Which Sky subscription should I sign up for? - Please get in touch (2023)

Sky encourages its TV customers to create personalized packages by combining over 300 Signature subscription channels with any combination of Sky packages. Each channel pack adds new premium channels to your subscription, and some include free add-ons such as subscriptions to streaming services or exclusive apps.

It's not always clear from the names alone which channels and extras are included in each Sky package. We've rounded up each of the Sky channel packages below, listing the most popular channels along with extra features.

One thing to be aware of is that Sky regularly renames some channels based on seasonal events. For example, earlier this month Sky Cinemas had a dedicated channel dedicated to the Oscars during awards season. This means that while you may see different channel names in the TV Guide, you're subscribed to the same channel packages, which we'll cover below.

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signature of the sky+ The best TV
better for everyone

Sky Signature is the foundation of every Sky TV package and now includes the Ultimate TV add-on as standard. The package includes over 300 TV channels and three streaming services - Discovery+, Sky Go and Netflix. Exclusively for Sky subscribers Sky Go lets you stream and watch TV on your phone, tablet, games console or other smart device.

  • Over 300 channels

  • go to heaven

  • Netflix

  • discover+

You can see the full list of channels included in the Sky Signature packageHere,But among the most popular are:

Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Sky Showcase, Sky Comedy, Sky Witness, Sky History, Sky Crime, Sky Dokument, Sky Nature, National Geographic, Odkrycie, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Racing, Sky Sports Mixed, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2. Zee TV, Utsav, B4U, Baza MTV, Hity MTV, Muzyka MTV, Klasyka MTV

Which Sky subscription should I sign up for? - Please get in touch (2)

Every Sky TV subscriber has access to Sky Go to watch Sky programs and movies anywhere, anytime

Watch new blockbusters with Sky Signature

Sky has a reputation for broadcasting some of the best television in the world, especially American premium series.the last of usThe first season may have just aired on Sky Atlantic, but if you missed the post-apocalyptic story everyone was obsessed with when it premiered, you can watch every episode on Sky Go right now.

If you like local shows, starring Lily Allen and Freema Agyemansen, which will air on the Sky Comedy Channel in April this year. Based on the BAFTA-winning short film of the same name, this six-part series is set in the seaside town of Margate. Stepmother Trish (Ajman) brings three generations of her family together in an attempt to have a daughter, but the plan is interrupted by the return of her sister Mel (Ellen). The show is likely to air on Sky Comedy but things will also be quite tense becausemotor homeHopeful sun, sea... and secrets.

One of the most anticipated final seasons in recent years.LegacyThe fourth season will be shown exclusively on Sky Atlantic in the UK from 27 March. Sky Atlantic is part of the Signature channel pack that comes with every Sky TV package, meaning any Sky subscriber can watch new episodes simulcast live to US premieres. For those who care less about spoilers and more about a good night's sleep -Broadcast at 02:00 UK local time– Episodes will be available on Sky Go as they air, so you can watch them at your leisure.

sky sports
best for sports

The Sky Sports bag is a must-have for any family that takes sports watching seriously. As well as televising most Premier League games, Sky Sports has 8 exclusive channels (in addition to the three included in the corporate package) broadcasting NFL and NBA matches, boxing, cricket, darts, rugby and netball. Wait for the match.

  • Around 65% of Premier League football matchesSky Sports will show 128 of the 200 matches of the 2022/23 season on the exclusive Sky Sports Premier League channel.

  • Sky Sports F1

  • Divine sports cricket

  • Sky Sports Football, coverage of the WSL, EFL, SPFL, Bundesliga and more

  • Sports action in the sky

  • Sky Sports Arena shows NBA games

  • Sky Sports Golf

  • Sky Sports Main Event

  • Seasonal channels including Sky Sports NFL

bt sports
The best for Premier League fans

One of the channel packs you can add to your Sky subscription isn't actually from Sky. By adding BT Sports to your subscription, you can watch most Premier League matches not on Sky, with the exception of the 10% currently available on Amazon Prime. BT Sport also broadcasts Rugby League, Cricket, UFC, Boxing, Motorcycle Grand Prix and more.

  • Around 25% of Premier League matches are broadcast on BT Sport, with 52 of the 200 matches taking place in the 2022/23 season*

  • BT Sport 1, 2, 3 i 4

*Another 10% - 20 games -Stream on Amazon Prime

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Sky Cinema
better for movies

A must-have Sky channel package for every movie lover, with 11 exclusive movie channels. Sky Cinemas have new releases every day. premiered on the small screen in MarchElvis,where the crayfish sing,black phoneIMinions: Rise of Gru,itp.

Sky Cinema is also a great addition for streaming fans, giving subscribers access to a movie-focused streaming serviceMost importantly+And over a thousand movies on demand via Sky Go.

  • Most importantly+

  • Over 1,000 movies on demand with Sky Go

  • Premiere and Premiere of Sky Cinema +1

  • Sky Cinema Action

  • Sky cinema cartoons

  • sky movie comedy

  • Sky Cinema Drama

  • The Sky Cinema Family

  • masters of cinema

  • Hot Sky Cinema Movies

  • Horror Sci-Fi Sky Cinema

  • sky cinema selection

  • thriller movie sky

  • Seasonal channels including Oscars Sky Cinema

children of heaven
best for family

If you share or are trying to share your TV with your kids, the Sky Kids channel pack means they'll never run out of options. As well as popular children's channels, you'll also have access to the Sky Kids app with hundreds of on-demand episodes, easy access to your favorite channels and fun games.

  • Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon και Nickelodeon

  • Cartoon Network

  • cartoon people

  • boomerang

  • children's television

  • Exclusive Sky Kids app

Other Sky TV add-ons
The best options to get the most out of your TV

As well as extra channels, there are also Sky TV add-ons to enhance your viewing experience.

  • HD and HD and UHD packages allow you to watch more channels in HD and UHD resolution.

  • Multiscreen adds a mini skybox to your order so you can watch live broadcasts on more TVs.

  • Join Disney+ with your Sky subscription and get all your entertainment with one account.

Tips for creating the perfect Sky package

  • The more you add, the more you save with extra discounts when you sign up to multi-channel packages or add other Sky services.

  • Do you like streaming? You can use Sky Go to watch your subscriptions on demand on all your favorite devices.

  • Sky maintains its best introductory prices for new customers, so adding a channel pack midway through your deal can cost more.

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