Dyson V15 Detect - pros and cons (2023)

The V15 Detect is Dyson's latest cordless vacuum and, like all new Dyson machines, it's making headlines. To see if all the hype is true, we tested the V15 on carpets and hard floors, on edges and hair. We also ran runtime tests and looked at a variety of features on the vacuum, including the green laser in the spongy cleaning head. like any voidThe V15 has some good points and some not so good points.🇧🇷 We've reviewed them all in this article and included videos showing and discussing each point.


Contains 2 cleaning heads.
Most previous Dyson Stick Vac models only came with 1 cleaning head. To get 2 cleaning heads, you had to buy the "Absolute" model, which was the most expensive, or buy a second cleaning head separately (usually the soft roller cleaning head). This is not the case with the V15 as it includes a High Torque cleaning head and a Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head (which is a soft roller cleaning head). One cleaning head is designed for carpets and the other for hard floors.

laser function
The laser function of the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head really works (we had our doubts about the effectiveness). It is designed to highlight hidden dust or dirt on hard surfaces by aiming a laser at the floor at the correct angle. We tried it and were amazed at how well it works. In addition, we've read many, many reviews from V15 owners and found that most people really like the laser feature.

Easy brush roll maintenance
The rotating brushes on both cleaning heads are designed to be easily removed for maintenance. Maintenance usually involves removing the hair/cord/thread. In addition, the soft rotating brush on the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head can also be rinsed with water.

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anti-tangle technology
Both the high torque cleaning head and hair screw tool feature anti-tangle technology. We tested both short white pet hair and long black human hair, and the technology worked really, really well, leaving almost nothing on the rotating brush and sending the hair to the trash can for disposal. The technology in the high torque cleaning head is slightly different from the hair screw tool and this is demonstrated in our video below.

Haga clic en Akku
The Dyson V15's battery can be easily removed and replaced. This can be done in seconds. Benefits include the ability to use multiple batteries and extended runtimes (if a battery runs out, just unplug it, pop in a fully charged one and continue vacuuming). In addition, a click battery allows you to charge the battery with or without a vacuum.

much power
The V15 has 3 power modes and has the same power as the V11 in ECO power mode. However, it is more powerful than V11 in MEDIUM and BOOST performance modes.

Excellent movement and maneuverability.
The vacuum moves very well on hard floors and the vacuum head can rotate 90 degrees, which is very useful for going around edges. He also moves and maneuvers very well on the mat. We've found that Dyson cordless vacuums move better across all surfaces than any other cordless vacuum we've tested from other manufacturers. Many other machines appear to float when moving in a straight line across the carpet, and some also undulate forward as they spin across the carpet.

auto power mode
When you use the high torque cleaning head, the fluffy and fine laser cleaning head or the hair screw tool (all motorized), the suction power mode will automatically change to AUTO mode. This performance mode adjusts or reduces performance in real-time based on a variety of factors. When using the high-torque cleaning head, the suction power is adapted to the floor surface and the number of particles in the suction air stream (counted by a piezometer). When using the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head or hair screw tool, the suction power will only be adjusted based on the amount of particles in the suction air stream.

easy to empty
Like the V10 and V11, the V15 is easily depleted by Dyson's point-and-shoot approach. The trash can is also designed to be easily removed if you want to clean it.

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good on the mat
We performed cleaning tests on short pile carpets in all three power modes: ECO, AUTO, BOOST. Although the V15 was not as good as the V11 in ECO performance mode, it was just as good as the V11 in AUTO and BOOST modes. Although the V11 is slightly inferior in ECO Power mode, we would rate the V15's carpet cleaning performance as very good.

Great on hard floors
We ran cleaning tests on hard floors (tiles) and found that the V15 did an excellent job even on the lowest ECO setting. This is largely due to the excellent picking capabilities of the Laser Slim Fluffy hard floor cleaning head. It is much more effective on hard floors than the High Torque cleaning head.

Runtime on hard floors
Runtimes on hard floors are excellent, and tests showed the device lasted nearly an hour and a half in ECO mode on tile. All test values ​​were well above the information provided by the manufacturer. All numbers can be seen in the following video.

LCD control panel
The LCD control panel on the back of the phone offers a level of control not found on most vacuum cleaners. You can easily switch between the three power modes, and if there is a problem with the vacuum (clogging, dirty filter, etc.), a video will show you how to fix the problem. Plus, there's a runtime countdown that changes in real time as you vacuum, giving you a very accurate idea of ​​how much vacuuming time is left before you need to charge the battery. The V15 also displays a dynamic bar graph of particle sizes (and number of particles) in the air stream.

magic wand clip
Both the V11 and V15 come with a pole clip that holds two non-powered tools. You can attach the clip to the wand and have two tools with you when vacuuming.

Our video below shows all the advantages of the Dyson V15

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Dyson wireless devices are getting heavier. Compared to all other Dyson cordless vacuums, the V15 is the heaviest of the bunch (with the exception of the larger Dyson V11 Outsize). This makes the V15 feel less nimble than previous machines such as the V6, V7 or even the V8.

heavy headphone
All Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are 2 in 1. h is a vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum. The Dyson V15 portable component is heavier than its predecessors (with the exception of the oversized V11) and you can feel it when you hold it in your hand. In addition, the V15 phone is larger than previous models such as V6, V7, V8 and therefore cannot be easily used in confined areas such as vehicle interiors.

1 battery only
The vacuum only comes with a click battery. One of the most useful aspects of a click battery is the ability to swap out a fully charged battery if the battery you're using has run out. However, this is only possible if you have more than one battery.

Must hold the trigger
Ever since Dyson's first cordless models, there has been a group of owners who don't want to constantly hold the trigger to turn on the vacuum. They think it tires their fingers. Some vacuums have a trigger lock so you don't have to, while others just have an ON/OFF button. The V15 continues the tradition of having to hold the trigger. This is a problem for some homeowners, but not for others.

Medium edge cleaning
In the edge cleaning test, the V15 didn't clean near the baseboards on the first two passes. We consider this to be an average result. However, it managed to collect most of the debris along the edge with repeated transitions.

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Difficult to move on mats in BOOST mode
In BOOST power mode, the high-torque cleaning head sucks the carpet very hard, making it difficult for the vacuum to move. This isn't a huge issue, but it's certainly noticeable and could be problematic for some owners, especially during longer cleaning sessions in BOOST mode.

Limited runtime on the mat
Runtime tests on medium pile carpet were shorter than the manufacturer's recommended values ​​in ECO and AUTO modes. This was surprising, as our experience with Dyson wireless devices tends to make the manufacturer's claims conservative. However, it should be noted that V15 in BOOST mode provided a longer runtime than the values ​​advertised by the manufacturer.

an expensive vacuum cleaner
There are currently two V15 models in the US: the V15 Detect and the V15 Detect+. The Detect is around $700 and the Detect+ is around $750. We would classify both models as expensive.

In the video below we highlight issues or concerns with the Dyson V15

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