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Prices in supermarkets in Iceland.

Milk (regular), (1 liter) 173 Icelandic kronor (150-243) 1,30 USD (1,20-1,90)
Whiskey 7,000 Icelandic krona 54 dollars
Ron 6,700 Icelandic kronor 52 dollars
vodka 6,200 Icelandic krona 48 dollars
Ginebra 6,400 Icelandic krona 50 dollars


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  • 5 Why is Iceland so expensive?
  • 6 How much money do I need per day in Iceland?
  • 7 Why is beer illegal in Iceland?
  • 8 Why is alcohol so expensive in Iceland?
  • 9 Is eating and drinking expensive in Iceland?
  • Can 10 US Dollars be used in Iceland?
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  • 12 What is the average salary in Iceland?
  • 13 How much does a Big Mac cost in Iceland?
  • 14 Can you live in Iceland and only speak English?
  • 15 Is Iceland cheap to live in?
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  • 17 What should you avoid in Iceland?
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  • 19 When is the cheapest time to travel to Iceland?
  • 20 Do you tip in Iceland?

How expensive is alcohol in Iceland?

what costs what in iceland

Article ISK (Promedia) Price in GBP (approx.)
Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant (wine not included) 15.000 £ 85
National beer (half liter) 1200 £ 6,87
Imported beer (0.33l) 1.000 5,73 £
Leite 175 1,00 £

How much does a bottle of whiskey cost in Iceland?

Your price:5599 ISK (47 USD) for 1 liter. So, you can buy 1 liter in duty free for US$47 or 700 ml in the city for US$68. Alcohol taxes are quite high in Iceland and Scandinavian countries. Buy it duty free or take it away.

How much does a Coca-Cola cost in Iceland?

cost of living in iceland

restaurants To edit
National Beer (1 pint on tap) 1.200,00 kr
Imported beer (small 12oz bottle) 1.000,00 kr
Capuccino (normal) 586,37€
Cola/Pepsi (small 12oz bottle) 340,19 kr
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Is it expensive in Iceland?

iceland is expensiveand really not the best place to shop, especially if you're traveling on a budget. Many tourists consider buying traditional Icelandic wool sweaters. Quality Icelandic sweaters can easily cost $200-250+ in Iceland.

Why is Iceland so expensive?

Therefore.The equipment needed to run a farm must be imported, making Icelandic farms expensive.. Other factors, such as a growing tourism industry moving into the city centre, have made rental prices for facilities disproportionately high.

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How much money do I need in Iceland per day?

You must budget for expenses.about 21,957 kr (US$167) per dayon your Iceland holiday, this is the average nightly rate based on what other visitors spend. Past travelers spent an average of Kr 3,783 (US$29) on meals per day and Kr 3,399 (US$26) on local transport.

Why is beer illegal in Iceland?

Even today, sales of alcohol in Iceland are highly regulated and state liquor stores (Vínbúðin) are the only places you can buy alcohol in Iceland. The somewhat shaky logic behind the beer ban wasthat access to beer would encourage youth and workers to drink excessively.

Why is alcohol so expensive in Iceland?

The explanation for the high prices is simple:Lead.One of the most taxed things in Iceland is alcohol. Alcohol taxes are levied by volume of alcohol. Let's take a bottle of vodka as an example: the tax on alcohol is 5,419 ISK for a price of 7,300.

Is it expensive to eat and drink in Iceland?

An average meal costs between $20 and $40 per person and a can of coffee.calmback $6, which definitely adds up over the course of a trip and can make the idea of ​​traveling to Iceland on a budget a little daunting.

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Can US dollars be used in Iceland?

Cash. Currency: The currency of Iceland is the Icelandic Krona (ISK). Many places (restaurants, bars, tourist attractions) accept US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish currencies.Most people don't even have cash on them as paying by card is so common..


What is the minimum wage in Iceland?

whyIceland has no minimum wage, there is no mandatory minimum wage for employees in Iceland.

What is the average salary in Iceland?

What is the average salary in Iceland? Icelandic employees earn an average gross wage of$66,460 per year, $5,537.85/month and $31.96/hour. After deductions, the average wage drops to around $3,278 a month, putting Icelandic wages among the highest in Europe.

How much does a Big Mac cost in Iceland?

You can buy a Big Mac for $3.06 in the US, the equivalent of $1.27 in China, but it would be expensive.6,67 $in Iceland According to The Economist, “Burgernomics is based on the theory of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the notion that a dollar should buy the same amount in all countries.

Can you live in Iceland and only speak English?

Although Icelandic is the official language, approx.98% of Icelanders are fluent in English., so the latter is enough to start a new life in Iceland. If you're not a native speaker, keep in mind that fluency in the language is an absolute must if you want to do more than just wash or do the dishes.

Is Iceland cheap to live in?

According to data from, Iceland is the fourth most expensive country in the world to live in. The cost of living in Iceland, including groceries, transportation, restaurants and utilities, is 2.14% higher than in New York, according to the infographic.

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How far does the US dollar go in Iceland?

To get an idea of ​​how much dollars are worth, let's look at the exchange rate for the Icelandic currency to the USD.One dollar is currently worth around 120 ISK. The ISK to USD exchange rate is currently 100 kronor for about 83 cents. So for every 1,000 ISK spent, that's about US$8.30.

What to avoid in Iceland

15 things to avoid as a tourist in Iceland

  • Don't leave your coat at home.
  • Don't underestimate the climate.
  • Don't let the dark (or the light) get you down
  • Avoid buying bottled water in stores.
  • Avoid shopping between 10am and 11am.
  • Don't be fooled by the pale "beer" in supermarkets.
  • Don't assume you can buy alcohol anytime, anywhere.

How many days in Iceland are enough?

8-12 OutletsIt is an ideal time to spend in Iceland as it allows you to explore different regions. You can drive in circles on the Ring Road to reach different corners of Iceland, from the south coast to the eastern fjords through northern Iceland and all the way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Iceland?

Simply put, the cheapest time of year in Iceland is duringit's out of season; this includes September through November and January through May. Visiting Iceland in autumn or spring is easy on your pocket and allows you to visit popular destinations without getting overcrowded, win-win!

Do you tip in Iceland?

Tipping is not mandatory or customary in Iceland, howeveris always appreciatedHotels, restaurants and cafes already include a service charge and consumption tax (VAT) in your bill, so tips are often unnecessary.

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Is vodka expensive in Iceland? ›

The duty you pay on alcohol means that a bottle of spirits can easily cost more than twice in Iceland as it would in the US. Cigarettes are also more expensive in Iceland than in most countries, but the price difference isn't as dramatic as you'd find with alcohol.

How much is a bottle of vodka in Reykjavik? ›

Prices in supermarkets in Iceland.
Milk (regular), (1 liter)201 ISK (161-245)1.30 EUR (1.10-1.60)
Cottage cheese (1kg)730 ISK (422-1,000)4.80 EUR (2.80-6.80)
Whisky7,700 ISK51 EUR
Rum7,400 ISK49 EUR
Vodka6,900 ISK45 EUR
23 more rows

How much does a bottle of Whisky cost in Iceland? ›

Iceland whisky wholesale price. In 2023, the approximate price range for Iceland Whisky is between US$ 24.2 and US$ 34.33 per kilogram or between US$ 10.98 and US$ 15.57 per pound(lb). The price in Iceland Krona is ISK 3032.58 per kg.

How much is a pint in Iceland 2022? ›

How Much Does Alcohol Cost in Iceland? In Iceland, drinking comes at a price and you should be prepared to pay upwards of £10-£12 for a pint of beer or cocktail.

How much is a Big Mac in Iceland? ›

How much is a Big Mac in Iceland 2022? As of August 2022, the equivalent to a Big Mac combo meal costs 1,999 Icelandic krónur , which comes to around $14–plus or minus say, 15%, depending on the exchange rate .

How much is a bottle of vodka in Iceland? ›

Two examples of the sky high prices, picked at random in December 2016: A bottle of vodka (1 liter/33.8 fl. oz Finlandia) at the state monopoly liquor stores, ÁTVR or Vínbúðin, was 7,300 ISK, which 65.7 USD or 62 EUR. A similar bottle costs somewhere between 20 USD and 40 EUR in the US and Europe.

Can I use US dollars in Iceland? ›

Money. Currency: The currency in Iceland is the Icelandic króna (ISK). Many places (restaurants, bars, tourist attractions) will take US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish currencies. Payment: Icelanders usually pay for everything by credit or debit card.

How much money do you need for 1 week in Iceland? ›

An average trip to Iceland cost for travellers that want to vacation in Iceland is approximately $90-290 USD per person per day. This means that the cost of 7 days in Iceland is around $630 to $2030 USD excluding airfare.

How much cash should I bring to Iceland? ›

Regarding how much cash you might want to keep on you, we recommend 10,000 ISK, which is about equivalent to 70 USD or EUR.

How much is a gallon of gas in Iceland in US dollars? ›

For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 265.69 Icelandic Krona. Use the drop menu to see the prices in gallons.
Iceland Gasoline prices, 06-Feb-2023.
Iceland Gasoline pricesLitreGallon
1 more row

Can you bring alcohol into Iceland? ›

Generally, you can bring up to 4.5 liters of wine, 1.5 liters of spirits (anything with 22 percent alcohol by volume), or 18 units (bottles or cans) of beer, however, these can be brought in a number of different combinations. Sample combinations are available online.

Is everything cheap in Iceland? ›

Iceland has a reputation of being a very expensive country. However, in recent years, the Icelandic currency has weakened a lot and the prices now are very comparable to those in Western Europe. You can find more information and price examples below.

How much is a cup of coffee in Iceland? ›

The average price of a coffee in Iceland is about $5.50. This can vary depending on the type of coffee and where you purchase it. For example, a coffee from a local cafe is likely to be less expensive than one from a tourist-oriented cafe.

How much does coke cost in Iceland? ›

Maybe 400-600ISK for a Coke or other soft drink. Beer in a bar is about 800-1100 ISK for 0.5 litre, less during the hundreds of happy hours.

How much does a glass of beer cost in Iceland? ›

HOW MUCH DOES BEER COST IN ICELAND? 500 ml of beer will set you back between 800 and 1.500 ISK with prices of 1.000 to 1.200 ISK being typical. 1 liter of beer does not cost much more than 500 ml.

Do you tip in Iceland? ›

Tipping isn't mandatory or customary in Iceland, but it is always appreciated.

How many days in Iceland is enough? ›

A minimum of 1 week in Iceland is ideal, but visiting for up to 2 or even 3 weeks will allow you to see more of this beautiful country in the same trip. Staying for less than 7 days in Iceland is still doable, but there's no doubt you'll want to come back again to see and do more.

Is food expensive in Iceland? ›

Statistics suggest that consumer prices in Iceland are some of the highest in Europe, with the stunning island regularly taking the top spot as the most expensive country in the continent.

Why did McDonalds leave Iceland? ›

Iceland. Like Zimbabwe, Iceland suffered a major economic crash that crushed McDonald's prospects in this island country. Unlike Zimbabwe, though, Iceland had McDonald's before the 2009 crash, in its capital city.

Is McDonalds allowed in Iceland? ›

As mentioned earlier, Iceland is one of the few countries in the world without a McDonald's and there is no Starbucks either.

How much is a 6 pack of beer in Iceland? ›

$4.96 US making a 6-pack a cool $29.76! In Iceland's Vinbudin stores everything is priced per can or bottle. So if you feel like purchasing 3 cans, just grab 'em and go ahead.

Is Iceland expensive USD? ›

Is Iceland Expensive? Yes, Iceland is very expensive. It's one of the most expensive countries of the 80+ I've visited, up there with Sweden and Australia, though I think Norway and Switzerland are a TINY BIT more expensive than Iceland.

Do grocery stores in Iceland sell alcohol? ›

Alcohol is not sold in grocery stores in Iceland, it is only sold at a state liquor store called Vínbúð (The wine store). You can find the Vínbúð in most towns around Iceland and they are usually open between 11:00 - 18:00 Monday to Saturday.

Can you buy alcohol in Iceland on Sunday? ›

The opening hours are limited, they are closed on Sundays and most public holidays. If you are travelling in Iceland right about now and thinking of opening a bottle over the holidays, it's wise to think ahead. Keep in mind that Vínbúðin is the only store allowed to sell alcohol.

What is the equivalent of $100 US to Iceland? ›


Can I use my US debit card in Iceland? ›

Credit and debit cards are very common forms of payment for people who travel to Iceland. In fact, locals rarely use cash since most merchants accept credit and debit cards even for small purchases.

Is it better to use cash or card in Iceland? ›

From roadside restaurants to gas stations and souvenir shops, the majority of the country utilizes cash currency in Iceland. That being said, we still recommend bringing a debit card when traveling in Iceland just in case you do need to take out some Icelandic money!

Is Iceland worth the money? ›

First, let's make one thing clear – Iceland is so much more than Reykjavik. So if you stumbled upon this post wondering if Iceland is worth visiting, then my answer is YES, absolutely. Iceland is one of the most beautiful and unique places on our planet and it's definitely worth a trip.

What salary do you need to live in Iceland? ›

Salaries In Iceland

The average salary in Iceland is around $66,000 a year, or $32 per hour. There is no government fixed minimum wage, but various organizations negotiate minimum wages for each sector.

Does Iceland work 4 days a week? ›

How Iceland's four-day workweek trial worked. Iceland's major trial was launched in 2015 by the country's federal government and the Reykjavik City Council, in concert with various trade unions. In all, 2,500 employees were able to reduce their work schedules to 35 or 36 hours per week rather than 40.

Is Iceland known for vodka? ›

Reyka Vodka

Many locals would claim this Icelandic vodka is the best in the world. The water used to make Reyka comes from a 4,000-year-old lava field. You will taste a smooth warmth with just a touch of vanilla flavoring. This vodka is unique because it is brewed in one of the coldest places on Earth.

What alcohol do Icelanders drink? ›

Vodka is a distilled beverage. It is made of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruit and/or sugar. Brennivín A distilled brand of schnapps that is considered Iceland's signature liquor.

Is everything expensive in Iceland? ›

The short answer is… it depends. Some things are expensive in Iceland, but there are a lot of things that aren't. What is this? If you're visiting Iceland, the three things that will cost you the most money are accommodation, eating out and taking tours/ other activities.

What is the number 1 vodka in the world? ›

1. Smirnoff. Created by a Russian serf named Pytor Smirnov, the world's best-selling vodka has been sold since 1864. In 1886, Smirnov penned an exclusive contract to supply vodka to the Tsar of Russia.

Which country is best for vodka? ›

Vodka might be Russia's most popular cultural export. It's where the spirit is believed by many to have originated, and is certainly most associated with that country today; the word itself is a diminutive of “water” in Russian.

What nationality drinks the most vodka? ›

Vodka is native to Russia, even though there are lots of countries on Earth that make vodka, so it should come as no surprise that Russia consumes more vodka than any other country on Earth.


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