Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (2023)

Come onBobs Burgers-FilmAfter years of anticipation, we're finally hitting theaters this month and we'll finally see the Belcher family on the big screen, filled with musical numbers, crushes, ridiculous puns, Wonder Wharf madness, talking horses, kuchi kopi, and more madness from the Belcher family .

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"Human Flesh" (Season 1, Episode 1)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (1)

The episode that started it all. The pilot episode of Bob's Burgers, "Human Flesh," features Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) tries to reopen his restaurant only to spread a grotesque rumor (that of his daughter Louise (Kristen Waage) come and say their hamburgers are made from human meat from the crematorium next door. Human Flesh has everything you could ask for in a Bob's Burgers episode, and does an excellent job of introducing each character and their unique personalities. From Louise's mischievous tendencies that jeopardized the family business, to a wonderfully endearing performance by Bob and Linda (Juan Roberts) Loving Marriage, this is Bob's Burgers firing on all cylinders.

“Beefsquatch” (Season 2, Volume 9)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (2)

In an attempt to get a spot on the local news, Bob sends an audition tape of himself making burgers, but is accompanied by a large mask, with Gene (Eugene Mirman) in a burger suit in the background. The film is a hit, and the two's bickering and increasingly cruel pranks become a regular part of the show. To,Tine(and mint) gets a friend to become obsessed with eating the presenter's hair. Bob's Burgers usually highlights the relationship between Linda and Gene, the infamous mother's son, but we rarely get to see episodes that focus on Bob and Gene's relationship. It's a hilarious, almost surreal episode, and the image of Gene in a Bigfoot mask and hamburger costume has become synonymous with the show's wacky humor.

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"Mutiny in the Jacket" (Temporada 3, Episode 4)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (3)

When a cruise ship captain tries one of Bob's burgers, he invites him to be a guest chef on his ship for the night. A strange character, he kidnaps the family and forces Bob into culinary servitude. Linda and the kids live out their wildest fantasies on cruise ships, and Gene begins a relationship with a manatee doll. While there's no shortage of fun and adventure that the kids regularly get into, the show often injects a touch of reality into its antics. In an environment as rampant and "luxurious" as a cruise ship, each character breaks free and can explore any weirdness they want.

"Kids Rob a Train" (Season 4, Episode 15)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (4)

The Belcher family board a wine-tasting train with small lodgings for children. Tina, Gene and Louise team up with a life-size Rudy (Brian Huskey) to steal a chocolate fountain, and a smug fan challenges Bob to a wine tasting contest. One of the charms of Bob's Burgers is its ability to deftly walk the line between familiar children's programming and sickeningly disgusting adult animation. Basking in the childish joys of the great chocolate heist or Bob's wine sensibilities, The Kids Rob a Train is the quintessential Bob's Burgers.

„Dawn of the Peck“ (Temporada 5, Folge 4)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (5)
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Bob's family leaves him on Thanksgiving, their favorite holiday, to celebrate Turkey Day at Wonder Wharf. The Fisher Brothers (Kevin klinemiZach Galifianakis) organized a "Turkey Trot" or bullfight with turkeys. Proving incredibly aggressive, the birds seize power over the celebrations on the pier by summoning their own feathered fury. In a genre as cute as zombies, it wouldn't be fun to lazily populate the world of Bob's Burgers with mindless undead. What "Dawn of the Peck" successfully achieves is a self-proclaimed, light-hearted homage to a genre its creators clearly admire. It's fun and as intense as anything elseJorge A. Romero.

"The Haunting" (Season 6, Episode 3)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (6)

The Hauntening begins with Louise proclaiming that she's never been afraid in her life, a claim put to the test in this delightful Halloween episode. Bob and Linda take the kids to a haunted house they set up for one of Mort's clients (Andy Kindler). Sloppy and on a budget, it does nothing to scare Louise; That is, until the house starts making strange noises and a trio of hooded figures appear outside. Bob's Burgers has plenty of quality Halloween episodes, but what makes The Hauntening stand out are the little glimpses into Louise's character. Always the stoic little sister, watching her slowly succumb to fear with her family is a joy.

"Zero Larp Thirty" (Season 7, Episode 17)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (7)
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Bob and Linda secure an on-site re-enactment of Linda's favorite TV show. Things go wrong when visitors are asked to pull papers out of a hat and the two get into negotiations on their weekend off.Downton Abbey-like luxury for menial work. Meanwhile, at home, Teddy's babysitter (Larry Murphy) immediately injures his back, and the children have to band together for medical help. Episodes that split into two plots (the adults and the kids) often seem to do this to cater for a separate "A" plot and a weaker "B" plot. That's not the case with Zero Larp Thirty. It's really impossible to tell which is funnier: Bob's involvement in the cosplay class war or the Belcher kids lowering Teddy onto a makeshift stretcher.

"Double Trouble" (Season 8, Episode 14)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (8)

Linda signs her and Bob up on a double date with another couple she met at PTA, and all four end up in an escape room. Concerned with her parents, Louise organizes a zombie movie marathon using VHS tapes she found in her parents' closet. Things take a horrific turn when the tapes get too scary and Tina has to step up and take the lead. We don't often see stories that highlight Bob's intelligence, so it's refreshing to have an episode that portrays him as brilliant and enjoying a night out against his better judgment. Similarly, a common trope on the show is that it undermines Tina's role as the eldest daughter, often making her the least trustworthy and most mature of the three. Who could say no to a Bob and Tina redemption episode?

"Longtime Listener, First Bob" (Season 9, Episode 19)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (9)

Bob recognizes the voice of the announcer at the bowling alley as a radio DJ named Clem Clements (Nick Offerman) that I used to listen to. The family tries to help him get back into radio, with disastrous results. Limiting the restaurant's progress, Linda tries to bring the modernity of eating to the menu with sweet potato fries. The theme of both stories is that people bite off more than they can chew. After learning that Clements is a stubborn and bitter old man and that cooking dozens of sweet potato pies was a bad idea, the family must fight to make amends. However, because the Belcher family is so serious about their attempts to make small positive changes in their world, we can't help but encourage them.

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"The Ring (But Not Scary)" (Temporada 10, Episode 1)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (10)

In anticipation of his birthday, Bob buys a ring with a small diamond to surprise Linda. However, Gene takes it to a water park and subsequently loses it. The family scrambles to find him while Linda helps Gayle (Megan thoughtful) Use eye drops. Bob's Burgers has no shortage of episodes exploring Bob and Linda's marriage, but Bob's struggling financially to finally buy Linda an engagement ring is oddly touching.

"A Kid's Poo Diarrhea" (Season 11, Episode 7)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (11)

In the second Thanksgiving episode entry on this list, "Child's poop diarrhea" prevented Gene from attending the Thanksgiving celebrations because he contracted a stomach virus and spent the night curled up on the toilet. The family sits by the bathroom door and tells him stories about him winning food to try to make him feel less bad about losing. Combining a Thanksgiving episode with an anthology film spoof is ambitious, but A Kid's Poo Diarrhea is quite measurable. It embodies the true spirit of togetherness that is at the heart of Thanksgiving, and seeing the happy family sitting outside the bathroom door with their plates and laughing together makes this episode extra special.

“Driving Big Dummy” (Season 12, Volume 4)

Best episode of each season of 'Bob's Burgers' (12)
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Bob finds someone selling a restaurant sink, but knowing it won't fit in his truck, he asks Teddy and his truck for help. The two embark on a long road trip that will test Bob's patience. Teddy's presence on the show is generally intended to inspire sympathy and give the audience someone to point to even worse than the Belchers. Driving Big Dummy celebrates the character's warm and outgoing personality and frames it as an ambitious quality that Bob could learn from. It's a heartwarming road trip episode about friendship and the small ways our relationships enrich each other's lives, a sentiment that's truly at the heart of Bob's Burgers.


Which episode of Bob's burgers is the best? ›

40 Best Bob's Burgers Episodes
  1. Bob's Burgers Season 9, Episode 6: "Bobby Driver" ...
  2. Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 18: "Eat, Spray, Linda" ...
  3. Bob's Burgers Season 3, Episode 21: "Boyz 4 Now" ...
  4. Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 1: "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" ...
  5. Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episode 3: "The Hauntening"
Sep 25, 2022

Which season of Bob's burgers is the best? ›

'Bob's Burgers' Seasons Ranked Worst to Best, According to IMDb
  • #8 Season 1 (7.77) ...
  • #7 Season 8 (7.81) ...
  • #6 Season 6 (7.82) ...
  • #5 Season 7 (7.88) ...
  • #4 Season 4 (7.90) ...
  • #3 Season 2 (7.93) ...
  • #2 Season 3 (7.98) ...
  • #1 Season 5 (7.98)
Jun 3, 2022

What is the weirdest episode of Bob's burgers? ›

"Human Flesh" (Season 1, Episode 1)

Oddly enough, the weirdest episode of Bob's Burgers as a whole just might be the pilot episode "Human Flesh". Bob's Burgers is a great show, but it had a pretty weird start.

What is the scariest episode of Bob's burgers? ›

Pig Trouble” has, hands down, the scariest horror-movie imagery in the series and a killer end credits song by Fiona freakin' Apple. (Whoever decided not to put it online is the real criminal here.) It's an unquestionably great episode, and unsettling as all get-out.

Who is Bob's favorite child? ›

Louise looks up to her father. H. Jon Benjamin, voice of Bob, claims that he believes Louise is Bob's favorite child.

What is the lowest rated episode of Bob's burgers? ›

WORST: Video Killed the Gene-io Star (Season 12, Episode 14) Courtney and her father shoot a music video at Wagstaff, and Gene refuses to participate. Tina and Louise use candy to convince Gene to join, and he eventually gives in.

Who is the most popular character in Bob's Burgers? ›

Bob's Burgers: Best Characters, Ranked
  • 8 Ron.
  • 7 Tammy & Jocelyn.
  • 6 Zeke.
  • 5 Regular-Sized Rudy.
  • 4 Bob & Linda Belcher.
  • 3 Gene Belcher.
  • 2 Tina Belcher.
  • 1 Louise Belcher.
Dec 14, 2022

Is Bob's Burgers 11 year olds appropriate? ›

Other than the scenes noted above, there's nothing of concern in The Bob's Burgers Movie for children aged 8-13 years. There's nothing of concern in The Bob's Burgers Movie for children aged over 13 years.

Is Bob from Bob's Burgers straight? ›

Bob's Burgers — Bob Belcher is actually bisexual (and always has been) Bob Belcher, aka the bi beef-artist.

What is the best first episode of Bob's burgers to watch? ›

Human Flesh (Season 1, Episode 1)

Bob's Burgers very first episode is one of the greatest pilots a TV show could ask for. “Human Flesh” is a great introduction to the Belchers and the other inhabitants of the Bob's Burgers universe.

What is the best Bob's burgers episode season 1? ›

Human Flesh” (Season 1, Episode 1)

“Human Flesh” has everything you could ever want from an episode of Bob's Burgers, and it does an excellent job introducing each character and their unique personalities.

Who is the most popular character in Bobs burgers? ›

1:Tina Belcher

Like a real student, Tina doesn't know precisely where she fits in. In one episode she could be the belle of the ball (“Mazel Tina”), and in the next, she could be struggling to maintain any relevance with other kids in her school (“Bad Tina”).

What episodes of Bobs burgers should I watch before the movie? ›

Here are a couple of things to remember and key episodes to watch, before you see the movie.
  • Bob's Burgers 101: Human flesh. ...
  • The Belchers' fraught finances. ...
  • Tina's obsession with horses and boys. ...
  • Jimmy Jr. ...
  • Louise's toys. ...
  • The kids have a band.
Jul 12, 2022


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