Sky Glass TV Channels and Apps: Full List | Wire Busters (2023)

Broadcast TV from Sky,sky glassIt has been around since 2021, marking the first step in Sky's transition to a streaming service. As well as Sky and Freeview channels, it also includes streaming apps - just like other streaming devices.

One of the standout features of the Sky 4K QLED TV is the ability to stream Freeview channels (as well as Sky channels) over broadband without the need for an antenna or satellite dish.

This is a big change for Sky, and it also promises contract-free content (so you don't need to sign a permanent, long-term contract with Glass).

Since its launch, Sky has been constantly adding Freeview channels to Glass, as well as paid services and apps. Today, however, the list is not as extensive as it is dedicatedstreaming device(asAmazon Fire TVLubYear), most major UK streaming services are there - but not all.

The same can be said for choicewatch channels for freeOn Sky Glass - most of the main channels are available, but there are a few too, including popular ones like SportyStuff TV, That's TV and your regular music channel NOWwith antennaI still miss you.

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What's more, this list isn't even the same as Sky Q's list of apps and channels - but the differences aren't that big at the moment.

Skyglass has a lot in common with its younger brother,stream of the skywhich Sky launched last year - lists available channels and apps andA way to record something in the cloud.

If you want to know more about Sky Glass and its hardware specifications, be sure to check this item outYou've read our full review.

Sky Glass streaming app

Since its launch, Sky has added several additional streaming apps to Sky Glass that weren't there originally.

However, note that some content partners will not appear as 'apps' but will require a direct subscription through Sky - BT Sport is an example.

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Just because an app is available doesn't mean its service is part of your Sky subscription - you'll still need to sign up and pay for premium third-party services such as Amazon's Prime Video,Disney+and the rest.

Here is the full list of Sky Glass apps at the time of writing:

BBC iPlayer -The BBC watch and stream app with thousands of programs in the background and the ability to stream live channels.

ITVX -catch and boxITV streaming app, with thousands of shows and movies, including many exclusive productions.

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Channel 4 (formerly All4) –Channel 4's watch and stream app where you can watch the channel live as well as thousands of past shows.

My 5th:Surprisingly, there has been no Channel 5 streaming and live streaming app on Stream for a long time - butIt was finally added in 2023.

STV player -The popular Scottish broadcaster's video on demand streaming service offering both closed and exclusive shows.

Netflix -Netflix needs no introduction at this point. The "default" Sky Stream package already includes basic Netflix (only one screen at a time) and SD video quality (but you can upgrade to HD or 4K).

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Amazon Prime Video -Amazon's video streaming service, with shows and movies (seeFirst video review). Most content requires a paid Prime Video subscription (You can get a free 30-day trial)

Prime Video also offers a range of Prime Video channels, allowing you to get some of the channels missing from Sky.

Disney+- Disney's popular subscription streaming service that includes content from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, as well as more "mature" content in its star categories (Check out our Disney+ review)

Most importantly+streaming serviceStream TV shows and movies from CBS, Showtime and Paramount. Sky Cinema subscribers (Sky Q, Sky Stream and Sky Glass)Get Paramount+ for free.

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AppleTV+– The Apple Subscription Streaming service had a rocky start, but now has a string of critically acclaimed shows such asTed Russo, "Morning Show," updateand more.

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discover+– streaming servicesReplaces Dplay Discovery(completely free) with free and "premium" channels. Sky Stream (and Sky Q and Sky Glass) customers can nowGet Discovery+ for free.

Youtube -Google's big video site.

Lion's Gate+- Subscription-based, local, stream-only editions of Starz's premium US channel, featuring top TV shows and movies.

YouTube for kids- scheduledYouTube for kids, including only age-appropriate content.

Spotify -A popular music streaming service with more than 60 million songs - it has a free tier (with ads) and a paid premium.

amazonian music– Amazon music streaming service with over 60 million songs.

BBC Audio -The BBC Radio app with live versions of BBC Radio channels and an extensive library of podcasts and radio drama.

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radio play -Stream live radio stations.

Global Players -Capital Radio streaming app with live radio stations and thousands of podcasts.

impressive face- A free music video app with a "personalized video experience" where you can create playlists just for you.

ZOE- The best place to watch official music videos and live performances - some of which are exclusive to the service.

home team -A subscription-based exercise and fitness app where you can watch (and participate in) studio-style workouts.

PlayWorks –You can play games directly on your TV with the Sky Stream remote control. These include classics like Tetris, Solitaire and Mahjong, as well as popular mobile games like Doodle Jump and Cross the Road.

Sky Games for kids- Native Sky Stream games that you can play with your remote.

golf pass -It is a subscription service that provides golf lessons from the world's best players and coaches, as well as exclusive Golf Channel programming, movies and programming, original content and live streams.

High and low– Subscription video-on-demand services for children with educational videos.

We're hoping to see some great apps come to Sky Glass in the future, but for now they're missing, including Pluto TV, Plex, Twitch, and more.

As strange as it sounds, possessionNOW (formerly NOW TV)Apps on Sky Glass - Yes, Sky TV is streamed directly from Sky with your Sky subscription.

However, if you bought a TV and then canceled your Sky subscription at some point, you may want to watch some Sky content on a cheaper basis. Well, that's not possible (see also ourFull Sky Glass vs. ΤΩΡΑ)

Sky Glass: Freeview and Sky channels

Like Sky Stream, Glass uses a broadband connection to deliver Freeview, Sky and other pay TV channels to your TV.

Line channels are accessible through the device's electronic program guide (similar tofree watch box) - but not to you viaantennaOr satellite dish - all channels are broadcast via broadband.

Also note that some of these channels, such as Sky Cinema, Kids and Sports, require an additional subscription on top of the basic Sky Ultimate Sky Glass package, which is worth £26-£29 a month.

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Channels currently available on Sky Glass are:

public broadcasting channel

  • BBC every
  • BBC two
  • BBC Three
  • BBC Four
  • BBC Scotland
  • Alba BBC
  • BBC news
  • probably BBC
  • CBBC
  • Sibibes
  • BBC Northern Ireland One
  • BBC Scotland One
  • BBC Wales One

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regional BBC One channels

  • BBC One Channel Islands
  • BBC East One
  • BBC East Midlands One
  • BBC One East York
  • BBC London One
  • BBC One North East και Cumbria
  • BBC North West One
  • BBC South One
  • BBC South East One
  • BBC South West One
  • BBC West One
  • BBC West Midlands One
  • BBC Yorkshire One

RTÉ (Northern Ireland only)

  • An online messenger
  • RTE 2
  • Basic RTE

More public TV channels

  • ITV 2
  • ITV 3
  • ITV 4
  • independent television
  • Xi'an TV Station (closed this summer)
  • channel 4
  • E 4
  • More 4
  • E4 extra
  • film 4
  • 4 seven
  • 4 music
  • Channel 5
  • five stars
  • 5 USA
  • 5 possibilities

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news channel

  • messages from heaven in uk
  • BBC news
  • probably BBC
  • CNBC
  • Bloomberg
  • CNN International
  • NBC News Now
  • we're talking about television
  • news from Great Britain
  • euronews
  • New Delhi TV 24×7
  • news from the Arabian sky
  • France 24
  • geographical news

lifestyle and entertainment channel

  • Okay! entertainment
  • Alibi
  • Kaneko
  • Dave
  • what
  • Drama
  • Comedy Center
  • comedy special
  • Discover
  • discover the turbo
  • discover the story
  • discover science
  • TLC
  • The planet of animals
  • ID card
  • Crime + investigation
  • National Geographer
  • Download National Geographic
  • to search for
  • explore red
  • true
  • Damex
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • CB reality
  • legend
  • Surreal
  • choose
  • challenge
  • repeat of heaven
  • Yesterday
  • garden of eden
  • flame
  • PBS
  • TV together
  • S4/C
  • film 24
  • Movie 24+
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Horror Xtra
  • Eurosport 1
  • Eurosport 2
  • Ginx Esports TV
  • Exceptional! TV
  • Exceptional! romantic
  • Exceptional! Film
  • Exceptional! action

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Sky Entertainment (part of Sky Ultimate)

  • the greatest in the sky
  • sky show
  • witness of heaven
  • Atlantic sky
  • crime sky
  • document for heaven
  • comedy of heaven
  • the nature of heaven
  • sky art
  • repeat of heaven
  • heavenly challenge
  • history of heaven
  • sky story 2
  • celestial science fiction
  • sports news from heaven
  • sky sports matches
  • unique sports mix

music channel

  • music video
  • MTV music
  • Hity MTV
  • MTV from the 90s
  • MTV from the 80s
  • 4 music
  • Box
  • kiss
  • magic
  • Again!
  • B4Umuzyka

international channel

  • Utsava Bharata
  • In the Utsav
  • Utsavkin
  • Sony TV
  • SonyMAX
  • Sony SAB
  • sonymax2
  • colour
  • Kolor Rishtey
  • Gujarati color
  • b4u movies
  • B4Umuzyka
  • Kino Ze
  • marine television
  • Food XP

shopping channel

  • HD QVC
  • HD in QVC style
  • QVC Beauty HD
  • QVC UltraHD
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Children's channels (extra charge)

  • children of heaven
  • Nickelodeon
  • nick animations
  • Nick Jr.
  • also a first name
  • Cartoon Network
  • boomerang
  • cartoon people
  • children's television
  • pop music
  • little pop
  • Maximum POP
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Sky cinema (extra charge)

  • premiere of heaven
  • choice of heaven
  • Recommended sky
  • sky giant
  • sky animation
  • heavenly family
  • action of the sky
  • comedy of heaven
  • sky thriller
  • celestial drama
  • Heavenly sci-fi horror
Sky Glass TV Channels and Apps: Full List | Wire Busters (14)

Sky Sports (extra charge)

  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports Ultra HDR Main Event (4K requires additional subscription)
  • Liga Sky Sports Premier League
  • Heaven Sports football
  • Divine sports cricket
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports NFL
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports pay per view

BT Sport (extra charge)

  • BT sports 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • BT Sport 4
  • BT Sport Ultimate (4K)

Note that the full list of channels requires a broadband connection - Sky Glass has an airport 'backup' in case the internet goes down (or Sky is cancelled) - but the channels you get with it will depend on your Freeview reception area.

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