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An essay is a written text that revolves around a specific topic and contains the author's scientific opinion.

EProbecan perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Analyze and critically evaluate a topic.
  • Presents the author's argument for or against an idea.
  • describes something
  • to tell a story
  • convince the reader

To write a good essay, you need an introduction, a body (supporting paragraphs), and a conclusion. In this post, we have added the 20 best copywriting examples.

Top 20 sample essays (500+ words each) - English Luv (1)

Essay Samples

Essay Examples #1

Essay about my family (500+ words)

In the family you learn your first life lessons. Your family members are the only assets that will stay with you forever. Regardless of the circumstances, family members are always available to help each other. Good values ​​and good manners are always taught in the family.

In the family we are ready to respect the elders and love the younger. We are constantly learning from our family, about honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, etc. Although I am a senior, my family always treats me like a child, but they always make me feel great love and affection.

My family is the best family for me. I live in a small family of five. My father is a teacher. He is the man who guides and guides our family. He brings the family back to reality. My father is my hero because he anticipates the needs of the moment and raises his family, taking on all the responsibilities and fulfilling all the duties to give it the necessary shape. I respect you for your great deeds.

My father does not force me to pursue a profession of his choice. He doesn't want his son to only do his job. He wants his son to walk according to his own choice, convenience and ability. But my father wants his son to have a better future.

My mother is a housewife and also a beautician. She is a beautiful woman. My mother is everything to me. She is the one who understands me best and most precisely. My mother is my partner in daily work and in many disciplines.

My mother was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She is my mother who makes me a noble through her magnificent, insightful and graceful activities. My mother encourages me to study by agreeing to activities important to character building and improvement. My mother creates an environment where I can learn enough naturally.

My grandma is the sweetest person ever. Against this background, everyone has to get up early in the morning. He likes to make sweet dishes and we love what he does. She is a focused woman and everything has to be right for her.

My brother, who is older than me, is the greatest. He is a Youtuber and likes to cook. He enjoys playing cricket and is a fan of gadgets. He does not study hard, but he is very sweet and chivalrous.

I love my family because they are the jewels in my life. Working hard to get everything we want makes me love and respect my parents even more. We play games every night and discuss different topics to spend time together.

I respect and value my family very much, not only because they are my family, but also because of their unprecedented and incredible sacrifices for me.

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Essay Examples #2

Essay about my father (500+ words)

My father is the man who leads and manages our family. He brings the family back to reality. But in fact, my father foresees the need of the moment and educates his family, taking all the responsibilities and fulfilling all the duties to give it the necessary form. I respect you for your great deeds.

My father is financially weak but meets my real needs and ensures that I don't have a sense of inadequacy to survive. My poor father doesn't hesitate to sweat a lot on my account to supplement his earnings. She eats a little less but doesn't think twice about taking care of me.

My father doesn't force me into the profession he has chosen. He doesn't want his son to only do his job. He wants his son to walk according to his own choice, convenience and ability. The tradition of certain professions in the family is literally dying out. A doctor doesn't want his son to become a doctor, a professor avoids the profession because of his children, an army officer doesn't force his son to join the military, etc. But my father wants his son to have a better future.

My father is a mature and pleasant person who helps me make important decisions. Like most loving parents, he plays a very important role in my life and helps me build my career and also solve my everyday problems. When I seek help and guidance in good times and bad, I turn first to my father who appears, dropping all his personal priorities and doing what is necessary. My father is a person who works tirelessly and does countless penances to solve my problems.

My father accompanies me in all activities and ensures my correct movements. He really looks at my problem and molds me by teaching the series to form a beautiful sense in my mind. His concern is my best career. My father is mature enough, experienced and aware of my high-end needs, he assesses my inclination and decision and does his best to develop me to reach my goal.

My father is educated and has a logical vision. Today my father has become a fashion father. His thinking is new and adapts to the times. He makes the best of his knowledge and modernization to educate me properly and make me capable and confident to face today's competitive life.

My father as the ideal parent goes out of his way to meet my needs. He prefers not to leave gaps that may hamper my career development and construction process.

We celebrate Father's Day on June 19th every year to strengthen relationships and to remind a father of the sacrifices he made for his children when they needed it.

It is very important that we show deep respect and the highest regard for our parents.

Essay Examples #3

Essay about my mother (500+ words)

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. When a child has sense, it looks at its mother and begins to follow her movements. A child's mind is usually very sharp. He eagerly copies his mother's activities. The mother takes care of her child comprehensively in all aspects such as health, clothing, nutrition, entertainment, education, sports and development of competitive skills. The mother attracts the child with love and affection.

We can describe motherhood as sacrifice. My mother ignores her comfort and works hard to provide me with good food, clothes, and an education. It is a natural and remarkable trait found entirely in a mother. My mother not only takes responsibility for motherhood from an early age, but remains a trusted advisor throughout my life. It is so important that we deeply respect and hold our mothers in high esteem, not only for being mothers, but for their unparalleled motherhood and incredible sacrifices for us.

My mother is everything to me. She is the one who understands me best and most precisely. My mother is my partner in daily work and in many disciplines. Sometimes my mother takes on great responsibilities and works under stress when I need her to take up her struggle, both personally and professionally, to achieve the troubling goal in my work or business. We owe everything to our mothers.

There is an extraordinary work that the mother does to influence the child. The foundation my mother laid through caring, perseverance, discipline, guidance and tears allows me to navigate my ocean. It is my mother who is training me to be a noble through her grand, insightful, and elegant aspirations. My mother encourages me to study by agreeing to activities important to character building and improvement. My mother creates an environment where I can learn enough naturally.

My mother sometimes uses certain harsh measures to discipline me and teach me valuable lessons. He denounces me by denying me food. It prohibits me from engaging in undesirable activities. sometimes she doesfearedhit with the stick. She shows her dismay. She warns against caution. But I know she's really soft inside. She is one of my best wishes. His only point is that he needs his son free from imperfections.

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There are some cases where children, especially those who are not dependent on their parents and are working, have forgotten their mothers. They don't go home for a long time, but their mothers still pray with all their hearts that they remain happy and happy. She will always be a good friend to her children, no matter the circumstances.

It is so important that we deeply respect and hold our mothers in high esteem, not only for being mothers, but for their unparalleled motherhood and incredible sacrifices for us.

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Essay Examples #4

Essay on Balanced Diet (500+ Words)

People eat junk food and other unhealthy foods just for fun. They don't even have time to provide their bodies with the necessary nourishment. A healthy and balanced diet reduces stress and promotes a healthy and pain-free life. It is therefore of the utmost importance that people question themselves about the importance of a healthy body.

A diet that contains all the necessary ingredients in nearly the required amounts is called a "balanced diet." A balanced diet helps maintain or improve overall health. We should eat a balanced diet consisting of essential nutrients: fluids, sufficient protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and calories. We should eat fresh fruit, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc. in time to maintain a healthy body.

The minerals we need most are iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and small amounts of iodine, copper, etc. They are found in green vegetables and most fruits. Vitamins have different types like A, B, C, D, etc. Vitamin A is found in fish oil, butter, carrot, papaya, etc., and vitamin B is found in green leafy vegetables, wheat grain, etc. Vitamin C is found in green peppers, green vegetables, amla, lemon and citrus fruits. Vitamin D is found in the first oil, butter and sunlight. We also need vitamins E and K for our health. Milk is perhaps the only item that can be called a balanced diet.

Animal protein is found in meat, poultry and fish. The white of an egg also contains protein. Another type of protein is found in milk (casein), cheese, cottage cheese, legumes, soy, nuts, etc. Fat is found in butter, pork, coconut, all cooking oils, cod liver oil, egg yolk, etc.

We should only eat fresh food, well washed and well cooked, free from dust and flies. Fried foods and foods that contain excess fat, spices, and peppers are harmful. Eating on the go should be avoided. We should have our last meal two or three hours before bedtime. There must be enough time between two meals so that the food can be digested in the stomach.

A healthy body also needs some daily physical activity, adequate rest and sleep, healthy environment, fresh air and water, personal hygiene, etc. Also, we should drink more water, at least 7-8 glasses of water. It balances blood pressure and provides the body with vital nutrients particularly quickly. A healthy and fit person proves to be more resistant to infections and diseases.

Wealth is important, but not as important as health. Spending a lot of money on junk food in five star hotels or other entertainment such as watching a movie for a day etc. brings no benefit other than complacency. Being physically and mentally healthy helps a person to be socially and financially healthy as well.

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Essay Examples #5

Health is Wealth Essay (500+ Words)

The greatest wealth is our own health. A healthy body can gain great wealth, but a rich person cannot gain much health.

Man is a rational being. Your mastery of various creatures lies in your superior mind. In fact, thanks to his highly developed brain, man managed to control nature. But man must keep his body and mind fit and healthy. "A healthy man is rich," they say. Regular exercise helps us stay in shape while keeping an eye on the alarm clock. A good and healthy well-being would guarantee an agile and active mind. Just as a person's mood and feelings are reflected in a person's health, a weak and ill-adapted body wreaks havoc on a person's psychological well-being.

Recent studies have shown that the increased stress of today's fast-paced life causes various diseases. The main ones are cardiac and neurological problems. Good health helps a person maintain a positive attitude towards work and life in general.

Regardless of all other difficulties and obstacles that we overcome, life is meant to be positive and joyful. In order to be able to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful things in life, we need energy and joie de vivre. This can only happen when the body is healthy enough to withstand the rigors of life.

An untalented man can also manage his profession through the excellence of his good health. We see many able-bodied people working all day on the farm and devoting their energy to earning a living for themselves and their families. It gives them mental satisfaction and a good night's sleep. In addition, a physically strong and intelligent man can better serve society and win people's approval.

We are aware that good health has value, so it should be improved. There are areas where people suffer greatly from the lack of health posts. Hospitals in many rural areas manage without doctors and medicines. There are people who suffer from multiple diseases or injuries but do not receive treatment due to lack of proper medical facilities. Poor people cannot afford treatment after going to big cities. Treating serious illnesses in private hospitals is beyond their reach.

The medical center alone cannot solve the problem. There is a conscientious demand from people for regular physical activity for good health and productivity at work. Cautious and health-conscious people attend gym and yoga camps. Inspiration will stimulate others to follow these good structures to rid them of disease and enable them to enjoy healthy health.

When a person finds a way to clear their mind of negative and harmful thoughts like complacency, they can awaken the will to improve their body. This will save you from most diseases of psychological origin. If you are on the path to good health, you will find a superior spirit.

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Essay Examples #6

Importance of the Story as a Thematic Essay (500 words)

History is a very important and interesting subject. Those interested in learning about past events and the heroism of great characters usually opt for history. The story brings with it oddities about the noble deeds of noble characters, who may be chosen for an entry in the history books due to their outstanding performance. Such persons and their deeds, at which they might show astonishment, always inspire others to follow them. Studying history affects character.

Undoubtedly, as a result of modern science, today's generation has become materialistic, and very few students study history. Your goal has changed. They are more willing to make more and more money for luxurious fun than philosophizing about historical events.

The study of history is very important to know the most important events that have happened in the country and in the world. An educated man should be aware of significant past events. The study of history makes an expert in various additional subjects such as religion, legislation, sociology, literature, economics, foreign policy, unity, liberty, commerce, geographical aspects, and various indigenous and foreign races. A series of wars, victories and treaties that have taken place in the past, both inside and outside the nation, remain in the history books. The reader of the story knows all about these events after going through them.

The story is presented differently. From history we know that in the past this world was a spinning fire and a fragment of the sun. It solidified after so many years and got cooler little by little. Then life appeared with creatures, other living beings and plants. They were followed by apes and distant ancestors of man. There are myriad different realities and events contained in the history books.

History should be studied for many important reasons. Your studies expand our understanding of caste, religion, tradition and customs. His study makes it clear that all were created by human hands. The basic point behind it was to create a structure for work, feeling and civilization in society. There is no religious holiness associated with anyone. It changes with the time difference.

The study of history teaches us courage, determination and hope. A man can be weak, but over the years he's battled great odds and never looked back. It faced many disastrous wars and revolutions, but it kept going. The study of history reveals to us the heroism of the man that enabled him to do so in various fields.

Now you realize the importance of history as a subject. Let's encourage the study of history in our country with a positive and useful point. Let us organize the study of history to give courage and strength to our childhood to learn what is in it to put it to good use to build a strong and prosperous country.

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Essay Examples #7

Essay on the Value of Sport and Play (500+ Words)

Sport and play are just as important for children as food, education and other essentials. Games and sports are important means of entertainment. Nowadays students are busy with their studies. They have many books and different subjects to study. They need some loose change that the sports car can give them. Outdoor games and sports revitalize students and help them regain lost energy. Sports and games bring freshness to the mind and students are keen to focus more on learning.

Sports and games are also extremely valuable for health. Outdoor games are most helpful when students share the company of nature and breathe fresh air. When playing on the playground, they get a lot of physical exercise. It keeps them physically and mentally fit. Sports and games make students dynamic, which is important at this age.

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Sports and games teach students the value of discipline, teamwork, leadership, judgment, courage, and the will to win. These things also help students develop their personality traits, which is very important in developing a talented person.

Sport and play teach them the need for sacrifice, discipline, elegance, permissiveness, and solidity that enable them to live their lives effectively. These qualities in a man carry the super finesse to act effectively regardless of the circumstances and the task that is set for them. Citizens with this potential can contribute a great deal to the society and country to which they belong.

Games also lose excess fat and weight, keeping students strong and energetic. This aspect is crucial for keeping the students healthy. Sporting activities are the best way to use time positively. You don't waste time wandering around doing unwanted activities.

We see that most of the great athletes are westerners and come from other developed countries. The reasons are obvious. They have been playing games and sports since childhood and elementary school. India is progressing rapidly. We are now able to pay for sports activities at primary school level, which allows us to improve the country's sporting image.

This is only possible if children are given opportunities at an early age. If necessary, physical education can be made a compulsory subject and grades can be added to the result, encouraging students to engage with interest in athletic success. This will set up an equation to create an increasing number of athletes. The government and school administration must ensure adequate sports facilities in all schools and colleges. This will inspire students to participate with greater interest.

It is quite clear that play and sport have an extraordinary place in life. Games must be played with your nobility in mind. The nobility of games must be preserved. It is necessary to create a sporting atmosphere in all schools and colleges in order to attract as many students as possible to participate in the events.

Essay Examples #8

Essay on Science and Technology (500+ Words)

This is the age of science and technology. Its advantages turned out to be a major determinant of the nation's wealth and power. The development of science and technology has significant implications for managing the future pattern of social and economic growth.

In a rapidly changing world, the country's fate can be shaped by our ability to utilize modern science and technology, which is one way to boost the country's development programs.

Rapid advances in technology have reduced dependence on natural resources or factors proportional to them. Man works precisely with machines, his work is regularly improved due to rapid technological change due to scientific advances around the world.

The most important thing the world is doing today is constant efforts to consolidate the achievements of science in order to improve the human situation. Scientific discoveries must be transformed through human effort into technological innovations that must be developed to achieve significant improvement in the human condition.

Our agronomists have been proactive and exceptional in bringing innovations to science-based agriculture that have advanced our national economy and human well-being, and allowed us to be fully self-sufficient when it comes to food grains. This can be achieved through technology and related scientific methods, the provision of machinery and the development of high-quality seeds, fertilizers and insecticides capable of bringing about a green revolution in agriculture.

We achieved the long-awaited scientific and technological breakthrough and managed to boost several major national activities such as information and telecommunications, television, meteorological services, medical advances, industrial development, nuclear research, space research, oceanographic research, etc.

Over the years, a solid foundation of scientific and technological infrastructure has been laid to shape modern global industries. It includes a network of laboratories, specialized centers, various academic and research institutes, training centers and useful development programs that continuously provide the industry with training, technically qualified manpower and technological support for better execution.

Science has come a long way in the field of health. New technology offered an attractive healthcare framework at a reasonable cost. The new technology that medical science has invented provides the system to treat critical cases safely to save human lives. Extensive medical investigations into nutrition, tuberculosis, reproduction, child care, leprosy, medicines, communicable diseases, cholera and malaria have been conducted with extremely accurate results. Man today is able to carry out the treatment of these dreaded diseases according to the new invention which provides an established method of treatment and care.

If we look at the global scene, the modern world is moving exceptionally fast. There are rapid scientific and technological changes taking place in a steady progression. Our country must keep advancing as a global competitor in the race for world power in science and technology and highlight this as its first national priority in order to achieve its goal.

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Essay Examples #9

Essay on coeducation (500 words)

Coeducation is an education system in which boys and girls study together in a joint school or university. Coeducation was not common in ancient times. It's innovative thinking. Parents supported the case of proper education for children regardless of gender. The compatriots realized that boys and girls must act together and shoulder to shoulder in all walks of life in the free world. They began raising their children in co-educational institutions.

Coeducation has several advantages. It is useful for creating a sense of solidarity and a sense of equal obligation between boys and girls. As boys and girls get closer, they care more about understanding each other. It helps create a friendly atmosphere between the two of you. Boys and girls constantly participate in their joint exercises in schools and universities.

Co-education helps change society according to the needs of today. Boys and girls have the opportunity to get along openly and comfortably. They perform together at various events and occasions in society. They demonstrate examples of collaboration for individuals that inspire and create a healthy working spirit in the crowd.

Coeducation produces good citizens with sufficient quality and development. This is a direct result of having different experiences of good and bad nature during your student life in mixed institutions. This kind of value in an individual marks him out respectably later in life. Such citizens succeed in their work largely because of their characteristic potential and maturity.

We are a male-dominated society. There is a sense of mediocrity among women. There is a need to educate public opinion that women and men have equal rights and that they have an equal role to play in society. Their purpose and interest are one, and men and women have equal agency. The goal should be to eliminate the feeling of inferiority complex and achieve unity between the two. This will increase confidence in the female community and provide the country with a large workforce.

Coeducation is the only answer to this problem. When boys and girls live and study together for a long time, the gender gap is eliminated and the sense of equality between them becomes evident. By prudently of this improvement, both young men and young women speed up their work with their equivalents and joint efforts throughout life and reach their goals even more smoothly.

In a democratic country, women are of equal value and can work side by side with men. We cannot ignore the importance of women in the current circumstances. Indeed, we women must share the same responsibility if our country is to move forward smoothly and realize its dream of becoming a world power.

Essay Examples No. 10

Essay on Disaster Management (500+ Words)

Numerous disasters strike people and property causing tremendous damage and we are left helpless without prior management planning. Each government spends heavily on different issues but is uninterested in pointing out needs in the face of predicted disasters.

The disaster mismanagement cannot handle the situation during the event. With proactive preparation and effective disaster management, this could be checked or the results would diminish. Such management can be relied on, consisting of some essential rules such as good training, the most modern equipment, division of tasks, vigilance, drills to cope with the situation in the short term, rapid communication system, economic precautions and order, priority depending on the situation, security measures, appropriate medical Supply, if necessary rehabilitation and standing orders for essential services such as transport, meals and supplies, medicines, etc.

There is a need to independently assemble teams for each anticipated disaster, based on the preparedness and capacity of each person, to enable them to handle the situation skillfully.

Disasters that often occur are due to natural or accidental causes.

Disasters caused by natural causes are always widespread and extremely serious. Further precautions, the establishment of suitable facilities and infrastructure are required. On the other hand, accidental disasters require limited repairs, but the time factor is more important to carry out rescue operations.

Several other random events have happened in our country and caused great disasters. These are primarily airplane and bus accidents, detonations in mines, explosions due to improper handling of ammunition residues, accidents when handling and disposing of nuclear materials, kidnappings, etc. It is necessary to build up civil protection forces that can cope with the circumstances and as quickly as possible save people and material.

If you look at developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, France, etc., they have previously introduced a different disaster management theme in schools and universities with the aim of educating and equipping students to deal with emergency situations. It is necessary to follow a similar education system in other countries so that the country can prepare each resident to effectively face and fight difficulties during any kind of disaster.

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In fact, through training, practice, or practice, students must be prepared to gain more confidence to face real-world circumstances. In today's life, it is crucial to have proper preparedness and disaster protection forces to deal with emergency situations when disasters occur due to the virtual effect of scientific progress.

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Essay Examples #11

my home country

My parents are from a small town in Kerala, nestled between mountains in a scenic part of the state. Every year I visit my homeland with my family. It's a trip I look forward to all year long. My father books the ticket two months in advance as it's difficult to get last minute reservations. Although I've lived in the city all my life, I feel like I never belonged there. I have always felt comfortable in the picturesque mountain town away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

It took us 18 hours by train to reach the nearest station in my city. The journey is usually tiring in summer but very enjoyable in winter and monsoons. We are planning our trip in the summer months as we have two months vacation in April. To brave the heat, we travel in air-conditioned coaches every year. We boarded the train at 12pm and arrived at our destination at 6am the next day.

The morning air is heavy with the scent of flowers and dewy foliage. The temple bells start ringing at 6:30 am and the sound of bhajans fills the air. The city is only 20 minutes by rickshaw from the train station. As we enter my grandmother's house, her small form greets us with a lamp in her hand. In her opinion, it is favorable to receive loved ones by lighting the lamp on the altar of God. As soon as we enter the house, a feeling of nostalgia and love washes over us. After a sumptuous but simple breakfast, we relaxed with our family in the courtyard.

The fresh mountain air is filled with the scents of the rustic landscape. We hear birdsong from afar. My sister and I make little paper boats and walk to the creek that flows south. We put the boats in the water and watched them rise and fall. Far from the world of video games and television, we seek fun in a world of simplicity.

The house itself has character. Simple, on two floors, with stone walls and thatched roof, the house is an old friend who gives us a warm hug at every meeting. The rooms are small but well maintained. There is a room on the ground floor where my grandmother stores spices and grains. Runs on a single bulb and is old fashioned
Lock and key style door. There is a small bed in its corner. The soothing silence of the room soothes my ears and transports me to a magical place. i feel light The scent of spices envelops me.

I often spent hours lying in this bed reading a book or listening to music. If I had to pick a favorite place, it would without a doubt be this one. As dusk falls over the small village, large star clusters begin to appear in the sky. Such a sight is never seen in the city as the lights obscure the stars that appear in the sky. My grandmother turns the lamp back on and we all gather around her to say our evening prayer. After enjoying their simple, rustic but delicious food, we retire to bed.

Sometimes when I'm upset, I think about my quaint little house in town, my grandmother's warm hug, and the little room that smells of spices. They immediately help put my worries at ease and make me smile.

Essay Examples No. 12

overcome my fear

I'm quite a brave person. I can confidently say that when someone needs to unleash a bug or calm a growling dog, I'm the go-to resource. Sometimes I stay up late trying to calm a friend's nerves a week before exams. Is there anything that scares a very brave person like me? I'm afraid (pun intended) the answer is yes.

From a young age I was afraid of water. Riverside picnics were nightmares. I have never enjoyed the beauty of a setting sun without fearing the waves crashing on the beach. Clinically, I was an aquaphobic, someone who had a pathological fear of bodies of water.

Was he happy about it? Naturally! I didn't want to be the only one sitting on a plastic chair when my family tossed a ball in the pool. This summer I vowed to overcome this irrational fear at all costs. To put my plan into action, I took swimming lessons. I told my teacher that I was not like the other students who had no trouble getting into the water. The basic challenge in training is that I first had to be lured into the water.

Luckily the instructor was a patient person who took me seriously. He asked me to take my time and come back when I find out the reason for my fear. It took a while, but I came back when I discovered that my phobia stemmed from my fear of drowning. As a child, I was pushed into the water and survived the horrifying experience of drowning. He smiled and said, "Now that you know why, let me introduce you to your opponent." I was about to do the most daring thing of my life and jump in the pool.

I took my first step and found myself shaking. I withdrew immediately. My instructor said benevolently, “That's enough for today. Let's take baby steps.” The next day I took two steps. As I was about to walk back, I said to myself, "It's just water. It won't hurt you. I stayed in the water for 10 minutes. I repeated the feat the next day, this time diving deeper into the water. I never thought I would see this day, here I am standing in the pool in chest deep water. From across the pool I heard my instructor clapping his hands.

In the weeks that followed, I was already preparing for swimming lessons. Within a few months I can say I tamed my Bête Noir and became a decent swimmer. I surprised my family by jumping in the pool during a family picnic. I could finally see the beauty of the sunset without worrying about losing my footing and falling headfirst into the sea. For me, the biggest win has been to challenge the limits of my own mind and overcome my worst fears.

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Essay Examples #13

How to optimize your study time

It is commonly believed that students have too much free time. They can spend their time in the world without any worries and have the freedom to live as they want. Nothing can be further from the truth. Childhood and adolescence are not just about spending time in immature activities; These years play a key role in building his ambitions and shaping his career. Students must reconcile their studies with their social and family commitments. Some students are naturally primed to use their time wisely, but some may not be gifted with these skills. To optimize the time, students should discipline themselves by incorporating some time-saving tips.

Being organized is the key to saving time. It simplifies life. Being a student means reading exhaustively and taking notes. Students also take lesson notes dictated by their teachers. Lazy people don't keep track of where those notes are. As exams approach, these students can find themselves in a chaotic situation. The diligent can
Easily access and use all your notes. To save time, students should start with small exercises. You could keep separate notebooks for different subjects and organize notes in a folder labeled by date and subject.

It is also important to keep the right company. Good fruit will rot if left with the bad. Likewise, the company of lazy and dishonest people can belittle any diligent student. Good habits, like bad ones, are passed on to others. Therefore, students must make a conscious effort not to fall into bad company. You should be on the lookout for those who could bring more discipline into your life.

Focus on understanding the basics of each topic. The basis of the subject lies in its fundamentals. Without it, education has no solid foundation. Knowing the basics also helps students easily grasp difficult concepts. Therefore, students who want to save time should return to their textbooks. Prioritizing assignments can help students save time when they are under a tight deadline. Create a schedule that prioritizes difficult issues so more time can be devoted to them.

Following these ground rules can help students optimize their time. They don't have to worry about balancing study and free time if they want to make wise decisions.

Essay Examples No. 14

the digestive process

Your digestive system is one of the most wonderful processes in your body. It is specifically designed to convert food into the nutrients your body needs to function. Without the digestive process, the human body would be deprived of nutrients and could slowly degenerate. Let's learn how it works.

The food you eat partially breaks down in your mouth. Your saliva helps with this by making it supple and breaking down the starch. Its teeth grind food into a pasty consistency. Food passes from the mouth through the pharynx into the esophagus.

The esophagus is a muscular tube that connects the throat to the stomach. Food enters the stomach through systematic contractions called peristalsis. These contractions facilitate the movement of food.

Your stomach is the next destination for food. It is a sac-like organ that processes food. Here the food is completely spoiled. The strong stomach muscles together with the strong gastric juices mix the food into a pasty consistency. The pasty mass passes from the stomach into the small intestine. It consists of three parts: duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is coiled up in the abdominal cavity and can grow to be about 6 meters long. The process of breaking down food continues in the small intestine. Your pancreas and liver provide enzymes and bile, respectively.

Bile helps digest fats and removes waste products from the blood. The peristalsis moves the food and mixes with the digestive juices. The duodenum breaks down food while the jejunum and ileum absorb all nutrients and release them into the bloodstream. Your large intestine is a 5 to 6 foot long tube that connects your appendix to your rectum. It absorbs all the water in the stool and delivers waste and bacteria to the rectum. Waste enters the anus, from where it is excreted in the form of feces.

During the complicated process, all digestive organs work in unison, each doing its job precisely. Even if one of these procedures fails, your body can no longer function properly. That's the beauty of digestion.

Essay Examples No. 15

Golosinas de Ajji

Food that pleases the eye and the palate is appetizing. You may have seen on television how great chefs go to great lengths to ensure that carefully prepared food is presented aesthetically to taste. They meticulously measure the colour, feel, smell and dimensions of food as it is being prepared. Every time I watch these shows
I remember Ajji having the ability to rival any experienced chef.

He has never bothered to follow the strict rules of modern chefs or present his culinary creations in an appealing way. She didn't believe in how the food was presented, but she did believe in how the food was prepared.

Ajji's food wasn't pretty to look at. The laddoos were sometimes not round enough. The fragments barely held together in a hastily constructed sphere. Its Puran polis reminded me of the map of Europe. The dal curry looked pale without any side dish. My heart ached when I saw the pink basundi served in ugly plastic bowls. Your food
definitely not for someone who feasts on their eyes; it was made to be enjoyed with the soul.

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The randomly made laddoos were made with so much love we didn't waste a crumb. Its jagged golden Puran polis was filled with a delicious brew that would melt in the mouth. The scent of their light dal curry was welcome in neighbors' homes. We joked that the neighbors were tired of the smell alone.

On special occasions, he would prepare the basundi by meticulously stirring the milk for hours. Despite being served in ugly bowls, we didn't miss an opportunity to enjoy it. Today she is not with us and neither are her recipes. As proof of her love for me, she bequeathed me her personal cookbook. No matter how hard I try to recreate their laddoos, I can never make them look as good as they do.

Essay Examples No. 16

How education has enriched me

The importance of education for both men and women cannot be underestimated. It plays a crucial role in the personal development of individuals and enriches the socio-economic fabric of society. Education is now a prerequisite for success, and each individual is pitted against one another to outdo one another. Education is something that can give a person the necessary edge over others. It is definitely an instrument of social progress.

Education does not end with simply sending children to school. It's a fire that needs to be fed over and over again. I was born to intelligent parents who understood the importance of educating their children. They not only sent me to a very good school, but also aroused my interest in various subjects by buying me textbooks and toys. Games like Scrabble, Taboo, math puzzles and Rubik's Cube stimulated my brain cells and strengthened my intellectual abilities.

I spent my childhood reading books of all kinds. Dealing with classic works of literature has enriched my language skills. Thanks to my extensive reading, I also have a very lively vocabulary. Encyclopedias on subjects like science and geography have drawn my attention to basic scientific principles and the cultures of people around the world. Story
I realized how human folly can alter our progress. Historical figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther King made me see that social change can be achieved without bloodshed.

Mathematics introduced me to the fascinating world of numbers. It challenged my mind and made it sharper. Physics, chemistry and biology have helped me understand the laws that govern the physical world around me. It made me appreciate the universe more. I often think about how the world as we know it came about. Although most of the time I run out of answers
feeling fortunate enough to have a mind that can question its very existence. Thanks to my training, I am able to evaluate my actions morally and assess the impact of my words.

Without the blessing of education, my life would not have been better than that of an animal. It not only gives us knowledge to act in life but also lets us overcome our primary tendencies. It broadens our view of the world and makes us more civilized. Educated people can become the driving force behind a nation's success. Education made me what I am today. I am grateful to have had the good fortune to receive him, unlike many of my countrymen.

Essay Examples No. 17

Who we are?

I've always thought about the nature of my existence. What am I? what is my identity Is my body made of flesh, blood and a complex system of internal organs my identity? My face expresses my different moods and emotions.Is my face my identity? Is it my thoughts that make me who I am? We are so much more than we think. We must go beyond the obvious to reflect on the truth of our existence. Ask yourself: "Who am I?"

IsUpanishadenState "Aham Bhrahmasmi" which means "I am Brahman". The term Brahman here does not refer to caste; it refers to the ultimate truth underlying all phenomena in the universe. According to the Vedas, the real self is neither the body nor the mind. Beyond the realms of body and mind is the soul. The soul represents our conscience;
Consciousness is nothing but the self's perception of the self. It does not arise from our material interactions.

Physically, we are made up of different elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, etc. These elements make up our body. If so, we are our bodies. What role does conscience play in our identity?

Consciousness is a difficult term to define or understand. It cannot be explained in numbers or in words. We identify with materials because we like them physically. We form bonds out of our need to be loved. We form bonds from which we cannot break free. This creates an additional gap between us and our consciousness and we lose ourselves in the labyrinth of worldliness.

We must never be distracted from our quest to discover mysteries about ourselves. Only then will we realize our purpose in the vast system of planets, stars, life and galaxies.

Essay Examples No. 18

After love, sympathy is the most divine passion

The word "sympathy" derives from the Greek prefix "syn" or "sym" meaning "together" or "together" and the root word "pathy" meaning "to feel". So sympathy means having a sense of camaraderie towards another living being. It is characterized by the ability to understand the suffering of others and feel sorry for their situation. It's a quality that makes us human. He
separates man from beast; the civilized separated from the uncivilized; and the good separated from the cruel.

The feeling of sympathy plays a role in human society. It eases the bond between people and lightens the burden of suffering. Sympathy drives us to reach out to those in need and fosters camaraderie. Often the kind words of a stranger, the comforting hug of a friend, and the patient ears of a loved one ease our pain.

Sympathy also ensures harmony in society. Besides the role it plays in relieving pain, likeability also acts as a deterrent to crime. It prevents us from doing evil through the voice of our conscience. Lack of compassion is the main characteristic of a criminal.

The ability to shed a tear for someone is seen by a superficial society as a sign of weakness. But practitioners of this belief often forget that stronger individuals sometimes crave sympathy. Only ice cold hearts would lack this beautiful emotion, for sympathy is a celebration of all that makes us human.

Essay Examples No. 19

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The adage in its literal sense may seem counterintuitive. Why on earth would anyone want to keep their enemies closer than their friends? The answer to this can be sought in the figurative implications of the proverb. The phrase "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is sometimes attributed to Niccolo Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and even Don Corleone, the protagonist of the novel The Godfather.

At the heart of the proverb is the message that you can learn more from your enemies than from your friends. There are many reasons why this saying applies.

First, you can learn a lot from someone you despise. The best wisdom doesn't necessarily come from hanging out with friends. A friend is someone who is good and is not an obstacle or a threat to your ambitions. Most likely, you and your friend share a similar worldview. He or she is an extension of yourself.

An enemy, on the other hand, is someone you don't trust and who wants the same thing as you. They are your opposites. Their ideas, beliefs, and worldviews may be in stark contrast to yours. By observing them, you may gain a new perspective on a situation that you may not have from your friends.

In order to outwit your enemies, you need to pay close attention to your movements. This can help you stay one step ahead of them at all times. Keeping them close will help determine your motives. It helps you anticipate your every move.

Your enemy may have many weaknesses that they don't like to expose. On the outside you may seem like a formidable enemy, but on the inside you may be hiding some flaws that you don't want the world to see. Knowing the enemy's weakness is the best tool in anyone's arsenal.

Sometimes you unexpectedly discover that your enemy isn't the "scheming" and "evil" villain you imagined him to be. You might be surprised that he shares some of your values ​​too. An enemy can stop being an enemy and you can learn to empathize with them. Therefore, to be successful, you must be able to explore your friendships.
and gain wisdom by observing your enemies.

Essay Examples No. 20

the lazy tiger

Once upon a time there was a tiger. His mother named him Mkali, which means wild. But that was a misnomer, for Mkali was a lazy kitten. Nothing in the wilderness could excite him. His mother Jasiri was an experienced hunter. She once handled the entire ambush on her own when food was scarce in the wild. He also taught his other sons to hunt hippos and attack prey with horns. Highly respected in the tiger community, she held the title of Tigress Extraordinaire.

Jungle carnivores laughed when they spoke of their perpetually sleepy child. "How could he have been born the son of Jasiri?" said the Cheka hyena. Tiririka the python added, "This boy wouldn't kill a fly if it sat on his nose all day." Mkali never bothered. He loved his life; lazing by the river all day, coming home for dinner, feasting on the prey his mother had so carefully caught, and then sleeping on the thickest branch of his favorite tree.

One day the unthinkable happened. Jasiri had cornered a water buffalo and was preparing to bring it down with one swift movement. Suddenly the beast turned its head and severely injured her. His cave was a bit away, so he had to crawl all the way. Mkali wondered why his mother hadn't invited him to dinner that day.

As soon as he entered the cave, he saw his mother moaning in pain. She said, "Son, I think I'm going to die. I don't know how you would feed yourself.” Mkali's eyes filled with tears. He was aware of his wasteful ways, but he didn't want his mother to die because she thought her son couldn't support himself.

Something changed in him that day. He walked over to a nearby pool and looked at his own reflection. He saw in himself a wild tiger who finally saw the meaning of his life. He had to make his mother proud.

Mkali began supporting his ailing mother. At first he hunted small animals. Then he switched to hunting larger animals like sambars. He collected medicinal herbs and ground them. Jasiri's wounds were very deep, but with Mkali's care, he was able to walk again. The other animals were stunned by their transformation. Jasiri, on the other hand, was proud that her son had proved everyone wrong.

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