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Undoubtedly, there is something special about Vietnamese songs. From soulful ballads to upbeat tracks, there's a certain allure that draws listeners from all walks of life.

What makes these songs so compelling? Are the melodies unique or the lyrics heartfelt? Maybe it's the way they evoke memories of home and family.

No matter what it is, Vietnamese songs will touch your heart in a way that no other songs can. The instruments used in traditional Vietnamese music are very different from those used in other countries, giving the songs a distinct sound.

12 best vietnamese songs

If you've never heard a Vietnamese song before, we recommend starting with this list.

Each song is special in its own way and all represent themes of love and life beautifully. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed putting this list together!

1. Today it's raining in Saigon by Hoang Duyen and Jsol

Hoang Duyen and Jsol bring trendy Lofi colors with Saigon Today Rain. The singer collaborated with Jsol to express the true spirit of the song.

This beautiful ballad about love and loss sets the tone for an immense flow of emotions. The melody is painfully sad, complemented by touching lyrics. Each verse is imbued with love and sadness.

This song describes the touching story of a person who leaves Saigon after suffering heartbreak. Throughout the song, he reminisces about the time he spent with his love and how they promised to be there for each other through thick and thin.

This song is perfect for everyone who loves music full of emotions. It's easy to hear and remember. The chorus is the highlight that makes the song very catchy.

You can listen to the full songHere.

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2. Hide and seek in black

This heartwarming song about unrequited love is sure to leave you longing for your loved one who could have found a home in someone else's arms.

The lyrics are incredibly sad and the melody wonderfully tragic. Trốn Tìm means "hide and seek" in English. The composer compared one-sided love to a children's game called hide and seek, in which one child hides and the other finds, only the passionate "seeker" should not look for the one who is hiding.

You can listen to the full songHere.

3. Muelas del juicio Phi Phuong Anh

Răng Khôn by Phí Phương Anh is a beautiful song about first love. It is the story of a young couple who had to separate after years of courtship and love. Their relationship ended when the man married someone else.

You can listen to the full songHere.

4. Grow Only por JayKii

Càng Lớn Càng Cô Đơn is another sad love song that focuses on the themes of loneliness and isolation. It's about how people tend to feel more lonely when they move from one phase of life to another.

Also, this song reminds us how love brings happiness. At the same time, it makes us wonder why we always end up hurting the ones we love the most.

You can listen to the full songHere.

5. They Loved Someone Lost by Doan Hieu

This love song will become your favorite when you have a broken heart.

Get ready for an exciting trip down memory lane; The heartwarming lyrics make you think of the pleasant memories with someone you love who have now found someone else.

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You can listen to the full songHere.

6. Fear of Losing Each Other by Chau Khai Phong

Sợ Ta Mất Nhau talks about the fear of losing someone you love. It tells the story of a man who loves a woman very much, or rather is obsessed with her. The thought of her falling in love with another man keeps him up at night.

This song beautifully captures how obsession can lead to tragedy in a relationship.

You can listen to the full songHere.

7. When I Grow Up de Orange protagonizada por Hoang Dung

This melodious song tackles the topic of love, but is more about life in general. He talks about how life changes as we get older, which suggests that a child's life is much easier.

As we enter adulthood, we experience many ups and downs. life is getting tough Many times, we can be tempted to move back to our parents' home to feel safe and valued. However, they may not want to admit that they have failed and lose hope.

The song goes on to talk about getting back up after a fall because life goes on. It's not wrong to want to go back to being a kid and live a carefree life, but reality shouldn't be forgotten.

You can listen to the full songHere.

8. What is love? by Kai Dinh

Kai Đinh talks about moving on after a difficult breakup in this song. At the same time, he mentions that he doesn't remember what it's like to be loved again.

If you've recently broken up with someone and are struggling to move on, this song will remind you that life doesn't stop when someone leaves. You may suffer for days, weeks or months, but you will move on once this process is over.

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You can listen to the full songHere.

9. I sing who hears orange

This Orange song is about unrequited love. Take listeners on a journey of tragedy and talk about loving someone who doesn't love you back.

You can listen to the full songHere.

10. Blauer Apple Tequila

Blue Tequila was one of the best Vietnamese songs of 2020. Dominated by influences of string solos and lounge jazz, this sad love song paints a narrative most of us can relate to: an unexpected encounter inside a bar that evokes feelings that cannot be expressed in words. .

There may be times in your life when you feel something more is possible, or you may have had dates where you could feel the chemistry between the two of you. Whatever it is, and you might not be able to explain it, but you can't deny that you've tried it.

With Blue Tequila, Táo paints a stunning picture of exactly that feeling/experience/realization in the music video, using unique visuals and a cinematic palette.

You can listen to the full songHere.

It's time to chart your life with the best Vietnamese songs!

With melancholy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the best Vietnamese songs touch listeners. They combine elements of both Western and Eastern musical styles to create a unique sound that is hauntingly beautiful and irresistibly captivating. The country's rich history and culture is evident in the lyrics and melodies of these songs.

If you've never had the opportunity to listen to Vietnamese music, we encourage you to do so!

Listening to Vietnamese music can be like taking a trip to Southeast Asia - it's part of its appeal. So sit back and enjoy the beauty of Vietnamese music!

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Who is the famous Vietnamese singer? ›

Son Tung M-TP – the master of hit songs

Hailing from Hanoi, Son Tung (real name Nguyễn Thanh Tùng) went viral in 2011 with his hit song 'Cơn mưa ngang qua', and has not looked back since, becoming one of the best-selling and most famous artists in Vietnam.

What was the most played song in Vietnam? ›

Likely the song most immediately associated with the Vietnam War, CCR's 'Fortunate Son' was penned by John Fogerty. This song almost immediately became an anti-war anthem used to oppose the US military in Vietnam and solidarity with those currently there.

What are the 3 categories of Vietnamese music? ›

There are three main styles of Vietnamese music: 1) the Hue style (with an emphasis on solo pieces); 2) northern professional style (often accompanied by a lute); and 3) southern amateur style (incorporates more western instruments such as violins and Hawaiian guitars).

What makes Vietnamese music unique? ›

Vietnamese music is highly diverse and derives from both native and foreign influences. The music in Vietnam spans imperial, ceremonial, folk, hip hop, and rock music. Vietnamese musical instruments can be divided into 4 groups: plucked strings, bowed strings, winds and percussion.

Who is the most famous voice singer? ›

Former Hey Monday singer and season three champ Cassadee Pope, who won in December 2012, is still the most successful winner of "The Voice."

Who is the most followed celebrity in Vietnam? ›

Top Instagram Influencers
1Amelie @ameliezilber2.3M
2Mẹ Kopo và Coffee @babykopohome473.9K
3Rocker Nguyen @rkernguyen163.5K
4Duong Khac Linh @duongkhaclinh150.2K
55 more rows

What song is always played in Vietnam movies? ›

How Creedence Clearwater Revival Became the Soundtrack to Every Vietnam Movie. From Forrest Gump to The Post, music supervisors can't let go of Creedence. We trace the history of this cinematic cliché. John Fogerty claims he wrote “Fortunate Son” in just 20 minutes.

What song has the most plays ever? ›

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd is the most-streamed song on Spotify, with over 3.5 billion streams.

What is the national song of Vietnam? ›

"Tiến Quân Ca" (Vietnamese pronunciation: [tiən˧˦ kwən˧˧ kaː˧˧]; lit. "The Marching Song"), known in English as the "Marching Song", "Song of a Marching Army" or "Song of Advancing Soldiers", is the national anthem of Vietnam, written and composed by Văn Cao in 1944.

What is the most popular form of Vietnamese music? ›

Nhã nhạc is the most popular form of royal court music, specifically referring to the court music played from the Trần dynasty to the last Nguyễn dynasty of Vietnam, being synthesized and developed by the Nguyễn emperors.

What kind of music is most popular in Vietnam? ›

The music scene in Vietnam is dominated by pop music and sentimental ballads. There are different kinds of “tan co” (Vietnamese pop). Among them are “nhac ngoai” (western songs), “nhac tru tihn” (sickenly sweet sentimental ballads and pop sung in Vietnamese).

What songs are special in Vietnam? ›

  • 1 - Vietnamese traditional music: Hue royal court music. ...
  • 2 - Vietnam traditional music: Cheo. ...
  • 3 - Vietnamese traditional music: Xam. ...
  • 4 - Quan Ho folk songs (Dân Ca Quan Họ) ...
  • 5 - Vietnamese traditional music: Chau Van. ...
  • 6 - Vietnamese traditional music: Ca Tru. ...
  • 7 - Vietnamese traditional music: Tuong.

What is Vietnamese best known for? ›

Vietnam is known for being a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, it's culture, amazing food (like pho), and friendly people. Vietnam is also famous for the Vietnam War, motorbikes (86% of households have one), Vietnamese coffee, floating markets and rice terraces.

How important is music to Vietnamese culture? ›

Music plays a vital role in almost all the different parts of Vietnamese life. It can be found everywhere throughout history, from highly trained professionals in aristocratic courts to farmers in rice paddies to mega pop stars on television.

What language is Vietnamese? ›

Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language that originated in the north of Vietnam and is the national and official language of the country. It is the native language of the Vietnamese (Kinh) people, as well as a first or second language for the many ethnic minorities of Vietnam.

Who are the top 5 singers on The Voice? ›

These are the top 5 singers on 'The Voice'
  • Team Blake Shelton — Grace West and Noivas.
  • Team Kelly Clarkson — D. Smooth.
  • Team Chance the Rapper — Sorelle.
  • Team Niall Horan — Gina Miles.
May 17, 2023

Who is the top 8 in the voice? ›

Gina Miles, Ryley Tate, Grace West, Noivas, Ray Uriel, Sorelle, D. Smooth, and Holly Brand all reportedly make it through.

Who is the richest people in Vietnam? ›

Noodle Beginnings

Vuong, 54, is Vietnam's richest man, with a $3.9 billion net worth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He started his own business while studying in Moscow and has said he left Russia with $40,000 in debt.

Who is the rich Vietnamese woman? ›

Billionaire Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

According to the latest update from Forbes, with an increase of US$3.1 billion in assets, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao has become the 987th richest person in the world. Among female billionaires, Thao is the 119th richest person.

Who is the most powerful person in Vietnam? ›

Nông Đức Mạnh succeeded Phiêu, and Manh came to be considered a moderniser. Manh was also the first general secretary with a university degree. Manh retired in 2011, and Nguyễn Phú Trọng succeeded him, and he now is considered the most powerful political figure in Vietnam.

What songs did American soldiers listen to in Vietnam? ›

Songs In This Segment
  • "For What It's Worth" performed by Buffalo Springfield.
  • "The Letter" performed by the Box Tops.
  • "These Boots Are Made For Walking" performed by Nancy Sinatra.
  • "Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud" performed by James Brown.
  • "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" performed by Eric Burdon and the Animals.
Dec 7, 2015

Who is the most famous Vietnam veteran? ›

His name is Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper, and not only was he a hero in the Vietnam War; he is also the most decorated soldier in American international combat, even eclipsing both York and Murphy. Joe Ronnie Hooper was born on August 8th, 1938 in Piedmont, South Carolina.

What song plays while helicopters fly into Vietnam? ›

Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival is the song most typically associated with Vietnam War helicopter scenes.

What is the 1 song of all time? ›

The Greatest Hit: The New No. 1 Song of All Time. "Blinding Lights" is now the top Billboard Hot 100 song of all time. The Weeknd and his collaborators reveal just how they made history.

What song held #1 the longest? ›

"Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond. "The Box" charted at No.

What is the longest number 1 song all too well? ›

It surpassed Don McLean's “American Pie” which, with its 8 minutes and 37 seconds, topped the charts for four weeks in 1972. However, “All Too Well” is only the highest of Swift's 26 new entries on the Hot 100.

What is the famous folk song in Vietnam? ›

Track Listing
101Hat Hoi01:23
110Ly Chim Quyen01:17
111Song of the Heroes01:36
112The Wounded Soldier02:26
113Poem of a Buddhist Monk02:41
11 more rows

What is yellow music in Vietnam? ›

Yellow Music (Nhạc vàng) refers to music produced in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and also referring to its flag being mostly yellow, named in opposition to "Red Music" (Nhạc đỏ) endorsed by the Communist government of North Vietnam during the era of the Vietnam War.

What is Vietnam's national animal? ›

The buffalo is the traditional symbol of Vietnam, representing bravery, happiness, and prosperity. Buffalos also play a very important role in Vietnamese agriculture, being a farmer's most valued possession and often treated like a member of the family.

What is the most popular Vietnamese? ›

Pho might be Vietnam's most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital.

What is Vietnamese pop music called? ›

Stylistic originsTraditional Vietnamese Ballad Music Bolero Music Pop music Rock music Rhythm and blues
Cultural originsInspired by Pop music in North Vietnam (1980s–present) at Hanoi and Haiphong, South Vietnam (1950s-1970s) at Saigon
1 more row

What is the religion of Vietnam? ›

Buddhism is the leading religion of the country, with 55% identifying as Buddhist. Confucianism and Taoism denote an ancient and profound Chinese influence. The first Portuguese missionaries arrived in Vietnam in the sixteenth century and today Catholics represent about 7% of the population.

What is popular in Vietnam? ›

Vietnam is famous for natural landscapes like Ha Long Bay, refreshing Vietnamese cuisine, and its interesting colonial history. As a cultural South East Asian country, Vietnam is known for its thousands-year-old history and heritage.

Is Vietnamese a musical language? ›

Vietnamese is a tonal language, which means the inflection you put on a word changes its meaning. The tones are shown as symbols over and under the words, and their shapes actually let you know what your voice should be doing. It's the tones that give the language its music-like quality.

What sport is popular in Vietnam? ›

Soccer is the most popular game in Vietnam.

What Vietnam related song reached #1 on the charts in the 1960s? ›

Barry McGuire, “Eve of Destruction” (1965). McGuire recorded “Eve of Destruction” in one take in spring 1965. By September it was the number one song in the country, even though many radio stations refused to play it.

What is also known as great music in classical music of Vietnam? ›

Nha Nhac, meaning “elegant music”, refers to a broad range of musical and dance styles performed at the Vietnamese royal court from the fifteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

What is the meaning of Don Ca Tai Tu? ›

Don ca tai tu is Vietnam's typical folk art form, formed and developed in the 19th century. It is the art of lute and singing.

What is Vietnamese number 1 food? ›

1. Phở Phở-real: this world-famous soup differs from north to south. Phở is the quintessential Vietnamese dish, the word phở referring to the type of noodle used in the recipe.

Why is Vietnamese so healthy? ›

Vietnamese foods are rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, B1, B6, B3, folate, biotin, zinc, copper, magnesium and potassium – all of which have been proven to help boost energy levels. Usually gluten-free, no need to worry about steep spikes and drops in blood sugar.

What do Vietnamese people value the most? ›

Vietnamese cultural values emphasize the importance of family and community. Its core values, which embrace the principles of Confucianism, are harmony, duty, honor, respect, education and allegiance to the family.

What is popular in Vietnamese culture? ›

The Vietnamese people value humility, restraint, and modesty. Avoid being boastful or showing off wealth. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon so try to avoid touching people of the opposite sex. Dress conservatively and keep your body covered.

What culture speaks Vietnamese? ›

Vietnamese language
Native toVietnam China (Dongxing, Guangxi)
Native speakers76 million (2009)
Language familyAustroasiatic Vietic Viet–Muong Vietnamese
Early formsViet–Muong Old Vietnamese Middle Vietnamese
14 more rows

What is unique about Vietnamese language? ›

Vietnamese is a tonal language with six distinctive tones.

For a language to be characterized as a tonal language, the tone must affect the meaning of the word. In Vietnamese, the same word said with a different tone can have a very different meaning. So you need to sing a little to give Vietnamese its true meaning.

Is it difficult to learn Vietnamese? ›

Vietnamese is considered a difficult language for English speakers to learn, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make learning easier. The best way is to use a variety of resources. One study tool isn't comprehensive enough to cover everything, so it's best to use several.

What is the national food of Vietnam? ›

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam and is sold everywhere from nice restaurants to street corners where grandmothers set up makeshift kitchens. For this version, all of the components—noodles, beef brisket broth, herbs, chiles—are served separately.

What language is closest to Vietnamese? ›

Since ancient times, Thai and Vietnamese have been affecting each other. Both the languages have been heavily influenced by Chinese vocabulary so they may sound similar. Their shared history is why the two languages seem identical to most people.

Who is the most famous Vietnamese TikTok? ›

Top 30 TikTok Influencers in Vietnam ⬇️
  • Tra Dang.
  • Linh Barbie.
  • Viet Phuong Thoa.
  • Thanh Y Vo.
  • Reency Ngo.
  • An Nhien Boi Boi.
  • Viet My.
  • Mocachodien.
Apr 11, 2023

Which Vietnamese singer won Grammy? ›

Vietnamese-American singer Sangeeta Kaur (Teresa Mai) is the first Vietnamese American singer to received a Grammy award in the category Best Classical Solo Vocal Album for her performance on the album MYTHOLOGIES composed by the award winning composer, Danaë Vlasse.

Who was the first Vietnamese to win a Grammy? ›

Sangeeta Kaur is a Grammy Award winning Vietnamese American classical/crossover, new age vocalist, composer, performing artist, and producer.
Sangeeta Kaur
Occupation(s)Vocalist, composer, performing artist, producer
6 more rows

Who is the king of TikTok? ›

The most-followed individual on the platform is Khaby Lame, with over 157 million followers. He surpassed the previous most-followed account, Charli D'Amelio, on 22 June 2022.

Who is the 3 most famous person on TikTok? ›

3. @bellapoarch – 92.8m followers. Since 2021, the TikTok star has moved up six spots, placing in the top three most followed accounts in 2023. Bella is a Filipino-born American singer and social media personality whose lip-sync videos went viral in August 2022.

Have Asians won Grammys? ›

Larry Ramos became the first Asian / Filipino American to win a Grammy Award in 1963. Hilario D. "Larry" Ramos Jr., of Filipino descent, was born and raised in Hawaii.

Which country singer has won the most Grammys? ›

Vince Gill, 22

Singer/songwriter Vince Gill has earned 20 of his GRAMMY wins in the Country Field, the most of any artist.

Who won Grammy the most? ›

U2 holds the record for most Grammy Awards won by a group. They have won 22 awards.

Who won the Oscar for Vietnam? ›

Ke Huy Quan's Oscar win at the 95th Academy Awards on 12 March for his supporting role in Everything Everywhere All At Once set the Vietnamese media abuzz. News headlines effusively highlighted this unprecedented triumph for a Vietnamese-American actor.

Who was the first artist to refuse a Grammy? ›

Long before Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Childish Gambino's refusal to perform at the Grammys, and ahead of Jay-Z and Kanye's skipping of the ceremonies (despite collecting multiple awards), Sinead O'Connor, whose 53rd birthday is this week, became the first musical artist to say “no” to The Recording ...

Who won the first Grammy Black? ›

That year, Count Basie became the first Black man to win a Grammy, also taking home two awards, for best jazz group performance and best performance by a dance band.

Who is the number 1 rapper artist? ›

#1 Jay-Z. Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, is an American rapper who hails from NYC—a fact he raps about consistently over the course of his nearly three-decade career. He quickly rose to fame in the mid-1990s when he released his debut studio album, Reasonable Doubt, from his own record label Roc-A-Fella Records.

What was the first Vietnamese rap song? ›

Rap was imported into Vietnam in the 1990s by Vietnamese overseas students. Khanh Nho - Thai Viet's first rap song entitled “Vietnamese Gang”, laid the first tile for later Vietnamese rap music. The first rappers in Vietnam included Xlim, Viet Dragon, LK, Phong Le, Young Uno...


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