What is the University of Oxford? Is it good for Engineering, MBA and is it worth it? 2023 – Leaders of the FUTURE (2023)

In this post, we will examine all the pros and cons of Oxford University to determine if it is worth it, good for an MBA, Computer Science and Engineering or not.

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What is the University of Oxford? Is it good for Engineering, MBA and is it worth it? 2023 – Leaders of the FUTURE (1)

What is Oxford University?

University of Oxford, one of the most renowned institutions in the field of study abroad, is a unique and historic institution, documented as the oldest English university in the world. Although it is not clear when Oxford University was founded, historians believe that some form of education was taking place at the university as early as 1096 (11th century).

Oxford University's ranking reflects its long history and commitment to providing world-class education, research, teaching, learning and management. The University of Oxford, one of the leading institutions, continues to occupy the top position in international university rankings. To name a few, the institution has been consistently ranked among the top universities by the QS World University Rankings, the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, and the US News & World Report.

Admission to Oxford University

Oxford University admissions for the 2020-2021 academic year include around 24,000 undergraduate applications and over 40,000 postgraduate applications. Each year, Oxford has around 3,300 undergraduate and over 5,500 postgraduate places. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the university has admitted 3,298 undergraduate and 5,715 postgraduate places. Many Indians have long wanted to study at Oxford University and today 41% of students and 48% of the academic staff at Oxford University are from countries other than the UK.

Oxford University Courses

Oxford University offers around 350 programs and courses in a variety of fields. All Oxford universities offer the same level of educational excellence, although they vary in size, location and resources. The College of Humanities, the College of Mathematics, Physics, and Life Sciences, the College of Medical Sciences, and the College of Social Sciences administer about 100 major academic departments. From anthropology to zoology, each department organizes teaching and research in a specific area. There are also other smaller specialized research centers and departments. The university also has the largest library system in the UK, with over 100 Oxford University Libraries offering a range of library services to students, academics and the international research community.

Is Oxford good for CS, Engineering, MBA and is it worth it?

Yes, Oxford is a good university for an MBA in Computer Engineering and other educational programs. In fact, according to US News, Oxford ranks 11th among the best universities for computer engineering. Oxford also has 350 different types of postgraduate courses and the University of Oxford is the best university in Europe and the UK. Remember, you have great students, great research and development facilities, high salaries, etc.

To better understand Oxford University, let's take a detailed look at all the pros and cons of attending Oxford University.

Oxford University Pros and Cons

Pro/Advantages of Oxford University


The location of the institution is crucial as students spend a lot of time there studying for their degrees and Oxford University is on the banks of the River Thames.

Besides the river, there are also Oxford Botanical Gardens, churches, museums and other tourist attractions near the university location, so the location factor with Oxford University is very good because as a student you can visit these places and relax if you want Stressed out by the workload of your academics.

different courses

Another benefit of the University of Oxford is the variety of degrees available; In fact, the University of Oxford has over 350 programs that you can study full or part-time.

Courses in various fields of education such as art, science, philosophy and medicine are available at all levels of education, from undergraduate to doctorate; Click here for the full list of courses.

There are also over 120 research programs at the University of Oxford. So if you want to do research and become a scientist or collaborate with other students, this is the right place for you.

Oxford is a fantastic university to consider. It is worth noting that the University of Oxford ranks first in the UK for research and development and also receives a large amount of funding.

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And because there are so many different types of degrees, and because Oxford University allows students to study full-time or part-time, students have more choices, which is great.

jobs and companies

Another benefit of Oxford University is that a high percentage of graduates find employment after graduation; In fact, 90% of them do.

Oxford University is one of the best for engineering and business degrees due to its alumni reward packages. The average salary for engineering students at Oxford University is around £46,000, while the average salary for MBA graduates is around $124,000.

Once you have graduated from Oxford University, you can get a job in various reputable companies like Oracle, Tech Mahindra, Google, Facebook, Wipro and many others. Another strange fact is that there is a place called Oxford Science Park where you can find jobs close to the university.

For more information, see this article on more job opportunities at Oxford University. Oxford Science Park is home to more than 60 science and technology-based companies and the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus is home to more than 200. This allows you to find work directly at Oxford University rather than having to relocate.

Also, as an Oxford student or researcher, you can find your first new job and internships on a portal created by the University of Oxford called Career Link, open only to Oxford University graduates. This is a fantastic opportunity for Oxford University students to find work.

world reputation

Another advantage is the university's global reputation. What is surprising is that teaching at the university dates back to 1096, making it one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world.

That is what sets this university apart and if you want to talk about the current ranking of the university, the university is in no way inferior to other universities.

According to American news, the University of Oxford ranks second among the top institutions in the world. The University of Oxford is the best university in Europe and the UK and specialized education programs. The University of Oxford is among the top ten institutions in the world.

For example, Oxford ranks first in the arts and humanities, 11th in computer engineering, 11th in economics and 9th in mathematics. The University of Oxford is ranked among the top 15 institutions in the world.

In addition, Oxford has several affiliations with foreign universities such as Yale University, University of Copenhagen, University of Tokyo, Peking University, University of California, University of Cambridge, National University of Singapore, and others.

Other institutions are members of the International Alliance for University Research, a coalition of 11 cooperative universities working on issues such as campus sustainability and research infrastructure.

Oxford University also has ties to other institutions such as Princeton, the League of European Research Universities and many others, proving that Oxford is not only the best university in the UK but also one of the best in the world.

So whenever you are applying for a job, simply mentioning your degree from Oxford University on your CV can help you stand out and get noticed by your employer as well as get you a job right away due to the university's reputation.

Network of alumni and universities

Another advantage of attending this university is the alumni and the network.

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The University of Oxford is considered one of the most outstanding institutions in the world not only because of its age, but also because of its alumni; Some well-known people who graduated from the university are among others

  • Sir Grantley Adams, former Prime Minister of Barbados and the West Indies
  • Former Prime Minister of Barbados JMG (Tom) Adams
  • Samira Ahmed is a journalist and TV presenter.
  • Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister
  • Philosophin Elizabeth Anscombe
  • Diran Adebayo is an author.
  • King Abdullah II of Jordan
  • Monica Ali is a writer.
  • Riz Ahmed is an actor.
  • Tariq Ali is a writer.
  • Poeta WH Auden

In short, Oxford University has produced 28 British Prime Ministers, at least 30 foreign leaders, 55 Nobel Prize winners and 120 Olympic medalists.

Additionally, more than 45% of students at the University of Oxford are international students, meaning that students from more than 160 different nations, beliefs and cultures come to study at the University of Oxford, making it a great place to study makes network.

Although admission to Oxford is extremely difficult, admitted students possess qualities such as leadership, curiosity, hard work, motivation and other important interpersonal skills. Therefore, only the best of the best are admitted.

faculty and teachers

Another advantage is that Oxford University has the best professors and academics.

Most of the best universities in the world have the best professors and professors as it is the faculty who teach the subject to the students and universities cannot be great without great professors and faculty members.

Similarly, at the University of Oxford, most faculty members who teach undergraduate subjects have a PhD and teaching experience, making them highly qualified.

Oxford University also offers a range of benefits to its employees, including financial benefits such as pension plans, travel benefits and health benefits.

Work-life balance, personal and professional development, academic achievements and perks and so on, the University of Oxford not only has one of the best professors to teach the subject to students, but it is also one of the best universities to work as a teacher . for the benefits they offer.

And because Oxford has such a wonderful faculty, they have one of the best undergraduate teaching systems known as personalized learning, which is another benefit of Oxford and its faculty.

By the way, you can read my article on whether being a teacher is a viable career option here.

clubs and festivals

Clubs and festivals are essential in all institutions as they help students to expand their networks, develop interpersonal skills, etc.

And because Oxford University recognizes the value of clubs and festivals, there are over 200 different clubs and societies where students with diverse interests can meet and mingle, exchange ideas and expand their network, learn and participate in networking and other important human relationships . at university events and festivals.

Whether you are interested in aerospace, politics, digital marketing, helping others, health, art, music, history, LGBT or anything else, you can surely find a club to join and meet people with similar interests can.

Athletics, boxing, badminton, baseball, swimming, basketball, caving, cricket, cycling, floorball, hang gliding and other sports are offered at the university.

You can choose the game that interests you the most and you can participate in tournaments between groups as well as between universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

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By joining clubs and societies, you not only meet new people, but also work on your interests, relieve stress during your studies, expand your network, and develop skills such as leadership and collaboration that are vital to your career.

Numerous events and festivals are also associated with the University of Oxford, which is further evidence of an excellent university.

infrastructure and facilities

The infrastructure and facilities are essential for students wishing to attend university.

And surprise, Oxford has world-class infrastructure and amenities for students.

In Oxford you can discover amenities that are comparable to most other well-known universities such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT, such as: Such as a library, gym, dining room, ATM, lecture hall, health center, research center, playground, sports center, computer room and many others.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid are another option at the University of Oxford.

You can buy different forms of scholarships and financial aid, e.g. B. £5,000 per year if you are based in the UK. Crankstart grants are available for your first degree at Oxford University if your annual family income is £27,500 or less, as well as sponsored internships to improve your employability.

The best thing about Oxford Scholarships is that they are non-refundable and need-based, with the amount of the scholarship being determined by your family's annual financial income.

You can also apply for the Felix Scholarships which are only available to Indian students pursuing Masters and PhD at Oxford University. The scholarship covers all course fees, living expenses and a free trip from India to the UK.

However, unlike Harvard or Stanford, most of these scholarships at Oxford do not cover all tuition and living expenses, such as when family income is less than $75,000 per year.

And you can apply for the Felix Scholarships which is only for Indian students who want to study Masters and PhD in Oxford University. The scholarship covers all course fees, living expenses and you also get a free flight from India to the UK. more details here.

But a small downside I found is that unlike Harvard or Stanford University, most of these Oxford scholarships do not cover all course fees and living expenses if your household income is less, say, $75,000 per year.

You get a full scholarship and pay nothing to study at Harvard University, but you will not find such a scholarship in Oxford. Instead, you will receive a lump sum, e.g. B. £5,000 to cover part of your expenses if your household income is less than £27,500.

entrepreneurial culture

The university also has a culture of entrepreneurship, which is an added benefit.

The university has developed the concept of an entrepreneurial Oxford in which it seeks to encourage, support and encourage an entrepreneurial culture and to interact, collaborate and discuss ideas and ventures with students and alumni.

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They work closely with all entrepreneurship supporters to provide a practical source of information, tools, training activities and real life examples, as well as profiles of start-ups and SMEs in the Oxfordshire region.

They do this to maximize opportunities and help students interested in startups and entrepreneurship, and you can also join different groups and meet like-minded people as well as start your own business with a group of friends.

Entrepreneurial and start-up culture is very important in every institution because if at least some students decide to start their own business after receiving strong support from university, the students can employ hundreds and thousands of other people.

Thousands of people in the future, so universities should aim not only to find jobs for students, but also to turn students into entrepreneurs by teaching them in the right environment and giving them the necessary skills, which Oxford does exceptionally well. .

Disadvantages/Disadvantages of Oxford University


The first downside is clearly the tuition fees and costs.

If you are based in the UK your first degree at Oxford University will basically cost you £9,250 which is not too expensive and you can also apply for a UK government student loan.

Apply for scholarships as above if your household income is low and you are an international student from another country and wish to study in Oxford. Obviously your costs are higher.

International tuition fees range from £27,840 to £39,010 depending on certain parameters such as your usual place of residence, your country and, in certain circumstances, the completion of any previous studies.

However, Oxford University tuition is not prohibitively expensive compared to competing institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and other well-known American universities.

hard to get in

Another disadvantage is that approval is extremely difficult.

Oxford also adheres to the admissions standards of elite universities such as Harvard and MIT. In addition to passing the entrance test, applicants are also looked for on some key characteristics, such as whether or not they have a family.

Before admission to university, the student must be dedicated, interested, motivated, passionate, optimistic, hardworking, have strong leadership and teamwork skills, open-minded and possess many other qualities.

Another disadvantage is that approval is extremely difficult.

So this is both an advantage and a disadvantage as only the best students get admitted to the university and the acceptance rate is around 17% which is neither bad nor too good in my opinion although it is a bit better than other universities. like Harvard or MIT, which have acceptance rates under 6%.

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