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2017-2018 - points

Lou Williams scores a season-high 50 points for the LA Clippers

On January 1, 2018, Lou Williams, aHigh season in pointsin oneNBAGame. This dayscored 50 pointstheyLA Clippers gana a Golden State Warriors, 106-125. He also had 2 rebounds, 7 assists and finished the game with a 44 efficiency.

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2017-2018 - setbacks

DeAndre Jordan reaches a season-high for the LA Clippers with 24 rebounds

On October 10, 2017, DeAndre formed Jordan toHigh season and rebotesin oneNBAGame. This daygrabbed 24 reboundstheyLA Clippers beat Los Angeles Lakers on the road, 92-108. He also had 14 points, 1 assist and finished the game with a PIR of 34.

2017-2018 - Assists

Blake Griffin has a season-high 12 assists for the LA Clippers

On January 1, 2018, Blake Griffin toHigh season and assistantsin oneNBAGame. This dayis hat 12 assiststheyThe LA Clippers home loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, 118-126. He also had 32 points, 12 rebounds, 1 steal and finished the game with a PIR of 41.

2017-2018 - robberies

Lou Williams has a season-high 10 steals for the LA Clippers

On January 1, 2018, Lou Williams, ahigh season in robberiesin oneNBAGame. This dayScored 10 stealstheyLA Clippers lost to Utah Jazz, 125-113. He also had 31 points, 2 rebounds, 10 steals and finished the game with a 35 efficiency.

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2017-2018 - blocks

Montrezl Harrell blocks a season-high 4 blocks for LA Clippers Montrezl Harrell

On February 2, 2018, Montrezl founded Harrell atHigh season in blocksin oneNBAGame. This dayIt was 4 blockstheyLA Clippers gana a Boston Celtics 119-129. He also had 9 points, 4 rebounds and finished the game with 16 PIR points.

2017-2018 - Efficiency

DeAndre Jordan had a season efficiency of 47 points for the LA Clippers

On March 3, 2018, DeAndre formed Jordan toseason with high efficiencyin oneNBAGame. This dayHe achieved 47 efficiencytheyLA Clippers beat Chicago Bulls, 106-112. He also had 29 points, 18 rebounds, 1 steal and finished the game with a 47 PIR.

History of the Los Angeles Clippers

Living in the shadow of the world famous Los Angeles Lakers is a great challenge. An impossible one, some will say. Of course, the numbers are atrocious and the Clippers have never won a championship in their history and are considered one of the worst teams of all time. However, the reputation has changed since 2010 and the new ownerSteve Ballmer's goal is to become champion.

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so far from los angeles

The Clippers' story began far from California.The Upstate New York Buffalo Braves were one of three expansion teams to start the game in 1970., along with the Portland Trailblazers and Cleveland Cavaliers. The team lost 60, 60 and 61 games in its first three seasons, despite welcoming North Carolina star Bob MacAdoo to the 1972 squad. Things quickly turned for the better as the Jack Ramsay-coached Braves enjoyed three consecutive playoff seasons.with the spectacular game of MacAdoo. The power forward/center with a nearly unblockable jump return led the NBA in scoring all those years and was named MVP in 1975.

But the turning point did not last long. The Braves shared their arena with the Canisius College basketball team. Planning home games turned out to be a difficult task. Fed up with the situation, owner Paul Snyder sold the team to John Y. Brown, who made a bold business move by trading his stars, including MacAdoo, and switching ownership of the franchise to Celtics owner Irv Levin in 1978. Levin was a film producer who fully intended to relocate the team to his native California.

A move to California

The Braves moved to San Diego that year andA nominating competition finally decided "Clippers"as a new name, in reference to the city known for the tall ships that sailed the Bay of San Diego. The move was a success as the Clippers won 43 games in their first season in the West, behind the outstanding play of World point guard B. Free, who finished second in the league at 28.9 points per game.Lloyd Bernard Free got his nickname from his high school days in Brooklyndue to his amazing jumping abilities. He became a fan favorite and was joined the following season by center Bill Walton, former NBA champion and MVP. A spectacular addition that brought little result. In his first season with San Diego, Walton played in 14 games for the Clippers before breaking the navicular bone in his left foot and missing the entire 1980-81 and 1981-82 seasons. The local boy, who played college baseball at UCLA, battled through an extensive rehab program to finally return to the court. He played three seasons with the Clippers that never got close to $500.00 or made the playoffs under his tenure.

1984, two years after buying the franchise,Real estate mogul Donald Sterling moved the Clippers to Los Angeles without NBA approval. The league fined Sterling $25 million and filed a lawsuit demanding that the franchise be returned to San Diego and threatening to disband the team. The two sides settled down and the Clippers began playing in Los Angeles, racking up losses with remarkable continuity.

Anything but join the Clippers

His star players continued to be injured: Derek Smith, Norm Nixon, Marques Johnson or Danny Manning. Between 1986 and 1989, the Clippers lost 70, 65, and 61 games, respectively.The franchise's reputation was so bad that Danny Ferry, Duke's first draft pick, decided to sign with Italy., with Messagero Roma to avoid signing a contract in Los Angeles. He was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to point guard Ron Harper.

With Harper, forwards Ken Norman and Charles Smith, and the arrival of head coach Larry Brown, the Clippers found respectability. In 1992, 16 years after their last appearance, they returned to the playoffs, pushing the Utah Jazz to a crucial fifth game in the first round. They repeated the feat a year later, this time losing to the Houston Rockets in five games.

Former number one draft pickDanny Manning led the charge. As the NCAA champion and Final Four Most Outstanding Player with Kansas in 1988, his NBA debut was marred by a knee injury. But with patience Manning returned to averaging 22.8 points per game in 1992-93, made the All-Star Game and 23.7 points per game in the first 42 games of the 1993-94 season. that is ifThe Clippers traded Manning to the Atlanta Hawks for Dominique Wilkins. The trade was a disappointment for both parties as the then-conference leading Hawks lost in the conference semifinals. The Clippers won just 27 games overall, and Wilkins was traded to the Boston Celtics after a few months.

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Another dark period began for the Clippers, who said goodbye12 lost seasons in a row. The team failed to establish an identity and became synonymous with poor draft picks, most notably taking center Michael Olowokandi with the first pick in 1998.

young and spectacular

His fate changed in early 2000. The results remained modest, howeverThe Clippers found new popularity by assembling a spectacular young rosterand move to the Staples Center and share the building with the Lakers. Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles and Lamar Odom never made the playoffs, but they brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Odom was the prototype of a new brand of basketball. A 6-10 athlete who can play any position on the court, including point guard. But while the Clippers added considerable firepower in Elton Brand and Andre Miller, they didn't make the postseason due to poor team chemistry and injuries.

The 2005-06 season was a turning point for the team's front office image and strategy. The team chose to rely on veterans hosting former NBA champion Sam Cassell. With Brand, Corey Maggette or Cuttino Mobley they showed a clear improvement,Achieving his first winning record in 14 seasons, and clinched their first playoff berth since 1997. They also finished with a better record than the Lakers for the second straight year and clinched home-field advantage over the Denver Nuggets. The Clippers advanced to the second round, pushing the Phoenix Suns to seven games. General manager Elgin Baylor won the NBA Executive of the Year award this season.

praise of the city

This race had no tomorrow and the Clippers returned to the bottom of the standings. In December 2011, a trade changed their fortunes. Chris Paul arrived from the New Orleans Hornets and proved to be the perfect match for top draft pick Blake Griffin and young center DeAndre Jordan.The team was nicknamed Lob Citylike a spectacular dunk followed by an incredible alley-oop. Quickly becoming a star, Griffin was not only able to expand his game with his incredible athleticism.

Despite 56 wins in the 2012-13 season, the Clippers did not renew coach Vinny Del Negro's contract and signed Doc Rivers. He led the team to 57 wins and the second round of the playoffs, where they lost to the Thunder. However, the summer was marred by owner Donald Sterling's controversy. Sterling has been accused of racist behavior in the past and was filmed making derogatory comments about his wife. The incident sparked a public reaction andThe NBA imposed a lifetime ban on Sterlingand Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, bought the franchise for $2 billion. In his first season in charge, the Clippers again won 56 games, eliminated the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs and won the series in game seven on Paul's pivotal shot with one second remaining. In the next series against the second-place Houston Rockets, they won 3-1, only to lose the next three games.

The ambition of the new owner of the Clippers is clearbring a championship to Los Angeles. He plans to build a new arena for his team and has summarily hired Jerry West as a special advisor. When the Lob City era ended, he was about to start a rebuilding period. But the Clippers quickly recovered. In the summer of 2019 they haveshowed off his newfound appeal by signing free agent Kawhi Leonard. A few days later, they acquired Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder, pulling off one of the best doubles in the league.


Who played center for the Clippers? ›

Los Angeles Clippers

Who is on the LA Clippers roster? ›

Los Angeles Clippers

Who is 33 years old on the Clippers? ›

Nicolas Batum (/bəˈtuːm/; born December 14, 1988) is a French professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. He is also a member of the French national team and earned a silver medal in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Who is the best Clipper player? ›

Chris Paul

Paul leads the Clippers in all things passing, totaling 4,023 assists. He also ranks top 10 in scoring and rebounding, which is amazing considering his height of six feet. The point guard helped the Clippers make the playoffs more times in his years there in comparison to their entire history.

What celebs go to Clippers games? ›

While the Clippers have always had celebrity fans such as actor Billy Crystal, Kadeem Hardison and Sony executive “Big Jon” Platt, the Lakers have boasted A-list celebrities such as actors Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Dyan Cannon, musician Flea, rapper Snoop Dogg and many more.

Who did the Clippers just trade? ›

Just about an hour before the door slammed on the trade deadline, the Clippers agreed to a trade to acquire second-year point guard Bones Hyland from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a pair of second round picks in 2024 and 2025, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

How many 5 9 players are in the NBA? ›

This is a complete listing of the shortest players in National Basketball Association history at a listed height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) or shorter. Only 25 players in NBA history have been at or below this height.

Did Charles Barkley ever play center? ›

Barkley played the power forward position, but occasionally played small forward and center. He was known for his unusual build as a basketball player, stockier than most small forwards, yet shorter than most power forwards he faced.

Who was the center that played with Larry Bird? ›

Robert Parish (1980-94)

Parish's contributions are sometimes overlooked due to the fact that he played with two other Hall of Famers in Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. But Parish was truly a jack-of-all-trades type of player for the Celtics.

Is Blake Griffin a center? ›

Griffin made his NBA debut as a rookie the following season, in which he was selected as an All-Star, won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and was named the NBA Rookie of the Year.
Blake Griffin.
No. 91 – Boston Celtics
PositionCenter / Power forward
Personal information
BornMarch 16, 1989 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
21 more rows

Who played at the Staples Center? ›

STAPLES Center is the home of four professional sports franchises: the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, and the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks.


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