The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (2023)

The R1 family from Yamaha brings true racing motorcycle fun to the grungy masses at a price that belies its capabilities. The base YZF-R1 and its even more awesome 'M' variant are packed with MotoGP-level performance and can actually be quickly converted for track use. A mighty liter mill pushes the R1 family into the dumb and fast category with updated electronic subsystems, and of course the synergy between the components makes the R1 family far greater than the sum of its parts.


Yamaha YZF-R1

9h00/ 10

main properties

  • super bike technik
  • great handling
  • racing-derived engine


  • Model:Yamaha YZF-R1
  • Motor::998cc liquid-cooled in-line 4 cylinder
  • Output power:200 PS
  • Torque:82.9 LB-TORTE
  • Transmission:6 speeds
  • Address line:chain transmission


  • best low pair
  • comfortable at speed
  • great handling

In contrast

  • Low speed performance
  • extra wide seat
  • The exhaust note is not the best.

2022 Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M performance and capability

The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (9)

A dynamic shot of a 2022 Yamaha YZF R1M at the track

The star of the show is at the heart of the YZF-R1.Yamaha's crossplane crankshaft engine makes all the magic happen. The engine is powered by an in-line four-cylinder configuration using race-proven technology from the "Mission One" program.

The super-lightweight titanium connecting rods have large fracture-split ends to provide an excellent fit, but there's no question that the reduced reciprocating mass helps the engine rev up quickly when the demand for the right grip is there. Obviously, this requirement passes through several electronic safety systems before reaching the engine.

The updated quick-change system allows you to move lanes up and down with the push of a button, as well as control wheel elevation to create more traction and keep the front wheel on the ground. Power, Launch Control, Traction Control, and Slider modes complement the Fananglery to help you manage all that power.

Most of us are going to need all the help we can get.The Yamaha YZF R1 engine produces an impressive 200 horsepower and 82.9 pound-feet of torque.Yes it is, and it beats the YZF-R1's top speed of 186 MPH.

The 70mm bore and 50.9mm stroke add up to 998cc with a compression ratio of 13 to 1, making it a premium fuel. There's no getting around them, but (sic) they break if you want to play with the big boys. A slipper clutch adds another layer of traction patch protection with a six-speed gearbox to reach lower gears and send power to the rear theChain drive with O-ring.

engine and gears


998cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC inline-4; 16 valves

bore x stroke:

70,0 mm x 50,9 mm

Compression ratio:


Fuel supply:

Fuel injection with YCC-T and YCC-I

Turned on:

TCI: Transistor Controlled Switch


6 speeds; Slipping clutch and multi-plate support

Last round:


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Project Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M

The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (10)

A studio shot of a blue 2022 YZF R1

A wind tunnel tested skin inYZF-R1 mainly contains all advantagesbut it leaves a bit more of the engine visible than is typical of supercar-level machines. It is designed to offer minimal resistance to penetration as any good road bike should. The movement takes advantage of the ram air effect, resulting in higher volumetric efficiency than is possible with a naturally aspirated engine.

The tiny LED headlights do their business in their little unobtrusive niches at the top of the hood, and since the turn signals are integrated into the mirrors, they don't create any additional drag. Plus, it's super handy if you want to drop the bike down to its race weight for a race day.

The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (11)

A studio photo of the dashboard of a 2022 Yamaha R1

A bubble canopy adds a level of protection to the TFT screen, creating a minimal race-style pocket that youAs a matter of factYou have to crouch to get some protection. Snap bars and jockey mounting pins encourage this type of stance anyway.

If you intend to use it as a road or commuter bike, you should be aware that this isn't a "standard" model that allows you to assume a near-erect posture. You will be stuck in Superman mode all the time.

The 4.5-gallon aluminum fuel tank meets a long, flat line before the steep descent to the pilot's seat. It comes with the typical roomy shape that leaves a handy hook at the knee to let your body English. The tapered rear has some lift for that nose-down/tail-up stance that looks so good, but it should come as no surprise that the pillion area isn't as sturdy as the rest of the bike.

The bike comes with a slim P-Pad, which can prevent pinched tailbones or naughty bits, but not much more. Well, you can't have everything, and if you're planning on having a regular flywheel, I'd recommend a different machine, oneveryother machine. On the terminal, fender bracket stickers and rear turn signals. Like the mirrors and front turn signals, it offers a complete package for quick setup on race day.

Specifications of the Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M




C x L x A:

80,9 lbs x 27,2 lbs x 45,3 lbs

80,9 lbs x 27,2 lbs x 45,3 lbs

seat height:

33,7 em

33,9 em


55,3 em

55,3 em

Maximum ground clearance:



Fuel Capacity:

4.5 gallons

4.5 gallons

Fuel Consumption:

34 mpg

34 mpg

wet weight:

441 pounds

443 pounds

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Yamaha YZF-R1 / R1M-Chassis

The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (12)

A studio photo of the chassis of a Yamaha YZF R1M

R1 and R1M begin to diverge slightly on the support structure. Not in the bones themselves - both ride the M1 design-derived Deltabox frame with an emphasis on the engine - but in the suspension components.

Certainly the entry-level R1 is well equipped, with inverted KYB bars floating up front at 4.7 inches of travel, and it offers the full spectrum of adjustability. Out back, a KYB monoshock emanates from the long, boomerang-shaped swingarm with the same gearing pattern and settings, plus a spring preload feature because, well, because folksWaitno matter what kind of bike it is.

With the Öhlins electronic racing suspension system, the R1M reaches a whole new dimension.The system receives data about the vehicle's movement and attitude to automatically adjust the dampers for a dynamic driving experience. The factory added two new settings for combat performance on the racetrack, with a street-friendly response curve and three driver-programmable profiles for you to fine-tune yourself.

Stupid fast bikes need extremely powerful brakes, and the factory makes it with two 320mm discs up front and one 220mm disc in the rear. As with the suspension, the brakes benefit from the six-axis 3D inertial measurement unit, which sends data to the ABS. It takes into account the fact that braking power shares the same limited traction and prevents you from braking too hard in a corner.

In addition, Yamaha's Unified Brake System shares part of the front brake circuit pressure with the rear caliper to increase stability when the front brake is heavily used. That's right, go ahead and brake hard, the R1 has your back. Super light 17” magnesium wheels round out the rolling chassis with even more racing tech and are coated with a ZR value of 120/70 at the front and 190/55 at the rear.

chassis and suspension





KYB® 43mm inverted fork; fully adjustable; 4.7- when traveling

43mm Öhlins® electronic suspension with inverted fork; fully adjustable; 4.7 on the way


KYB® piggyback damper, 4-way adjustable; 4.7- when traveling

Öhlins® electronic suspension with monoshock; fully adjustable; 4.7 on the way




Suspension / Front:



Suspension / Rear:

Dual 320mm hydraulic disc; Unified braking system and ABS

Dual 320mm hydraulic disc; Unified braking system and ABS

Rake (Advance Angle):

220mm disc; Unified braking system and ABS

220mm disc; Unified braking system and ABS




Brakes / front:



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Precio Yamaha YZF-R1 / R1M 2022

You can get a 2022 YZF-R1 in Performance Black or Team Yamaha Blue for an MSRP of $17,599.The R1M is significantly more expensive at an MSRP of $26,299, but the envy it generates comes standard in the package.

Precio Yamaha YZF-R1 / R1M





One year (limited factory warranty)

One year (limited factory warranty)


└ 2018:

Ravenna, Team Yamaha Blau

Carbon Fiber/Liquid Metal

└ 2019:

Team Yamaha Blue, Red fast

Carbon Fiber/Liquid Metal

└ 2020, 2021:

Team Yamaha Blau, Cuervo

carbon fiber

└ 2022:

Team Yamaha Blue, Performance Black

carbon fiber


└ 2019:

16.699 $

22.999 $

└ 2020, 2121:

17.399 $

26.099 $

└ 2022:

17.599 $

26.299 $

The competitor Yamaha YZF-R1 / R1M

ÖThe BMW S 1000 RR is currently one of my favorite Eurotastic bikes,and I think it's an excellent competitor to the R1.


The ultimate R1 is Yami's ultimate follow-up weapon (13)

Photo of a white, blue and red BMW M1000 RR stopped in a paddock

The Beemer's body panels are similarly aerodynamic, although they leave a bit more to the imagination as they cover more of the engine. An asymmetrical headlight arrangement gives the BMW a distinctive mug face, and the bulge of the fuel tank is a bit more dramatic, but the bike's design at this level of performance is rider-centric, so the aesthetic here is just vanity.

When it comes to reeds, there is little choice between the two. Both automatically balance adjustable suspension systems with data from an onboard gyroscope, which also feeds the ABS for cornering braking protection across the board.

Only Yamaha offers USB functionality, although I doubt it's necessary. Riders at this level need to be able to balance their own brakes through feel and muscle memory. If you can't, you musttake careinto something a little more domestic.

With a displacement of 999 ccm, BMW leads the single-hub table. Inline-Fours both ride bikes with similar powertrains and electronics, and of course have similar performance profiles.

Beemer claims 199 total horsepower and 83 pounds of gruntagainst200/82.9 of the R1. If you're looking for a silver bullet, you won't find it here, and any advantage one might have over the other will evaporate in the face of superior piloting skill.

It's a play of inches in the box with the $17,399 label on the original R1 versus the $16,995 label on the S 1000 RR. You have to use a different metric to decide who wins in your book, but at the same timeKeep in mind that a new R1 is on the horizon.

Is said

“You know, often the price of these road/racing machines acts as a firewall to keep citizens safe by keeping the bike out of reach. The R1 doesn't like this filter, but I'll tell you straight away, if you like any of the models in this family, you better know what it is.

she said

My wife and motorcycle writer,Allyn Hinton, says: "It's definitely an incredibly fast bike. If you've ever had the chance to sit in an R6, that's how sitting in the R1 is. It's too soft, too aggressive and too wide. Unless you're fairly tall, getting your feet on the ground will be a challenge, so seat height is more than just a number on the spec list. This bike wants to go fast, and I have a feeling that if you don't know what you're doing and have the skills to ride it, you can get into trouble really quickly.

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