ESPN's Complete List of the 74 Greatest NBA Players of All Time (2020) #NBArank (2023)

ESPN's Complete List of the 74 Greatest NBA Players of All Time (2020) #NBArank (1)

In honor of the 74th NBA season and knowing that we all crave basketball content during the lockdown during the pandemic, ESPN has decided to release one of themLists of "Greatest Players of All Time"featuring all your favorite NBA GOATs, ranked legends, and superstars.

The 20 NBA players with the most...

As with previous rankings, ESPN unveiled them in blocks,starting at 74-41,the players in positions 40-11and then the top ten.

Interbasket ends the ESPN charts at 75-100

I mean what else do we have? There is so much Netflix to watch and house cleaning that many of us have happy hours on Zoom,bet on virtual sports games againas we have no live sports to watch or bet and bodyweight exercises.

Before we reveal the full list, we'd like to say that, as we've discussed endlessly, these kinds of lists will always piss people off, but we have a feeling this latest list isn't going to make anyone happy: especially notKobe BryantSupporter (although he went up three spots).

The difference between the 2020 list and ESPN'sfour years ago, is that this seems much more controversial, almost to the point where we get trolled. We recorded the ratings from 2016 and how many ratings players went up, down or stayed the same.

The 74 greatest NBA players of all time
1 Michael Jordan10
2 Lebron James3+1
3 Kareem Abdul Jabbar2-1
4 Bill Russell7+3
5 Magic Johnson4-1
6 Wilt Chamberlain5-1
7 Larry Vogel6-1
8 Tim Duncan80
9 Kobe Bryant12+3
10 Shaquille O'Neal9-1
11 Oscar Robertson110
12 Hakeem Olajuwon10-2
13Stefan Curry23 +10
14Kevin Durant22 +8
15Julius Erving14-1
sixteenJerry West13-3
17Karl Malonesixteen-1
18Moises Malone15-3
19Dirk Nowitzki17-2
20Kevin Garnett21+1
21Scottie Pippen25+4
22Elgin Baylor24+2
23Charles Barkley18-5
24David Robinson20-4
25kawhi leonardNRTHE
26Dwyane Wade27+1
27Giannis AntetokounmpoNRTHE
28Juan Stockon19-9
29Allen Iverson46 +17
30Steve uns300
31isiah tomas26-5
32James stiffen97 +65
33Juan Havlicek28-5
34Jörg Mikan33-1
35Jason Kidd350
36Kevin McHale31-5
37patrician ewing32-5
38Little Bob34-4
39Walt Frazier38-1
40cry paul29 -11
41Bob Cousy39-2
42Russell Westbrook49 +7
43Rick Barry37-6
44Elvin Hayes40-4
45Anthony DavisNRTHE
46Dominik Wilkins44-2
47George Gerwin470
48Bill Walton42-6
49Reggie Miller51+2
50we don't sell53+3
51worthy Jacob43-8
52Tracy McGrady63 +11
53Gary Payton41 -12
54Paul Pierz45-9
55Vince Carter69 +14
56Ray Allen50-6
57Clyde Drexler36 -21
58Manu Ginobili61+3
59Bob McAdoo52-7
60Willis Flare48 -12
61Robert's community57-4
62Dennis Rodmann64+2
63Bring an AlonsoSixty-five+2
64Conde Monroe60-4
Sixty-fiveOut of Gasoline56-9
66David Cowens55 -11
67alex ingles62-5
68Peter Maravich71+3
69Bernhard König54 -15
70Tony Parker58 -12
71Bob Lanier68-3
72Damian LillardNRTHE
73Dikembe Mutombo730
74Artis Gilmore70-4
NRCarmelo Anthony59 -sixteen

The only part ESPN seems to get right is the top 12. Most of the time, it would be hard to argue with thatMichael Jordan,Lebron James, OfKareem Abdul-JabbarThey're not the top three players in NBA history. In addition, we could have an intensive discussion on howBill Russell,Magic Johnson,Wilt Chamberlain, OfLarry VogelThey're rated from 4 to 7, but that's okay too.

An even stronger argument could be made in #8-12 and ifTim Duncan,Kobe Bryant,Shaquille O'Neal,Oscar RobertsonjHakeem Olajuwonthey were either too high or too low in that range. However, everything seems meticulous (and it is at this point).

Despite the problems of n. 13th and up, it's a really solid list of the biggest dozen in the NBA, and if you ask me there's no shortage of flashy names among those twelve. Since you are here reading this, ask me.

ESPN's Complete List of the 74 Greatest NBA Players of All Time (2020) #NBArank (2)

Topicality, media and other prejudices

Now here is the section where everyone is complaining. All refer to me for writing this.

Beyond the top 12, problems arise immediately. I have great respect for youStefan CurryjKevin Durantand they certainly should be on the list, but I'm uncomfortable with them being 13th and 14th respectively. It seems topical to curry about talented legends like Dr. J(15) andJerry West(16) and Durant no mouseMoises Malone(18) zKevin Garnett(20).

Two of the worst crimes areGiannis Antetokounmpoat #27 andAnthony Davisin #45. While these are just a few examples, those voters didn't just vote for those two players, they voted for the entire list. To me, this shows a very clear recency bias. Both players are great players in today's game but Giannis is above the raceJuan Havlicek(33),Jörg Mikan(34),Jason Kidd(35),Kevin McHale(36), zpatrician ewing(37) feels totally disrespected even if Antetokounmpo already has an MVP.

Davis is undoubtedly a dominant player in today's game, but if he were to retire tomorrow, he wouldn't even be in this discussion the next time ESPN releases a list, let alone the NBA greats.Dominik Wilkins(46)George Gerwin(47),Bill Walton(48),Reggie Miller(49) ,we don't sell(50), zworthy Jacob(51).

It seems silly that he has to say that, considering they are so-called basketball experts.

ESPN's Complete List of the 74 Greatest NBA Players of All Time (2020) #NBArank (3)

Prerequisite: A proven manager

Lastly, and I'm not trying to be a hater here, but it's great to seeJuan Stockondown nine positions from 2016.

Anyway, your review aboveisiah tomasÖSteve unsÖAllen Iversonshows a clear lack of true basketball knowledge. Why? I'm sure Stockon has numbers and it isIsIron Man of the NBA, but any list that ranks the greatest players in league history has a premise.

This qualification is that you are one of the players who would choose to start your franchise.

We're not just talking numbers, we're talking about less quantifiable qualities like leadership, courage, killer instincts and a willingness to hit the big time. Essentially, we're talking about a player who can create his own shot, make difficult shots, and can and will lead his team to the playoffs.

I would say the sameScottie Pippen. A great player, an apparent Hall of Famer, and a great defensive player of all time, but is Pippen really the 21st greatest player in NBA history? That's a rhetorical question, with all due respect, no.

Aside from Curry and Durant, who are active players, Pippen had the biggest jump among the top 25 players. He jumped four spots on the 2016 list. That's remarkable considering we're featuring the best of the best players speak to the league. NBA History.

One explanation is the recent release of the Chicago Bulls document, so there will likely be onethe last Danceeffect happens.

The fact is, if that were the criteria, Stockton wouldn't be drafted because he's not a player you carry or how you would run a team.primaryPlayer. Would you prefer Stockton Kidd?cry paul,Gary PaytonÖClyde Drexlerif you had the opportunity to create a team? Naturally.

To see a much more accurate list, we recommendthis list of SLAM magazine 2018. Or if you want to see what the list would look like if ESPN filled the remaining spots for a top 100 list,Click here.

If you want to know more about whyJerry Westand Isiah are relatively at the bottom of the list and why are Davis, Stockton and Giannis at the top? We recommend listeningthe lastRhyme Collectivepodcast episodewho spends an hour discussing the topics on this list with true basketball fans Brian Windhorst, Jackie MacMullan and Tim MacMahon.

(I love this team and definitely the best basketball podcast.)

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