 28, 2022

What is the most visited city in the US 2022? ›

New York, New York

With an estimated 10 million visitors to New York City every year, this is indisputably the most visited city in the US.

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world 2022? ›

“An always popular spot, Dubai has been slowly rising in the ranks of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards over the past few years, and now in 2022 takes the crown of the number one most popular destination in the world,” said Justin Reid, director of media, destinations and travel at Tripadvisor, in an email to CNN ...

What are the four types of tourist attractions? ›

There are 4 different types of attractions in the travel and tourism industry. These are purpose built attractions, natural attractions, events and heritage attractions. In the travel and tourism sector, attractions are an important part as this is what bring in tourist from all over the world.


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