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There are many extremely powerful female characters out there who can defeat armies or monsters or kill someone just by saying a word or even destroy the entire universe because they had a mood swing. But what causes someone to be dominated? Is it the amount of energy they possess? is it your magic combat ability? bad writing? The Anime Author's Favor? Or all above? We're probably about to find out.

This list focuses on overpowered female characters in their respective universes/series/shows and explains why they are OP. So what are we waiting for? Let's go inside and check out 10 of these OP femmes fatales.

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Appearances can be deceiving because if you look at Lucy's naked body you will probably be cut into many small pieces because Lucy is a dangerous girl.

Lucy is a Diclonius, a new breed of human species with psychokinetic abilities that evolved through a genetic mutation. Due to their new abilities and, well, humans' fear of the powerful and unknown, they are so at odds with humans that Diclonius could eventually replace humans as the dominant species on Earth. There have been numerous experiments to replicate or control Diclonius, but Lucy is actually a native Diclonius and is called the queen of her species by scientists.

Unfortunately for the human race, Lucy is extremely violent and will kill any human in sight with her "invisible arms" known as Vectors. Vectors are extremely powerful and can destroy anything they touch, and being inherently invisible and telekinetic are difficult to distract or even maintain. Many fell victim to Lucy's vectors, and over the course of the anime she killed nearly a hundred people... in the most brutal manner possible.

Vectors typically have an extremely limited range of around a few meters, but the power and range increases over time from 2 to 5 meters, long enough to envelop the entire world and having enough destructive power to destroy the planet. . Oh. Why is Lucy ranked #10 in these vectors that she dominates? Unfortunately, the anime adaptation reduced its performance to less than a hundred with a range of a few meters and the number of kills. There is no escaping her vectors in the manga, and unlike the anime, Lucy has murdered thousands of people.

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Nanoha is your typical middle school girl who has extremely high magical powers and ended up becoming one of the dumbest most powerful characters in the Nanoha universe. While one could argue that all main characters should be powerful, Nanoha goes one step further as her character's design and powers were inspired by the popular Gundam Mecha series.

The Nanoha series in general was inspired not only by Gundam but also by various mecha anime from the 70's to the present day. Nanoha in particular is inspired by Gundam's main protagonists, Amuro Ray and Kira Yamato, who share the same color palette. Nanoha's powers are also inspired by Amuro and Kira's Gundams as these robots are considered the most powerful in their respective series.

When a character is inspired by expert mech pilots and their powers are inspired by powerful robots, it's only natural that the character would also have the OP qualities. Also, Nanoha tends to shoot first and befriend later. So if you want to be friends with Nanoha, expect a big crater behind you.

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Espers are special people who emit AIM, aka involuntary movement, a phenomenon...that is essentially magical. AIM is just a silly acronym for magic. *um* Espers are special people with the ability to use magic, and Espers are classified into levels, with level 5 being the strongest. Misaka Mikoto is one of the 7 most powerful Espers in Academy City and her power is electromagnetism.

Nicknamed Bug Zapper by Kamijou Touma, Mikoto is a living electricity generator with an impressive output voltage of 1 trillion. Imagine the free energy he can give Academy City by sticking his finger in an outlet for a week.

Mikoto is a master electrician who can do almost anything to the point of absurdity with electricity and magnetism. He can shoot lightning from his forehead (throwing lightning with his hands is such an old mythology), incapacitate enemies by aiming electricity at organs, interrupt electronic devices, even hack them by altering the signal circuit that Manipulating metal around him as if the tack . on shields, can stick to metal walls, has telepathic immunity, spatial, the list goes on. Oh, and thanks to science, it can fly!

With a huge list of powers, there is one move that tops them all: Mikoto's signature move, Railgun. Mikoto fires metal projectiles at high speeds by channeling her power through her arms and her projectile of choice (usually arcade chips). The Railgun is so powerful that it can destroy anything it hits, which is impressive considering the size of the shells used.

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Claymore is a name coined by humans to describe pale female warriors who wield great swords called claymores and hunt flesh-eating demons called yoma. These demons are extremely powerful and only Claymores empowered with Yoma Blood can defeat them.

The main character of the series is Clare, a Claymore who rose through the ranks through sheer will and determination. She started out very weak with ¼ Yoma Blood compared to the other ½ Yoma Blood warriors, but after a series of events and countless battles, she quickly gained power and eventually is powerful enough to face the Phantom Miria. a powerful Claymore with inhuman speed and agility that (with rare exceptions) defeated an entire generation of Claymores.

Clare's powers include enhanced speed, strength, agility, and healing, and she is a master of some powerful sword techniques, such as the Quicksword, which channels Yoki energy into her arm and drives him insane with a barrage of high-speed blows, Wind Slicer. . - Similar to Quicksword, but slashes are more precise and typically don't require Yoki energy.

But Clare's most powerful and dangerous move is her awakened limbs. By channeling yoki energy into his limbs, he can force his limbs to transform into those of a yoma to deliver lightning-fast destructive strikes.

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Ryuuko is essentially a hot-blooded male hero in shounen anime with a skirt... and feminine features. This means that Ryuuko has the same advantages as their male-dominated counterparts. hot blood? Check over! Daredevil but a tough fighter? Check over! Does he get stronger as the series progresses? Check over! Do you have a dark side or a powerful hidden benefit that no one saw coming? Check over! However, Ryuuko still stood out from her counterparts thanks to her character and range of powers.

Throughout the series, Ryuuko constantly battles Honnouji Academy students who wear special lifefiber-infused uniforms called Goku Uniforms. Lifefibers, depending on how much is sewn into the uniform, grant the wearer superhuman speed, agility, strength, and unique special moves depending on how fitted. A three-star Goku uniform made up of 30% vital fibers can easily shake the school's foundations and even destroy it.

Luckily, Ryuuko receives help from many allies, but what makes her formidable against her enemies is SPOILER ALERT, she is made entirely of pure Lifefiber, making her a huge powerhouse.

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Eucliwood, or Eu, looks like a gothic loli who rarely speaks, and while it might seem silly for a necromancer to be fully clad in armor, Eu deliberately overpowers himself for having the power to alter fate, just by saying it. Her magic is so powerful that even Eu is afraid of her, and after much suffering she left the underworld, choosing to become mute and wearing special armor that suppresses her power to change fate.

What makes it so powerful? Well, she can kill anyone just by saying "die". You could say that Eu is part Raiser and part Death Note. The only difference is that I don't have to decode and write down the victims' names.

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It will be difficult to explain the complicated story, the characters' relationships and Saber's power because everything about Fate/stay night is as confusing as the theory that the universe came into being from nothing. If you plan to dive into this knowledge-packed series, be prepared.

Saber is a servant, and a servant is a heroic spirit or divine spirit called to fight alongside its masters for the Holy Grail. Their powers vary from master to master (mana capacity, personality, etc.), so their powers are difficult to scale.

Saber is very skilled with the sword, but his true strength is his tremendous magical power. With his magical power, Saber is extremely durable as he can repair his armor and absorb a ton of damage along with his healing ability. With a series of special moves, such as B. turning his sword invisible to confuse his enemies, perhaps his most devastating move is his ability to summon the dying wishes of fallen warriors over time and channel that energy into Excalibur to unleash a wave of energy that can destroy. . almost everything. And together with Avalon, a scabbard that offers him absolute protection, Saber was able to defeat Gilgamesh, the most powerful minion in the Fate universe.

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Another character with fate-altering powers, Beatrice is one of the most powerful witches, if not the most powerful, in the Umineko universe. Unlike Eu, who fears her powers and suppresses them, Beatrice carelessly uses her powers of life and death just to torment everyone and have fun. And what a way to have fun.

Beatrice can kill and revive anyone at will, but she's not the type to indulge in mindless bloodlust (well, mostly). She uses her power to challenge Battler Ushiromiya, Beatrice's formidable enemy, to solve a series of murders taking place on the isolated island of Rokkenjima. Beatrice kills the victims with magic and Battler has to solve the puzzles logically and plausibly. Unfortunately for Battler, Beatrice loves this game and repeats kills as much as she wants.

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Maybe Akemi just wanted to live a normal life and spend her school years with Madoka and her friends without worrying about fighting witches, being a magical girl, or seeing the end of the world. But unfortunately the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not as normal as I had hoped. Faced with the power of time travel, Akemi has tried many times to save Madoka from becoming a witch, and although Akemi has changed her fate, the end result is just as painful: Madoka has become a goddess and changed the laws of the world. universe so that he could save everyone, especially the witches, but at the same time his existence as a human being was wiped out.

Driven by desperation and a desire to see Madoka, the witch Homura Akemi defied fate and became more than a witch, a being with the same power as a god. Akemi sealed Madoka's power and rewrote the laws of the universe, changing everything back to the way she always wanted: a world where Madoka exists as an ordinary high school girl.

Love can drive a person to the brink of insanity, and Akemi is no exception. With her new powers of the goddess Madoka, friends, the whole world has returned to what it was before. Well, for the most part Madoka still has her divine powers and Akemi, also a goddess, is no longer the meek and shy girl she used to be.

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Haruhi is a founding member of the SOS Brigade with a mission to find strange phenomena and paranormal's really all about finding aliens, time travelers and espers, and conveniently, they're right next to her. There's a reason for that, as Haruhi has the power to alter, destroy, and reshape reality.

What makes her dangerous is that she is totally unaware of her power to alter the fabric of spacetime and has the ability to create anything she wants just by wishing it. To make matters worse, Haruhi is extremely moody, so the SOS Brigade will do whatever it takes to keep her entertained and happy. Otherwise, Haruhi can completely destroy the universe or turn it into a dark, lifeless place when she is down.

His powers include the ability to wish for anything, reshape the world, the ability to alter time and space, and rewrite the general rules of the universe. So, with all that said, here's some very helpful advice - professional advice - for anyone dating a literal god: Don't cheat on her. It's for your own good. and ours and that of the universe.

While most OP characters prefer to use brute force to get the job done, the ladies, well, most of them prefer to use magic or magic weapons and ranged attacks. Some of the characters are so magically powerful that they rise to the status of gods and change the universe at will or with emotions. This god-like trait is why Suzumiya Haruhi is #1. She is unable to dismember people like Lucy, nor does she have the fighting skills like Saber, but Haruhi has the power to shape the universe the way she wants. She can make the universe a happy place full of espers, aliens and talking cats, or turn it into a lifeless space bubble in the blink of an eye. Depending on your mood, of course.

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final thoughts

So what do you think of the list? Are there more female dominated characters out there? And if so, let us know by leaving a comment below!

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