Dreams at Sunset | Riley's vacation (2023)

Large spacious house.

Robert commented on 2023-05-23


Comfortable space

Marek commented on 2023-02-11


Comfortable space

Marek commented on 2023-02-11


December 2022 holiday

Thomas commented on 2022-12-29


Amazing vacation!

Diane Brown (Diane Brown) commented on 2022-09-26


We love this hotel! The jetty has deep water (great for kids to jump in and play) and is not a crowded stretch of water. The location is perfect. The house is perfect for 11 people - the kids can use the pool or play downstairs and it's still quiet upstairs. The large round table is ideal for eating together and playing games. The mud room is huge and absolutely perfect! I wish I had one of these rooms in my house. It is a short walk through the woods to the pier. I was very worried before arriving as there was no open yard for the children to run and play. But that was never a problem - they hang out on the dock all the time! My only regret is that with Sunset Dream I got the date wrong and rebooked for next year. I was a day late trying to book it and it was busy!

Hi Diana! Thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review! ! We love to hear that you and your family had a wonderful vacation with us at Sunset Dreams and that this home has everything you and your family need and more! We look forward to renting again in the future! !
Madison Miller, Riley on Vacation

Great home for our family.

Donna commented on 03/08/2022


Nice house in a great lake area.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, Donna! We are glad that you and your family had a wonderful vacation with us and that you enjoy the location that Sunset Dreams offers. We hope to have the opportunity to rent for you again in the near future!
Madison Miller, Riley on Vacation

Great fishing! Amazing sunsets!

Comment by Alexis Petrosky on 06/22/2022

(Video) Hawaiian Sunset Dreams - Calming Ukulele Instrumental Music for Vacation, Stress Relief, Cooling Off


I love this property! We are regular customers and will continue to be!

Wow! Thanks for the great review Alexis! We love our regular customers. Thank you very much for your dedication. We are delighted that Sunset Dreams continues to exceed your expectations. Call us when you are ready for your next stay. We look forward to hosting you again. -Susan, Reilly's vacation

April 2022 holidays

Commented by Randolph on 2022-06-07


Thanks Randolph for the comment! I'm glad Sunset Dream is just for you! I look forward to renting for you again at DCL!
Madison Miller, Riley on Vacation

Amazing stay!

Commented by Ryan Moxley on 2022-06-02


Beautiful house. recommended.

Hi Ryan. Thank you for your five star review of Sunset Dream. We are glad that this house met your needs and expectations. We would love to host you on another great DCL holiday. -Susan, Reilly's vacation

dream at sunset

Courtney commented on 2021-12-29


I have been to the Deep Creek area many times and Sunset Dream is the best place to stay. It's in a quiet area with a nice beach/deck in the back. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary gadgets as well as pots and pans. The extra space with the high table is next to the kitchen, so we use it as storage for bags, snacks, etc. The hot tub works great. We can't wait to come back to this place.

So glad you found your perfect home away from home at Sunset Dreams, Courtney! Thank you for your wonderful review. We look forward to hosting you again! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

October 2021 holiday

Alex commented on 2021-10-27


Good place. The company is easy to work with. (Airbnb Review)

Glad to hear it, Alex! We appreciate your review and are glad you enjoyed this home and your interaction with our business. Come back and visit us soon! – Jenn, Railey Vacations (answer via Airbnb)

I love this place!

Reviewed by Betty Snyder on 09/11/2021, Shepherdstown, West Virginia USA


This home is everything I hoped for! Spacious living room for the whole family and large bedrooms for 12 of us. The hot tub is the perfect touch after relaxing on the private dock and swimming in the lake! I highly recommend this place!

Thanks for the great review, Beata! We are glad you enjoyed your stay at Sunset Dream and sincerely hope to host you again soon! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

(Video) Dream Sunset

August 2021 holidays

Paula commented on 2021-08-31


no further comments

August 2021 holidays

Posted by Bob on 08-24-2021


Third time in this house and I feel tired

Hi Bob - thanks for your comment. We are sorry that your team found Sunset Dream less comfortable than before. As someone very familiar with the space, we appreciate your input and will certainly make it available to the homeowner for use in the renovation. If you would like more information on a specific area of ​​your home that you think needs attention, please give us a call. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and we hope to make up for any disappointments with future wonderful stays. - Lenny and Riley's vacation

June 2021 holidays

Beata commented on 2021-06-29


no further comments

Great walk on the lake!

Alexis commented on 06-23-2021


We rented this house for 2020 and immediately booked again for this year! It was the perfect home/place for our family of 11. Easy and beautiful lake walk, great dock for fishing and swimming, great kitchen...we love to cook...bedroom layout is perfect for 6 adults and 5 children! Chances are...we will rent this house again and again...highly recommended!

Alex, glad to hear that! We look forward to our next visit - see you soon! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

May 2021 holidays

David commented on 2021-05-20


(Video) Hawaiian Sunset Cafe Ambience with Relaxing Hawaiian Guitar Music & Crashing Waves Sounds

no further comments

March 2021 holiday

Thomas commented on 2021-03-31


Great place to stay.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We are glad you enjoyed your stay at Sunset Dream and we look forward to returning. ~Deborah Fike, Riley Holidays


Thomas commented on 2021-03-31


It is a pleasure to work with your company. You are very organized when it comes to finding and arranging accommodation. Manage your stay and check-out and continue. Thank you again

Thanks for your kind words, Tomasz! We are glad you enjoyed your stay at Sunset Dream and we look forward to returning. ~Deborah Fike, Riley Holidays

beautiful house!

Comment by Zarina on 12-16-2020


A beautiful house with a beautiful landscape! I will definitely be back.

Thank you for visiting DCL with us, Zarina! Please come back again! -Seneca, Riley Holidays

30th birthday celebration

Bridget commented on 2020-11-03


Very nice place to relax, the lake walk and hot tub is spectacular. Just like the photos posted on the website. I don't think I could have chosen a better home for my guests.

What a great review! Thanks for sharing, Bridget. We're glad you had a great time at Sunset Dream! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

July 2020 holidays

Michał commented on 2020-09-21


(Video) HAWAIIAN MUSIC ~ Sunset Dreams [Instrumental]

Great job replacing the dining room chairs! The chairs at the gaming table seem to be broken from last year, and there are only three of them.

Thanks for your comments, Michael! We have shared your comments with the home owner. We're glad you had a great time at Sunset Dream and we hope you'll be back soon! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

June 2020 holidays

Alexis commented on 2020-06-17


Sunset Dream is an absolutely perfect home for our family! Plenty of space....several bathrooms and an extra kitchen is a very nice amenity. The walk to the lake was easy for everyone in our group. The lush setting is peaceful and beautiful! I highly recommend this rental and plan to do it again! (FYI... we are a family of 3, 6 adults and 5 kids... lots of privacy for all of us!)

February 2020 holidays

Jakub commented on 2020-03-02


We love Sunset Dreams! Plenty of space while being very comfortable.

Railey Vacations 3/11/20: Thank you for your wonderful review. We hope to host you again soon!

February 2020 holidays

Megan commented on 2020-02-10


Great house, great stay!

We love to hear it, Megan! Come back soon to enjoy Sunset Dreams again. - Lenny and Riley's vacation

wonderful house

Troy commented on 02-24-2019


The house was great, everyone fit comfortably and we all had a great time!

Glad to hear it, Troy! Thank you for being with us. We're glad you had a great time at Sunset Dream and hope to see you again soon! - Lenny and Riley's vacation

great trip friends

Jakub commented on 2019-02-10


(Video) Kedus - Sunset Dream

The house is perfect. Everything we need and more. Wish we had more time to spend inside!


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