2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (2023)

EPG is something that everyone asks for all the time, we want and love to have it, but when we hate itInternet TVThe offers we create or buy do not have an EPG. Even if we buy IPTV, there is a 40%-50% chance that the IPTV company has not updated the EPG to what we want. I ask.. why can we get EPG already! ! ! !

Ok, so in this article I'm going to give you a tutorial on how to create an EPG or your own IPTV that can be used with any (almost any) XML-enabled application. I will also list some of my favorite EPG and EPG generator IPTV apps for Firestick, Android, Windows, MAC, etc.

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Despite now

What is the EPG for?

EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. The EPG is the same guide you see on cable TV.

Why do we need EPG? Tivimate shows EPG

The EPG is a guide that shows what is playing on TV and what will play next.

Who uses the EPG? Show the EPG guide for several days

We all use the EPG from time to time to see what's on TV and what's playing in the next hour, even to schedule what's playing tomorrow or to record it while we're away from home.

What is the EPG URL?

EPG URLs are XML files stored on the Internet, saved with a plain text editor such as Notepad++, and viewed with IPTV programs such as Tivimate.

What exactly are XMLTV files?

XMLTV was created toIPTV providerCombining electronic program guides with their services, if you know what an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file is, this is nothing new, you know what it is, the information contained in this XML file is used for IPTV, hence the name of the "XMLTV" file.

How to make an EPG?

To create your own EPG, you'll need some of the requirements listed below, but also depending on whether you want to create it automatically or manually. In both automatic and manual versions, the EPG is generated for you, but it all depends on whether you want the service/website to generate it for you or manually generate it for you for a specific app.

Requirements for automatic EPG generation using IPTV

While the automatic mode sounds great, I've personally found that it takes a lot of work in the long run. Because most of the country codes included automatically and the EPG are mostly for UK, US or some countries I'm not used to, even UK and US don't work very well.

Also, some automations can't be shared with other users, so again, this is a bad idea for me because I want to do something for everyone.

You will need:

  1. IPTV M3U - you need oneIPTV subscription, and the IPTV subscriber must provide you with an M3U connection. It usually doesn't matter if it's M3U or M3u8, but try to use M3U only for EPG, it's easier that way
  2. Pages that generate the EPG for you - see the list of automatically generated EPG pages on this page.
    1. Usually paid or free depending on the site

Requirements to manually generate EPG for your IPTV

While creating an EPG manually seems like a lot of work, I find it more useful to manage, control and update myself. I found that I could create my own free 30 channels and using the software I could donate a small annual subscription (I donate 5 euros a year) and was able to automatically renew 250 channels.

It was easier for me because I was always looking for Arabic TV and Arabic sports and I wanted to share my EPG with my users.

  1. IPTV M3U - You need an IPTV subscription and the IPTV subscriber must provide you with an M3U connection. It usually doesn't matter if it's M3U or M3u8, but try to use M3U only for EPG, it's easier that way
  2. You will need to get the EPG software, you can donate €5 a year for 250 channels - if you need more, you need to ask the software developer, I will list it here.
  3. EPG editor
  4. Where to publish the XML file, such as your own website, GitHub, or Pastebin.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get back to basics

What is the Auto EPG website?

Sites will generate an EPG based on the list of EPG countries they have and are willing to do so automatically.

What is the EPG Page List?

There are many websites that offer real-time EPG generator services, some for free, some for a fee. The free ones will help you try to create an EPG there and then use it for your own M3u playlists, while the paid ones will let you download the XML file and share it with everyone. see the list below

  • M3u4u - link -m3u4u.com/- completely free
    • I found out when someone posted it on my YouTube channel and asked if I would use the site to create an EPG. At the time I was surprised that such a site exists, but unfortunately it was more like my own EPG and I'm working on a development plan that works for everyone.
    • Also, this site doesn't have most of the Arabic channels I need. I was able to create more of these myself
  • EPG Guide - Link -epgguide.net/ - Monthly fees and commissions starting atOne country 4.99 or all countries 179.99 per month
    • It's not what I want and I don't think most readers will appreciate the cost, but I leave it to the IPTV companies who are interested in creating their own M3Us and making them available to users.
  • More links - add more sites in the comments below or via mycontact meI'll expand this list if you think there are more and better and even easier or harder ways to do both, but these are the most useful ones I've found so far.

Note that for websites you don't need much software, just click and go, with little manual intervention depending on the site.

Which EPG software is the best?

Listed here are the EPG software you will need from the providers to create your own EPG guide for your IPTV M3U. Unlike EPG sites that automatically generate everything for you, this software is a simpler, more powerful and easy-to-manage EPG. I find it easier to use software than a website that automatically generates tons of EPGs that I know nothing about.

I tried a list of different apps and finally settled on webgrabplus, an easy to use software that makes EPG a breeze. Pretty simple if you ask me. Although this is an auto-generated EPG software, it requires manual work to get the most out of the software (I had to learn this the hard way).

Requirements for webgrabplus

  1. Download the latest version from the site -www.webgrabplus.com
  2. Create a Webgrabplus forum user (follow me, the software is associated with this forum id), go to this url and createcourtuser ID
  3. To create more than 20 or 30 EPG lists, you need to donate to webgrabplus developers and become a donor. Full instructions are herewww.webgrabplus.com/content/support-us
  4. Download the EPG editor to see the list of generated EPGs and check if they work properly after generation. Reading XML files is very difficult. It's a good idea to check what you've created in the editor to see if the channel you want actually works and if it contains EPG data. Download from this linkwww.webgrabplus.com/content/new-version-v14


The information below is about installing and configuring Webgrabplus on Windows 10. I am using Windows 10 as it is the most widely used operating system. I'm sorry about Apple devices, but since Steve Jobs died.

Windows 10 Yes, not Windows 95, XP, Windows 7 or any other operating system. We don't need to help you with old operating systems. I recommend installing Windows 10.

How to download Webgrabplus?

The latest version of Webgrabplus is available at:www.webgrabplus.com/download

How to configure Webgrabplus XML configuration file?

After installing webgrabplus, XML configuration files will be downloaded to your system, in my case these files were saved in C:\Users\husha\AppData\Local\WebGrab+Plus

For Windows users, click start and type "Run", then click "%appdata%", then navigate to your local folder, then navigate to the "webgrab+plus" folder.

You will end up in a folder similar to mine

How to set us up your first Webgrabplus XML?

Ok, now that you have installed the app and are ready to create your own EPG, we need to configure the network

Find WebGrab++.config.xml and open it with a text editor (I recommend Notepad++). This is where you need to add channels to the EPG.

The default value should look like the following

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (2)

Follow these simple steps to extract EPG.

Extract the EPG

Ok, we need to edit the Webgrabplus XML file, so follow the step by step instructions using notepad++ or a text editor

We need to modify line by line (here I ask you to copy webgrabplus in case you miss an important moment)

  1. change the lineguide.xmlAnd it should point to the location of the XML file. The default value is Guide.xml. But I think if you change it to EPG.xml and maybe point to a different folder then you'll agree, for example if you want to save it to a new folder called c:\epg you'd put Save in c:\epg\ epg
    • So the line should bec:\epg\epg.xml
  2. Will bedecrypt_userkey–> Change it to be equal to the site.ini file you got the encrypted EPG from. I think this line is too tricky... you can ignore it if the EPG is not encrypted, but we'll get into that later.
  3. Bank–>
    • First make sure you have created your webgrabplus forum username and then click on your name on the top right corner and open it. You will see the password that you will need to enter in the line above - you should enter it
    • check the image below
    • The photo only shows the username and password you need to enter2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (3)
  4. Please donate if you have more than 30 EPG links or even encrypted sites (like FOX or some sites with advanced encryption) please donate
    • Donating is easy, just follow the instructions belowwww.webgrabplus.com/content/support-usAnd make sure you include your online forum username in your information.
  5. You can leave the following lines as follows
    • activated
  6. Now add the line of the channel you want to export the EPG to and make sure the line is exactly as it appears in M3u
    • For example below line is the url of channel name ART Aslam 2 in my M3u

      THE ART OF Aflam 2
  7. Now you are ready to run. You can click the Webgrabber icon on your desktop or use the CMD prompt to navigate to the folder and click Run (see image below)2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (4)
  8. After doing this, you can now navigate to the XML file you indicated in step 1, which you can either place in your IPTV application (eg Tivimate) or edit/view first.

How to easily view or edit XML EPG files?

There are many ways to view XML files, you can use a very simple text reader like Notepad++ or I prefer to use the EPG/Editor found herewww.webgrabplus.com/content/new-version-v14

This EPG editor is actually a very simple and fully functional application. You meet the criteria to know what happened. If you want, you can also reset the EPG settings here.

How to create an XMLTV EPG file on m3u4u.com

I'm going tom3u4u.comand create an account, the service is great, and100% free

After creating an account and logging in, click herePlaylistIn the top menu,director

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (5)

clickCreate a playlist

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (6)

Submit your playlist aNameand then clickSelect a sourceif you received your username, password and URL from your website;Internet TV provideryou should chooseLine APIif you have a dedicated URL for IPTV M3U, please selectURL M3Uif you have M3UdocumentOn your computer you canSubmit it

When you finish importing or creating IPTV M3U playlists, clickelectronic program guideafterwarddirector, Clickpencilediting tool and make sureSource Electronic Program Guideyour choicem3u4uthen click Save

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (7)

I'm going toPlaylist, MEprocessing, select a playlist and clickMore team toolsCreate a new group because you need at least one group to create an EPG. Treat groups as categories for your channel. Sports, news, movies, live

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (8)

After completing the group, click the buttonMore channel toolsIBulk transfer of channelsMove your channel to the appropriate group and click the buttoncarry over

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (9)

click nowelectronic program guideIAssign TVG IDs, select a playlist, then select a group, then select yoursTVG Country IDor directly selectAllLet m3u4u see all available channels but to get the best EPG I suggest you select the correct country code for each channel click nowAutomatically assign a TVG ID, m3u4u will try to automatically assign an ID to each channel

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (10)

For channels highlighted in red, simply enter the channel name, then watch the drop-down menu and select the channel as you type

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (11)

Once you're done, click Save Changes and go totop menu, chooseelectronic program guide,directorand clickdown arrowto download

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (12)

Now just click on "copy link".copy the linkbutton, if you want to use the IPTV program on your computer, you can just paste this link, while if you want to use the link on other devices, then I suggest you to useBeatleyaTo shorten a link, just hover over it and click "shorten" and you'll get a nice short link

2 ways to create an EPG TV guide for your IPTV listings (13)

Now go to your IPTV software and put the link for the new XMLTV EPG file in the settings menu under EPG or XMLTV


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