Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (2023)

Welcome to Hoenn with a twist

Whether you're new to Hoenn or returning, one thing is certain: Pokémon Emerald Kaizo is unlike any official Pokémon experience. This will push your combat skills to the limit and require you to mess up your strategy throughout the game.

If you've played Emerald before, you have a slight advantage; Challenging fights make it thoughRom-Hacking.Suppose you are bored of defeating endless Zubats and Poochyenas from Team Magma and Aqua Grunts. In Emerald Kaizo Team Aqua and Magma, soldiers make formidable trainers.

These diverse Pokemon teams, which makes sense because if you were leading a team of environmental fanatics bent on destroying the world to create a new one. Even so, he would need capable troops; Let's get ready for battle and let's get in!

Summary of the story

The Hoenn region is a tropical country dotted with beautiful islands and sunny seaside towns. However, Mt. Chimney, the active volcano in the Hoenn region, spews ash into the air. As a result, there are different types of areas, from deserts to tropical jungles. It is a region where land and sea collide and interact in perfect balance.

However, two evil teams are attempting to disrupt the balance between land and sea, severely affecting the region's environment and ecosystem.

  • Team Aqua - Awaken Will Kyogre to raise sea levels and stop Team Magma from destroying sea life.
  • Team Magma - Will awaken Groudon to expand Hoenn's landmass and prevent Team Aqua from destroying the land of Hoenn.

Where do you fit into all of this? Well, you're a boy who just moved to Littleroot Town; His father Norman is the Gym Leader of Petalburg.

In true Pokémon style, your goal is to complete the Pokédex for Professor Birch and become the champion of the Hoenn region. You will inevitably collide with the plans of Team Magma and Aqua, and it's up to you to stop the two evil teams.

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main properties

  • Challenging restrictions on the game, it is not allowed to use healing items in battle.
  • Select Generation 1-3 Pokémon can be found in Hoenn.
  • Challenging battles and new bosses get harder and harder over time.
  • Battle Frontier and Battle Tents are located around Hoenn.
  • Reduced encounters with wild Pokémon.
  • New challenging puzzles to solve.
  • All Pokémon have new move groups.

or step by step

I won't bore you with the meticulous details of the game's intro. However, there are some key points and adventures that will get you off to a good start in Emerald Kaizo. The map in Emerald Kaizo is mostly the same, with a few tweaks.

Each city will have additional patches of tall grass. You can find Pokemon here that are rare in neighboring locations. I recommend catching Pokemon in these small areas as you can catch a Growlithe and even a Cyndaquill in Oldale Town.

But before that, you need to choose your starter Pokemon:

  • Treeko - A Grass-type Pokémon and my choice for my Emerald Kaizo run.
  • Torchic – A Fire-type Pokémon that evolves into Fire/Fighting-type Blaziken.
  • Mudkip - A Water-type Pokémon that evolves into Swampert, a Water/Ground-type Pokémon.

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The adventure begins with a single battle

After getting your first Pokemon, you need to go to Oldale Town. If you stop at the Pokemart, you can pick up Poké Balls for a low price. Emerald Kaizo is a challenging game; You need to diversify your team immediately.

Tailow is one of the best Pokemon to catch early in the game, as Swellow's Guts ability combined with Air Slash, Facade, and Endeavor penetrates opponents all the way up to the Elite Four. So much so that later in the game I traded my Pidgeot for Swallow.

Additionally, Swellow's high speed and attack stats give him slightly more firepower than Pidgeot, sacrificing health and defense.To unlock Route 102, you must first defeat May, who is on Route 103 north of Oldale Town. It's an easy battle once you level up your starter and catch an extra Pokemon.

After defeating May, head to Route 102; There will be a number of challenging Trainer Battles here, so I'd suggest catching a few extra Pokemon. I kept my Pidgey level and starter Pokemon for the area. Trying to level up all your Pokemon can spread your team too thin.

City of Petalburg: Meet Wally

There is a lot to do in Petalburg City besides meeting Wally and his father Norman. After the cutscene, you can venture to Route 104 and Petalburg Forest. Keep in mind that there are additional trainers in lanes in Kaizo, and the original Emerald version's trainers have stronger teams.

On my adventure I caught a phanpy in Petalburg Forest. Phanpy is not a strong option in general; However, in Kaizo, Phanpy and Donphan received a significant buff to their movement pools. My Phanpy had Mud Shot right out of the box. My Donphan would end up learning Earthquake and the fan favorite Rollout, of course.

You can find your first Team Magma Soldier in the Petalburg Woods. He's not a weakling; Unlike the original Emerald game, it will have a very diverse team, so train your Pokemon before contacting the Devon Corporation employee. However, Team Magma Grunt is nothing compared to fighting Red on Route 104 south of Rustboro City.

When you exit Petalburg Woods, talk to the NPC in the building next to an orchard. He'll give you Bullet Seed TM early in the game, a valuable move for Treeko or Grass-type Pokémon. After defeating the dual combat trainers on the bridge, you must face Red!

Red Battle #1

Red leads with Eevee in their first encounter, I recommend taking him out before he can boost his stats with Curse. Treeko, equipped with Bullet Seed, can deal massive damage to Red's team and KO your Pikachu in just two turns if you're lucky.

Bulbasaur can catch him with Sleep Powder and I advise you to heal your team and equip them with Oran Berries to increase their resistance in battle.

Evoli Nv. 9Pikachu Nv. 9Glumanda Lv. 9Bisasam Lv. 9Ardilha Nv. 9
Baya de citrus fruitsBaya de citrus fruitsberry juiceberry juiceberry juice
fast attackDonnerwelleBitedream dustslatted frame
Relaxshock wavewheel on firebacklightpretender
snoringSearchrage of the dragongreat drainyawning

The City of Rustboro and the Devon Corporation

Congratulations on defeating Red! It's time to head to the town of Rustboro, the training facility and headquarters of the Devon Corporation. Leaving the town of Rustoboro from the north, you will enter Route 115; however, there's not much you can do here; Instead, head to Route 116, which is at the northeast exit of town.

There are several trainers here to challenge and absorb this valuable experience. Consider picking up a Grimer for his disable move, as it can be extremely useful in the next fight with Rock-type specialist Roxanne.

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  • I suggest leveling your Pokemon to level 15-17 to match Roxanne's team.

Arenakampf Nr. 1 – Roxanne

Tough for the first Gym Leader, Roxanne will give you an idea of ​​the horror that is Emerald Kaizo. Unlike the original games, Gym Leaders have a much larger movement pool to compensate for their team's weaknesses. Lileep caused me the most pain in my game due to her regenerative abilities with Recover and Giga Drain. However, if you lower his stats, you can greatly increase your chances of beating him.

Nose Step Lv. fifteenLiliep Lv. 14Anorit Nv.14Relicanto Lv. 14Shuckle Nv. 14Lunatone Lv. 15
Baya de citrus fruitsBaya de citrus fruitsBaya LumBaya de citrus fruitsBaya de citrus fruitsBaya Lum
AttractsHello from slimebreaking bricksGrave of the stonesdefensive turnmoonlight
Self-destructionGrave of the stonesGrave of the stonesamnesiaPoisonousHypnosis
DonnerwellerecoveredX scissorsmake ice creamunrollcold wind
earthquakeGiga Drainfrom the areaNo NumberSunny dayconfusion

After defeating Roxanne, you must defeat a Team Aqua grunt that stole the key item from Devon Goods and Peeko Mr. Briney's Wingull. You can find the Grunt in the cave at the end of Route 116. After defeating the Grunt, Mr. Briney will let you sail his ship to Dewford City and Slateport City.

  • After leaving Rustboro City, he must deliver Devon goods to Captain Stern in Slateport City and deliver a letter to Steven at Granite Cave in Dewford Town.

Now it's time to leave Rustboro City for Mr. Briney; Before leaving town in search of greener pastures, turn your attention once again to May, who is at the south entrance. You don't have to fight them, but I recommend it for experience points.

Farfetch'D Lv. 14my level 14Nidoran (F) Lv. sechzehnChikorita Lv. 15Ardilha Nv. 15Combustion Lv. sixteen
Paloberry juiceSeidencachecolBaya de citrus fruitsmystical waterMoney
fast attackDonnerwellePoisonousbacklightwater gunAsk
from the areaDonnersecret powerreflectAttractsdouble kick
slatted framefast attackdrilling executiongreat drainsecret powerGrave of the stones
CutearthquakeProtectionsecret powercold windfast attack

While not essential when returning to Petalburg Woods, use Cut to unlock the eastern portion of the forest. Here you can collect the Miracle Seed, an item that boosts grass-type movements, and other valuable items that can be sold.

Dewford Town: Paraíso de White Sands

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (4)

Dewford is your first stop on your quest; There isn't much in Dewford Town. However, you can pick up Silk Scarf, which boosts Normal Attacks. Later I would equip my Sceptile with it to increase the power of the Crush Claw movement. At the same time hoping to learn leaf blade.

Before heading to Granite Cave, I recommend defeating Brawly, the Dewford Town gym leader and combat-type specialists. Your gym is easy to navigate, and while your vision is limited, your vision will become clearer each time you defeat a trainer. Despite a tough fight with Roxanne, Brawly was no match for my Pidgeotto!

Arena Match #2 - Brawl

A Flying Pokémon will destroy Brawly's team, especially Swallow! However, there are some things your bird should be aware of. Be very careful with the Brawly Pokemon that Rock Tomb knows.

While Swallow is faster than most Pokémon, it can't take many hits. Brawlys Poliwrath can quickly take out your Swallow with Hypnosis, so I recommend equipping it with a Chesto Berry.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (5)

Hitmontop Lv. sixteenHitmonchan Lv. sixteenHitmonlee Lv. sixteenMeditar nv. 17Polira Lv. sixteenHairyama Lv. 17
Baya LumBay of ChestoBaya de citrus fruitsBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
pretenderGrave of the stonesGrave of the stonespretenderHypnosispretender
male punchshadow linerolling kickBall of Darknesswater pulseGrave of the stones
Grave of the stonesfacadespeak in his sleeprockfallIce cream punchpalm of strength
secret powermale punchsecret powerbreaking bricksNo Numbershadow line

Granithöhle: Puzzle

After defeating Brawly, you can use the HM05 Flash out of combat! Head to Granite Cave north of town. You have to defeat some trainers and a team Aqua Grunt. Be sure to grab the Stardust item hidden in the rock outside the cave.

In the cave, your vision is limited; However, talk to the walker near the entrance and he'll give you the HM05 Flash. This move will make it much easier to get through the cave.If you go down to the Granite Cave you will find an ice puzzle that can only be found in the Emerald Kaizo ROM. No worries; I solved the riddle for you. Watch the video below!

  • Note that if you fail the puzzle on the second floor, you will have to solve the first puzzle again.

Go deeper into the cave, go west of the cave and climb down the second ledge. This leads to a small room and Steven! Give him the letter and he will give you back the steel wing. When you're done with that, you can move on to Slateport City, one of my favorite cities in the game!

Slateport City: Bustling Markets and Mayhem Museum

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (6)

Be careful when using Mr. Briney, a trainer will challenge you. Slateport City Beach features significant changes from its original design. In Kaizo you have to fight against many hidden trainers and double battles. Also, you will be blocked on the right, forcing you to challenge the trainers.

If you run out of healing supplies, go to the building on the beach. Refreshments are available from the man in the middle of the building. Be careful as you will have to face some trainers before interacting with the trader.

  • There's plenty to do in Slateport City, which not only houses the Slateport Museum and Captain Stern's Docks, but also a bustling market and Battle Tent.

In Battle Tent, you can borrow three out of six Pokémon. Each Pokémon is equipped with an item. After each battle, you'll be asked if you want to trade your Pokémon for a Pokémon from your opponent or from the original lineup. After three wins, you get a full heal. I found the Focus Energy Machop extremely powerful.

To advance the story in Slateport City, you must first go to the docks to be asked to go to the Oceania Museum. This will unlock the museum where you have to fight Team Aqua on the second floor. If successful, deliver Devon's goods to Captain Stern.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (7)

You are now free to drive down Route 110; The route has many buses, the bike path and the Trickhaus. However, you can't access them until later in the game. Turning left from the Trick House will take you to Route 103 and some buses. You can navigate to Oldale Town here as a shortcut.

Traveling to the right will take you to Mauville City, your next destination and the home of the third Pokémon Gym Leader, Wattson, a Specialist Electric-type. However, you will be challenged in May before you get there. Keep in mind that May's encounter will vary depending on the starter Pokemon you choose.

my level 22Pidgeotto Nv. 24nidorina nv. 24Laurel Nv. 24War Cake Lv. 25Combusken Lv. 26
beamfrom the areadrilling executionGiga DrainpretenderVolume
Attractsfast attackslat pumpAttractswater pulsefire blast
Donnerwellesecret powerBall of DarknesssynthesisIce cream punchfast attack
signal beamsteel wingswater pulsebody punchbody punchbreaking bricks

Mauville Town: Pokémon Nursery and Play Area

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (8)

Fighting your way along Route 110 you will reach the town of Mauville. The north entrance to Cycle Road is to the right of the south entrance to Mauville. There are several things to do when you arrive in Mauville, including picking up a Mach bike or an acro bike. No worries. You can exchange your bike for free at the bike shop.

Buying a bike gives you access to the bike path on Route 110. There are additional trainers here who can challenge you for some extra experience points. The Play Corner cannot be accessed until you receive a Coin Box.The neighbor will trade you a box of coins for the harbor mail, but the harbor mail is only sold at the Lillycove Town department store. Therefore, you will have to wait much later in the game before gaining access to the gaming corner.

Pokémon Daycare is on Route 117 from Mauville Town to the east. Before challenging Wattson, you must battle Wally in a bizarre level 70 Ralt battle. But no worry; It's an easy fight as Ralts only uses the Pain Split move.

At this point in the game, I would recommend challenging the trainers on Route 117 before Wattson. There are several double battles along the way and at the end you reach Verdanturf Town, a small town with a tent. A scientist lives to the right of Wanda's house. He will give you Rock Smash!

You cannot use it until you defeat Wattson. You can use Rock Smash to unlock the tunnel in Verdanturf Town to gain access to Rustboro City and Route 111. In my game, I showed off my Grovyle X-Scissor from the Move Tutor at the Verdanturf Town Pokemon Center.

Arenakampf Nr. 3: Wattson

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (9)

Wattson is a challenging fight if you've been relying on your swallow until now. That means he can take a hit or two before being KO'd. My starter Treeko, which turned into a Grovyle at this point, wasn't the best Pokemon for the job. However, I was able to kick her where it hurt with Grovyle's Double Kick and lower my opponent's defense with Crush Claw.

Electabuzz is a difficult Pokemon due to its Fire/Psychic/Electric/Ice-type cover. My Donphan was the star of this fight as I only had to deal with Ice-type attacks and the occasional Surge.

Jolteon Lv. 28Laterne Lv. 28Raichu Nv. 28Electabuzz Nr. 28Ampharos Lv. 29Manetric Lv. 29
Baya LumStayBaya LumBaya LumStayBaya Lum
Bitemake ice creambeambeamfire blastflamethrower
hidden powerSearchSearchfire blastbeamCrunch
beambeambody punchIce cream punchhidden powerDonnerwelle

Rota 111 and Mt. Chimney

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (10)

After defeating Wattson, you can use Rock Smash outside of combat, which allows you to unlock Route 111 and continue the story. There are many double battles hidden on this route that can easily surprise you. Route 111 is one of the longest routes in the game, so make sure you bring plenty of healing items to keep your party battle-ready.

At the top of the route you will discover the Route 111 Wilderness. However, you can't access it until you get the Go-Goggles after defeating Flannery, the fourth Gym Leader. Then head west to Route 112 and Mt. Chimney; Here you will find several Team Magma soldiers to fight.

Soldiers also blocked the cable car to the top of Mount Chimney. Therefore, you must walk the path of fire. I have a Torkoal here because its excellent defense and the White Smoke ability give it great defensive abilities. It also learns Burst, a powerful move that can KO an opponent while sacrificing their Pokémon.

Exiting the Fiery Path will take you to Route 112, along with a few more Team Magma Grunts. After defeating her, the route will reopen to Route 111. If your team needs healing, use Cut to avoid trainer fights and enter the old lady rest stop where you can heal your team.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (11)

There are a lot of double fights in this area, and in the next few I used a combination of Torkoal and Donphan to fire off volleys of Rock Slides to attack my opponents twice in the same turn. In addition, Donphan and Pidgeot were also a great combo since Pidgeot's flying type protected it from my Donphan's earthquake.

  • Note that if he's defeated in battle, he'll respawn in the last Pokémon Center he eventually healed.

Defeat the remaining trainers on Route 111 and enter the ash-covered land of Route 113. Here you can visit the Glass Workshop, where you can obtain a bag of soot to collect ash and use it to craft items. I found the White Flute to be the most useful as it attracts wild Pokemon to your area.

Route 113 leads to the town of Fallabor. However, red will attack you again at the end of the route!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (12)

Red Battle #2

It looks like Red has been a little embarrassed after losing on Route 104 and has been coaching an impressive team that's set to catch a weary traveler. You'll struggle with this fight if you don't have an answer to Snorlax's high defense and health regeneration.

But this is exactly where Swallows Endeavor comes into play! Immune to Snorlax's Earthquake Swellow or its flying equivalent is your best bet. Oh what am I saying, there's no equivalent for Swallow! This fight would be a lot easier if you weren't paralyzed and asleep, so do yourself a favor and hand out the chesto berries.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (13)

Pikachu Nv. 37Blastoise Nv. 36Espeon Lv. 36Venusaur Lv. 36Relaxo Nv. 36Charizard Nv. 36
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumStayBaya Lum
voltage inputyawningreflectdream dustcurseflamethrower
To singmake ice creamclairvoyantslat pumpRelaxdragon claw
SearchSearchsignal beamGiga Drainsnoringfrom the area
hidden powermirror coatBitesynthesisearthquakeearthquake

Fallabor Town: Magma gear and movement memory

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (14)

There is no Pokémon Gym in Fallabor Town; You'll find another Battle Tent here, though, and more importantly, the Move Reminders to the left of the Pokemon Center, where you can trade in a Heart Scale to relearn one of your Pokemon's old moves.

You'll also find Fossil Maniac's house further west. Return here with the Fossil Pokémon and it will revive them!

Go to Route 114 after talking to Lanette in the Pokémon Center. You must fight nine Team Magma Soldiers on Route 114! However, you can also catch Swablu, an awesome Flying Pokémon that evolves into Altaria!

Congratulations on defeating Team Magma's small grunt army! The Grunt Trail should take you to Meteor Falls. You can fully explore this place once you acquire Waterfall HM07. So for now, meet the scientist and Archie who will guide you back to the mountain. Chimney, where you will meet Maxie, the leader of Team Magma.

Exit Meteor Falls by jumping over the group of ledges that lead you to Route 115. However, be prepared. There are some double fights in this place. The route takes you back to the town of Rustboro. Be sure to drop by the Devon Corporation to tell Mr. Stone that you've completed your tasks and he'll give you an Exp. Share in return!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (15)

Continue on Route 116 and through the Rusturf Tunnel. Use Rock Smash to unlock the tunnel and find a pair; in return, they'll give you back the HM04 Force. Then head to Route 111 and Mt. Chimney.The soldiers blocking the cable car to the top will be gone, so keep going. You have to fight two Magma Grunts and a Magma Manager on the summit.

  • Interact with the mountain. Chimney in front of the cable car and next to the Jagged Pass entrance to heal your Pokemon.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (16)

Dodris Nv. 37Manetric Lv. 37Weezing Lv. 37Agron Lv. 38Flygon Lv. 37Arkan Lv. 38
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumSwift ClawBaya LumBaya Lum
double edgedbeamexplodesBlitzkanoneearthquakeextreme speed
pick drillover waterbad shotsmack on the headGiga Drainover water
hidden powerCrunchflamethrowersuperpowersignal beamhidden power
fast attackhidden powerhidden powerearthquakerockfallwild load

Ultimate Battle #1

Record Lv. 38Crobata Nv. 39Claydol Lv. 39Alakazam Nv. 38Dusclops Lv. 38Dog Lv. 39
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumStayBaya Lum
Donnerwellepoisonous preyexplodesfire blastFeuerCrunch
earthquakeair cutearthquakeDonnerBall of Darknessover water
explodesGiga DrainclairvoyantIce cream punchearthquakehidden power
or ancestorshello warmsignal beamclairvoyantRelaxpoisonous prey

After defeating Maxie, get the Strange Machine Meteor from Maxie.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (17)

Paso dedente: next stop is Lavaridge Town

The fight with Maxie certainly took a toll on your team, so heal your squad on the Platte before continuing to Jagged Pass. Upon entering the pass, you will be challenged to a double battle.Jump over the ledges to descend to Mount Chimney. Interestingly, you can find a Team Magma grunt in front of a stone wall that is the entrance to Team Magma's secret base.

As you exit Jagged Pass, you will enter Lavaridge Town. Here you'll find a hot spring that connects to the Pokemon Center and Herb Shop. Talk to the NPC under the hot springs to get a Wyant Egg. Other than that, there's not much to do other than challenge the Pokémon Gym!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (18)

Arena-Kampf Nr. 4: Flannery

Kaizo Flannery trades his legendary Torkoal for much more powerful gear. I got a Fire-type into the fire with my own Torkoal while his Earthpower and Rock Smash put out his team's flames. At the same time, Explosion was a free knockout when old Torky got hurt.

Pidgeot's air slash made Flannery's team strong, and that oh-so-cute shudder allowed me to get away with some cheeky knockouts.

  • Equip your first Pokemon with a Chesto Berry, as Flannery will always lead with Hypnosis.
Nine Tails Lv. 41Charizard Nv. 42Blaziken Nv. 42Arkan Lv. 41Tiflosion Lv. 42Gussform Lv. 42
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumStayBaya LumBaya Lum
hidden powerearthquakefire blastwild loadray of sunlightflamethrower
over waterhello warmupper skyhello warmhello warmmake ice cream
ray of sunlightray of sunlightDonnerray of sunlightearthquakebeam
Hypnosisdragon clawray of sunlightextreme speedwild loadray of sunlight

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (19)Congratulations on defeating Kaizo Flannery. You are just one step away from becoming the champion! However, before you challenge Norman, Petalburg City's gym leader. Use May's Go-Goggles gift to enter and explore the desert on Route 111. There are some trainers to fight here, and you can catch Trapinch, an awesome Pokemon to add to your team.

Additionally, when you enter Route 111, you have the option to spawn in the Mirage Tower. You can get Root Fossil or Claw Fossil at the top of the tower, which can be revived by Fossil Maniac in Fallabor Town.

However, you will need Mach Bike and Rock Smash to reach the top. Remember that you can only choose one fossil, so choose wisely.

  • Resurrecting the Claw Fossil gives you Anorith, a bug/stone-type that evolves into Armaldo.
  • Resurrecting Root Fossil gives you Lileep, a grass/rock type that evolves into Cradily.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (20)

Switch to the Fiery Path and use the power to push the boulders and get a fire boulder and most importantly Toxic TM, a fantastic move that can be used in many strategies and is perfect for Emerald Kaizo. I also recommend returning to the mountain. Chimney when the trainers returned to the area after defeating Team Magma.

Now you're ready to take on the Petalburg City Pokémon Gym!

Arena-Kampf Nr. 5 – Norman

Norman's Gym has no puzzles, but has a range of trainers specializing in everything from Stall, Speed, Critical Hits and Confusion. The fight with Norman takes place in the double combat format, a format that you can explore.

I guide my team with Donphan and Pidgeot, since Pidgeot's immunity to Ground-type attacks has allowed me to deal heavy damage to Donphan without worrying about my other Pokemon in battle.

Kangaskhan Lv. 45Espeon Lv. Four fiveTauro Nv. 45Swelling Lv. Four fiveDelete lv. 45Relaxo Nv. 45
StayBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumStay
pretenderclairvoyantHand backdouble edgedHyperstrahlcurse
crushing clawBiteearthquakesky attackBall of Darknessreservations
Ball of Darknesshidden powerfast attacksteel wingsearthquakeearthquake
earthquakesignal beamhidden powerhidden powercrushing clawRelax

If you defeat Norman, Wally's father will enter the gym and give you the HM03 Surf! At this point in the original game, you return to the town of Mauville, where Wattson tasks you with restarting a generator in New Mauville. A place that is only accessed after the surf has been obtained. However, in Kaizo, you cannot complete this until you defeat the Elite Four.

So our next destination is Fortree City, a city reminiscent of the Ewok home of Endor and home to Winoa, the sixth gym leader you'll encounter in Hoenn.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (21)

Rainy Route 119 and Fortree City

Go to Mauville Town and swap your Mach Bike for an Acro Bike. You need it to cross Route 119. Head east and sail to the landfall on the west side of Route 118. Here you will find some buses boarding Route 119 and reaching the intersection.

Route 119 begins with a large expanse of very tall grass with bug trainers hidden in the middle. Each trainer has a level 100 Bug Pokemon. I recommend dodging them until you've collected all the Lucky Eggs in the area and equipped your Pokemon with them, as you'll get a huge boost in experience points.

Later you have to jump on a rail to continue the route. Take the buses that cross the wooden bridge that will take you to the Meteorological Institute. The Weather Institute is a research center that studies the weather in Hoenn. However, it was taken over by Team Aqua.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (22)

At this point, your team is likely suffering. No worries. You can heal your party on the first floor of the center by sleeping on the bed. To disband Team Aqua, you must defeat Aqua Admin Shelly:

Milótico Nv. 48Hypno Nv. 47Shuckle Nv. 47Medicham No. 47Dragon Lv. 48Lapras nv. 49
Baya LumStayStayBaya LumBaya LumStay
mirror coatHypnosisPoisonouspretenderDonnerwelleSearch
make ice creamclairvoyantThat's doublebreaking bricksSearchmake ice cream
Searchsignal beamRelaxBall of Darknessdragon clawbeam
recoveredfire blastProtectionrockfallHand backdrilling execution

Rewarded with Castform, it's time to finally reach Fortree City. However, not before another rematch with May and receiving the HM02 Fly.

Raichu Nv. 50Clefavel Lv. 50Nidoqueen Lv. 50Meganio Lv. 50Blastoise Nv. 50
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
DonnerDonnerearthquakeGiga Drainwater pipe
Searchhidden powerpoisonous tailearthquakemirror coat
signal beambody punchDonneror ancestorsmake ice cream
rain dancemake ice creamSearchsynthesishidden power

So you've finally arrived in the town of Fortree. Before you take on Winona, though, you'll need to find Steven on Route 120 to obtain the Devon Scope, a key element that allows you to reveal hidden Kecleons blocking your path to the Pokémon Gym.

Arena Match #6 - Winona

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (23)

Winona is a very challenging fight as she controls all three legendary birds. This means that despite being a Flying-type Specialist, he has control over powerful Water/Fire/Electric-type attacks; Therefore, you must plan your group order before battle.

Aerodactyl Nv. 54Zapdos Nv. 55Crobat NV, 54Article Lv. 55Flygon Lv. 55Many Lv. 55
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
hidden powersky attacksky attackmake ice creamearthquakeover water
or ancestorsbeampoisonous preysky attackdragon clawsky attack
double edgedhidden powerGiga Drainpiece of iceflamethrowerhidden power
earthquakeHand backhidden powerhidden powerGiga Drainsteel wings

to Mount Pira

Before you escape into the Route 120 rainforest, I suggest you fly back to the town of Mauville to trade your bike for a Mach bike one more time. You will need it to reach the top of Mount Pira. Route 120 connects to Route 121 and the town of Lillycove, and while Team Aqua's Grunts block the entrance to town, you can use Fly to fly to the Pokémon Center in Lillycove City.

On Mount Pyre, you must navigate a series of floors and battle Aqua's trainers and grunts; Once you get to the top you have to jump through the holes in the ground to get to the outside of the mountain. Once outside, ride the Mach Bike up the landslide. On the other side, some soldiers and an administrator are waiting for you.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (24)

Waillor Lv. 57Machamp Nv. 56Delete lv. 56Exeggutor Lv. 56Garados Nv. 58Dragon Lv. 57
Swift ClawBay of ChestoBaya LumSwift ClawGlitzerpulverBaya Lum
water pipeearthquakeSearchegg bombhidden powerrockfall
earthquakerockfallearthquakeclairvoyantdragon danceearthquake
make ice creamhidden powerBall of Darknessor ancestorsFrustrationextreme speed

Defeating the Grunts awards the Magma Emblem, a key element that allows you to enter Team Magma's hideout in Jagged Pass.

Magma Hideout: Maxie's first look at Groudon

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (25)

On the return flight to Lavaridge Town, it's time to face Team Magma. Magma's lair is in Jagged Pass; The emblem will open the secret entrance when in range. Inside, you must face a small Magma army and an Administrator before facing Maxie.

Charizard Nv. 64Regi Rock Lv. Sixty-fiveSalamantik Lv. 64Kangaskhan Lv. 63Venusaur Lv. Sixty-fiveGussform Lv. 64
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
over wateror ancestorsearthquakeearthquakeray of sunlightZeitball
dragon clawearthquakeflamethrowerBall of Darknessdream dustray of sunlight
ray of sunlightBankair cutpretenderZeitballmake ice cream
earthquakeexplodesMeteor Drakecrushing clawor ancestorsbeam

Maxie fight #2

Tyranitar Lv. 66Flygon Lv. 66Gengar Nv. 66Arkan Lv. 66Exeggutor Lv. 66Entity Lv. 66
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
or ancestorshello warmclairvoyanthello warmclairvoyantholy fire
fire explosionearthquakebeamextreme speedor ancestorsextreme speed
earthquakeMeteor Drakefire blasthidden powerhidden poweror ancestors
ray of sunlightray of sunlightIce cream punchray of sunlightray of sunlightray of sunlight

Lillycove City: It's Team Aqua's turn

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (26)

In order to unlock Team Aqua's lair in Lillycove City, you must first fly to Slateport City, where you will meet Cpt. Stern and a group of people outside the port. Archie steals Cpt. Stern's Submarine Explorer 1. Fly to Lillycove City now!

In Lillycove City is the Pokémon Contest Hall where you can purchase a Pokeblock case to enter the Route 121 Safari Zone. I caught an Eevee in the Safari Zone which I later evolved into Umbreon with a Moonstone that brought it back to the Big Shops in the town of Lillycove.

  • To gain access to the north side of Lillycove Town, you must fight May again.
Milanque Lv. 59Ampharos Lv. 59Nidoqueen Lv. 59Meganio Lv. 59Blastoise Nv. 59Blaziken Nv. 60
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
body punchDonnerwelleearthquakeweed pipewater pipeover water
earthquakebeampoisonous preyearthquakehidden powersuperpower
Ball of Darknesshidden powerbeamor ancestorsmake ice creamDonner
pretenderfire blastmake ice creamGiga Drainmirror coatrockfall

To get to Team Aqua's hideout, surf the beach in Lillycove City and head north. his hiding place is hard to miss. The hideout is much smaller than Team Magma's; However, after defeating Aqua Admin, we discover that Archie has already left to wake up Kyogre.

With Route 124 now unlocked, it's time to sail to Mossdeep City to face the seventh gym boss, or should I say gym bosses.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (27)

Glalie Lv. 66Reydra Lv. 66Machamp Nv. 67Tauro Nv. 66Dragon Lv. 66Waillor Lv. 67
Baya LumBaya LumSwift Clawband chosenBaya LumStay
explodesrain dancesuperpowerdouble edgeddragon danceamnesia
piece of iceoktozookaearthquakeearthquakehidden powerearthquake
make ice creamMeteor Drakerockfalliron tailearthquakemake ice cream
earthquakemake ice creamhidden powersuperpowerRelax

Mossdeep City: Attack on the Space Center!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (28)

Mossdeep City is a small town on the coast of Lillycove City. The Hoenn Space Center is located here and you can find Shoal Cave on Route 125 just north of town.

Arena Match #7: Lizz and Tate

Lizz and Tate is another dual battle arena leader. I found the fight easier than the fight with Winona. At this point, my team has an Umbreon that has done some important work on Gardevoir.

Additionally, Sceptile's X-Scissors and Leaf Blade dealt devastating blows to Starmie and Gardevoir. Medicham was another who went down quickly thanks to Pidgeot's Air Slash.

Lizz and Tate's Latios and Latias posed the biggest threat as Jirachi was quickly knocked out with Heat Wave. But even they were withered by Rock Slide and crushed by Donphan's Head Smash.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (29)

Latias Lv. 70Nv. 70Guardevoir Nv. 70Medicham No. 70Starmie Lv. 70Jirachi Nv. 70
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
dragon clawdragon clawclairvoyantpretenderwater pumpMeteorbrei
NebelkugelBrightness Flushbeambreaking bricksmake ice creamsignal beam
hidden powerhidden powerfire blastGrave of the stonesbeamfire blast
waterfallbeamhidden powerBall of Darknessclairvoyantor ancestors

Lizz and Late are psychic-type specialists and will challenge you to a double battle. Even though it was the seventh arena fight, I got through this fight with ease.

After defeating Lizz and Tate, Team Magma will appear and they will invade the Mossdeep Space Center. Unlike previous encounters, you must face Maxie and an admin in a double battle; However, Steven will fight at your side, bringing with him the most wanted firepower!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (30)

Tauro Nv. 71Flygon Lv. 71

Metagross Nv. 72

Gengar Nv. 70Salamência Nv. 70Charizard Nv. 71
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
earthquakeearthquakeearthquakeGiga DrainMeteor Drakeover water
double edgedflamethrowerMeteorbreibeamair cutDonner
hidden powersignal beamBall of Darknessfire blastflamethrowerdragon claw
iron tailor ancestorshidden powerIce cream punchhidden powerhidden power

Return to Steven's house after defeating Team Magma and he will give you HM08 Dive. You can now return to the various dive sites on Route 124 to get some valuable items like Pearls, Green Shards, and Heartscales. To get to Sootopolis you need to use the Scuba and find the underwater entrance on Route 126.

  • I recommend getting a Lanturn as it has become one of the most powerful Pokemon on my team. It is dual electricity/water type.

Archie and the Deep Sea Cave

If you want to continue the story, head to Route 128 and dive into the expanse of water that forms an "X" shape. You should find an underwater entrance on the right with strange glyphs that you can interact with to heal your team. Inside you will find the submarine Explorer 1 that Archie stole. Go upstairs and enter the Seafloor Cavern.

Archie's battle

Archie will have this fight with Raikou and Suicune, which could devastate your team if they get a few rounds from Calm Mind. Lanturn secured my team after destroying Archie's Suicune while laughing and using Raikou's Electric attacks with Volt Absorb.

Raikou Nv. 75Metagross Nv. 75Reydra Lv. 75Dragon Lv. 75Qwilfish Lv. 75Suicune Nv. 75
Baya LumBaya LumStayBaya Lumwater pumpStay
DonnerMeteorbreisignal beamwater pumpbond of fatecalm mind
hidden powerProtectionoktozookaMeteor Drakebad shotSearch
Zeitballthe power of the earthMeteor Drakeextreme speedwater pumpmake ice cream
Crunchslat pumpyawningDonnersword danceRelax
  • Now that Archie has been defeated and Kyogre and Groudon have awakened, fly to the city of Sootopolis.

City of Sootopolis: Wallace and Rayquaza

Groudon and Kyogre are fighting in the city of Sootopolis, and Archie and Maxie have no idea of ​​their next moves. Then talk to Steven, who will take you to the Origin Cave.

I would use a repellent here as Wobbufett's Destiny Bond will take your Pokemon with it! If you go deeper into the cave you will find Wallace, the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City. Answer his question with "Sky Pillar", use an escape rope and head to Rayquaza's lair!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (31)

  • The Pillar of Heaven is in the northern section of Route 131, so fly to Pacifidlog Log Town and surf east.

Go to the top of the Pillar of Heaven to wake up Rayquaza and fly back to Sootopolis. Rayquaza does the rest, unraveling the giant goldfish and the sleeping Godzilla. With this little distraction, you can finally challenge Wallace!

Arenakampf Nr. 8 – Wallace

Reydra Lv. 76Gussform Lv. 76Playful Lv. 76Swampert Lv. 77Lapras nv. 76Milótico Nv. 77
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
OctazookaZeitballSearchmuddy waterSearchSearch
make ice creamDonnerGiga DrainearthquakeDonnermake ice cream
Meteor Drakemake ice creamweed pipemake ice creammake ice creamHypnosis
hidden powerhidden powermake ice creamslat pumphidden powerrecovered

Arena Match #8 - John

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (32)

After fighting Wallace, you must fight Juan. Your team is very similar to Wallace's. Lanturn will fly through your team again. However, if you're missing Lanturn, watch out for Lapras and Castform for your Thunder.

Reydra Lv. 76Lapras nv. 77Gussform Lv. 77Laterne Lv. 77Playful Lv. 76Vaporeon Lv. 77
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
Octazookawater pumpZeitballwater pumpwater pumpwater pump
make ice creamDonnerDonnerDonnerGiga Drainmake ice cream
Meteor Drakemake ice creammake ice creammake ice creamDonnerTo sing
hidden powerhidden powerhidden powerhidden powermake ice creamhidden power

city ​​of evergrande

Congratulations on earning all eight Gym Badges. Now it's time to face the Elite Four. However, before you can fight, you must reach Evergrande City and drive down the winding Victory Road.

To get to Evergrande City, make sure you have the Acro Bike equipped and navigate to Route 128. Look for a bike path in the eastern part of the ocean. Follow this path to the waterfall and use waterfall HM07.In Victory Road you will meet top-class trainers alongside Wally and Red. Before you set out on Victory Road, be sure to equip the Mach Bike!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (33)

Wally: Battle Road to Victory

Meganio nv. 85Hitmontope Lv. 85Raichu Nv. 85Vaporeon Lv. 85Blissey Nv. 85Guardevoir Nv. 88
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumStayStayBaya Lum
or ancestorsbreaking bricksextreme speedmake ice creamBankclairvoyant
earthquakerockfallvoltage inputfast attackearthquakebeam
Giga Drainmale punchSearchmuddy waterpsychological wavecalm mind
synthesishidden powerhidden powerhidden powerferventlyfire blast

Red Battle #3

Ho-oh Nv. 87Relaxo Nv. 89Lapras nv. 89Celebi Nv. 88Mia Nv. 88Dragon Lv. 89
Baya LumStayStayStayBaya LumBaya Lum
sky attackBall of Darknessmake ice creamGiga DrainclairvoyantMeteor Drake
earthquakebody punchMegahornhidden powersignal beamextreme speed
holy fireBankSearchor ancestorsferventlyearthquake
recoveredearthquakebeamrecoveredhello warmhidden power

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (34)

Elite Four: The challenge has only just begun

You finally made it into the Elite Four. Well done. Before running and throwing Pokéballs, I recommend you go to the store, because here you can buy rare candies at a great price. From now on, all Pokémon will be level 100, so make sure your team is too.

I also suggest stocking up on Revives and Hyper Potions since you'll take a beating in every fight. If you're low on cash, head back to the mainland and once again face the trainers registered in your Pokenav. This is a great way to make money, especially for trainers with higher-level Pokemon.

I also recommend you return to Lillycove City and visit the Move Deleter to remove the unwanted HMs. Then fly to the Move Relearner in Fallabor Town and exchange your heart scales for old moves.

Now you can get started!


Sidney was a Dark-type Kaizo Specialist in the original game. Your team had a major update where dark types make up a smaller portion of your team. However, your Houndoom and Sableye are incredibly dangerous. Sableye can take a few hits as it has no weakness to Pokemon Emerald. Houndoom is also a pain because he's so fast!

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (35)

Zobel Lv. 100Jolteon Lv. 100Tauro Nv. 100Machamp Nv. 100hunting dogAlakazam Nv. 100
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBay of ChestoBaya LumBaya Lum
sneaky shadowbeamearthquakesuperpowerhello warmfire blast
breaking brickssignal beamfast attackearthquakeCrunchDonner
hidden powerBitehidden powerrockfallSearch forhidden power
Ball of Darknesshidden powerdouble edgedhidden powerhidden powerclairvoyant


Phoebe stays true to her original Ghost-type specialty, but this time she's got a few more tricks up her sleeve. Gengar will attempt to take down his Pokemon on the go with Destiny Bond and Hypnosis.

However, the biggest problem with Phoebe's team lies in her Dusclops and Sableye as she will use Double Team, Recover and Rest to increase her dodge ability. If you're not fast enough, these two can become almost untouchable.

Lanturn is a brilliant Pokemon for this matchup, as it can 2HKO Gengar with Hydro Pump and 1HKO Phoebe's pesky Crobat. So if Gengar uses Destiny Bond, I switch to Lanturn. If you have any leftover Chesto Berries or Lum Berries, equip them to your Pokemon. Crobat and Gengar's hypnosis can devastate your team.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (36)

Gengar Nv. 100Playful Lv. 100Crobata Nv. 100Guardevoir Nv. 100Zobel Lv. 100Dusclops Lv.100
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
Hypnosisweed pipeHypnosisDonnerwelleThat's doubleThat's double
bond of fateGiga Drainhello warmclairvoyantrecoveredbreaking bricks
beammake ice creamair cutbeamBall of DarknessRelax
Ice cream punchSearchhidden powerfire blastbreaking bricksBall of Darkness


I found Glacia to be the easiest member of the Elite Four to beat, but don't let that put you off. Your team can easily eliminate you. I led with my Sceptile as his Frenzy Plant usually marked me with an early KO. However, using Frenzy Plant usually means switching to Sceptile due to its cooldown.

Be careful with Regice as he uses Blast to eliminate a party member. I suggest getting rid of it quickly with a fire-type attack, or using moves like flying or diving to avoid it. This also applies to Wailord's sadistic self-destruction. Be sure to protect his Grass typing to ensure an easy KO against Swampert.

  • My Lanturn was awesome in this match thanks to his Thunderbolt move.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (37)

Glalie Lv. 100Waillor Lv. 100Regice Lv. 100Dewgongo Nv.100Swampert Lv. 100Lapras nv. 100
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya de LumenBaya LumBaya Lum
make ice creammake ice creammake ice creammake ice creamearthquakemake ice cream
Zeitballwater pipeDonnerdrilling executionyawningDonner
sharpenamnesiahidden powerSearchmuddy waterwater pump
explodesSelf-destructionexplodeshidden poweror ancestorspiece of ice


Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (38)

Drake leads with Latios (Soul Dew), a deadly Pokemon that can wreak havoc on your team. Speed ​​is everything in this battle when you have custom dragon types on your team. However, I would consider teaching Lanturn Blizzard how to fight Drake or adding Slowbro to your team. Its high defense gives it great endurance in battle. Again, Walrein is a good choice!

Save Earthquakes for Tyranitar. I found Flygon had a huge advantage because Earthquake was a stinging move. However, Flygon has many weaknesses when fighting Drake.

Nv. 100Tyranitar Lv. 100Salamantik Lv. 100Reydra Lv. 100Dragon Lv. 100Latias Lv. 100
Seal PriceBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumSeal Price
Meteor Drakedragon danceMeteor DrakeMeteor Drakedragon dancedragon claw
Brightness Flushor ancestorsair cutOctazookaearthquakehidden power
hidden powerearthquakeearthquakemake ice creamrockfallcalm mind
recoveredhidden powerflamethrowerhidden powerextreme speedrecovered

Stephen Master

Sceptile is by far the best starter Pokemon in Emerald Kaizo. X-Scissors is arguably the most important move to teach Sceptile for this matchup. Metagross, Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Starmie are weak to movement. Lanturn does well in this fight as well, as its Water-type attacks are super effective against Jirachi and its Blitz can destroy Starmie.

I would recommend switching Sceptile for Lanturn to take on Starmie due to her Ice Beam attack. You don't want to lose Sceptile early in the fight. Umbreon is an excellent choice for its high defense, giving it excellent staying power in battle. Also, Salamence's Crunch can deliver a crushing blow that allows you to end it with a switch.

Pidgeot or Swellow can be fast enough to finish off an opponent; However, I prefer Pidgeot in this scenario since Heat Wave gave me a bit more utility when fighting Jirachi and Metagross.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Guide: The Cruelest Gen 3 ROM Cheat - Pok Universe (39)

Metagross Lv.100Stern Lv.100Jirachi Nv. 100Death Lv. 100Aerodactyl Nv. 100Deoxys Nv. 100
Baya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya LumBaya Lum
agilityclairvoyantMeteorbreiclairvoyantsky attackpsychotic impulse
Meteorbreiwater pumpextrasensoryBall of Darknessor ancestorssuperpower
earthquakebeamfire blastbreaking bricksearthquakeBall of Darkness
explodesmake ice creambeamflamethrowerflamethrowerfire blast

frequently asked questions

Question: Can out-of-combat Pokemon in Emerald Kaizo faint from poison?

Answer: Yes, because Pokemon Emerald Kaizo is based on 3rd generation games. Poisoned Pokémon can faint out of combat. Because of this, I recommend having Poison Cures in your inventory, especially if you're looking to take on a Nuzlocke challenge.

Question: Do Luvdiscs have heart scales in Pokémon Emerald Kaizo?

Answer: In the original Pokémon Emerald, you can get Luvdisc to farm Heart Scales or steal your item with Thief, which you obtained from Team Aqua Grunt at the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. However, this is not possible in Emerald Kaizo. Instead, Heartscales can only be found hidden in routes and towns.

Question: Where can I get Bagon in Pokemon Emerald Kaizo?

Answer: Players had to wait until they got Waterfall in the original Pokémon Emerald. However, you can catch Bagon and Shelgon in Meteor Falls. You can access it much earlier by using the surf on Route 115 just north of Rustboro City and looking in the tall grass near the old trainer.

Pokémon Esmeralda Kaizo:The end of the road...isn't it?

If you've made it this far in this article, congratulations on becoming a Hoenn Champion and thanks for reading my guide. It's been a long and challenging journey, and you've proven yourself to be a master Pokémon trainer.

Hope my tips helped. However, before you complete the game, you haven't finished the Emerald Kaizo. It's Emerald, and Scott has some even more challenging battles for you to put your Battle Frontier skills to the test. There are also Latios and Latias to conquer and the three legendary Regis.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo was an awesome ROM hack and I had a lot of fun strategizing and putting this guide together. That said, the game can be unforgiving and at times I swear the game laughed at me.

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