Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations: where to find all cats for the quest Please find my cat (2023)

There are many side quests.Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but one of the most profitable isplease find my cat, a two-part quest for part-time heroes that has a huge reward. Best of all, searching is easy, at least if you have it.cat location🇧🇷 what we do

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What is particularly exciting about this quest are the rewards. You will receive a new Poundmates summon to battle, as well as two 1,000,000 yen tickets, a total of 2 million yen! Fixed. That's more than enough forpass all vocational school exams and exams, or buy any NPCImprove your personality stats.

You can tackle this quest early on, making it a great way to earn a lot of money from Chapter 5. You might want to combine this with that.Kappa Statue Quest, which also allows you to roam the map in search of hidden collectibles. On this page, we explain how to start the search for lost cats and where to find all the cats.

Yakuza: Search for a Dragon Cat - How to start?

To start the quest, you need to go to the office of the part-time hero. You'll be guided here once you get to know it as part of the story, but it's in the same building as the Cafe Brave restaurant in the North Jinnai Station area, which is in the upper left corner of the Isezaki Ijincho map. There is an elevator at the back of the building that takes you to the third floor where the office is located.

It is important that you visit this office to begin this search. On your first visit as a volunteer, you will find that the office is full of cats. Talk to Hiro and then leave.

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Eventually, you get a call from Hiro that all his cats have run away. This can happen immediately after the output, or alternatively it can take some time to activate. If it's the latter, continue with the main story until I call. We first called him in the middle of Chapter 5, right after he unlocked character job trades for the first time.

Once the quest starts, you need to find nine cats for the first part of the quest and one cat for the second part. Luckily, we have located them all for you. read aboutwhere to find all the cats.

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations

First see above: This is a card from Isezaki Ijincho in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, withlocation of each catmarked. The cats are scattered throughout the city, as you can see.

We have numbered the cats, but not because there is a strict order to catch them; in fact, we've numbered them in what we think is a decent suggested order to help catch them and advance your quest, and below you'll find more specific instructions for each cat in this numbered order.

For the "Find My Cat" quest, you need to find the first 9 cats.🇧🇷 Then, head back to the Part Time Heroes Office (the starting point on the map) to talk to Hiro. This will complete the request and give you a reward of 1 million yen. Thereafter,You will immediately receive the quest Please Find My Cat 2, which requires you to find another cat., Robson.

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Robson is marked as cat 10 on the map. Once he finds him, he returns to the part-time hero's office once more and informs Hiro to unlock Robson as a Pound Mate summon and receive an additional 1 million yen.

With everything written down, here it isYakuza: like a local Dragoncatmore precise:

Location Category 1:Near the center of the coup, hidden behind a rectangular building on the side where there is water behind.

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Location category 2:Around the old people's home grounds, visit them early in the game. It is south of Hidamari Castle. The best and fastest way is to enter the building from Daikokuten street - oppositeOunabara Vocational School🇧🇷 The cat rests in a green box built in a corner of the actual building.

Location Category 3:This cat is located in the upper right area of ​​the Isezaki-Ijincho map in Hamakita Park. There is a water fountain south of the Flowers 2 Go booth in the center left of the park. The cat hides in the shadow of the fountain.

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cat location. 4:The next cat is in the center of Chinatown, south of the central intersection where the word Chinatown is printed on the in-game map. He cools off in a flowerbed in front of a non-interactive display case. If you try this on a low level at first, Chinatown is extremely hostile. So save up before you go there and be ready to run away from the battles.

cat location. 5:Your fifth cat will take you halfway through your search for the lost cats, and this one is in the West Jinnai Station area. The easiest way to find this is to go to the Kappo Katsumi restaurant on Jinnai Service Road and then cross the road to the central part where Jinnai Station is located. There is a parking lot here, and the cat is sitting in a blue container behind the fences. You have to walk to find a space in the fences and hedges to get in and get to the cat.

cat location. 6:Cat 6 isn't just a type of Ethernet cable - it's the next cat you need. Pardon. Anyway, it's in the Bar District, just south of Survive, the go-to bar. Keep an eye out for a striking piece of stone carved wall art - there's a door to a building you can't enter here, but the cat will be inside shortly and will enjoy the shade.

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cat location. 7:You can find the seventh cat further south of the sixth. It's on Sunrise Street, about as far southwest as you can see on the map. Where Sunrise Street opens into the river, the cat is perched under a bright green awning on the side of a building.

cat location. 8:You'll be introduced to the Can Quest minigame early on in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and the eighth cat is near. It's actually on the upper level of the parking lot where the Can Quest NPC is on the lower level below. He is hiding next to a car, on the railing that faces Misaki street.

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cat location. 9:This cat is on Restaurant Row, not far from the movie theater. Look out for the unique weapons shop on Ijin Street - Zhou Long Distribution. Next to this place is an alley. Go to the end of the alley and look to your right: there is another small alley that branches off into an L shape, and the last cat (for now) is around here.

Kat. 10 (Robson) Ort.:Robson is the last cat and remember that you can't catch him right away. After obtaining the first nine cats, he returns with Hiro to the Half-Time Hero HQ to report on the first half of the mission. He will then ask you to find Robson. Robson is easy to find if you know where to look. He returns to Hamakita Park, but this time head northeast as far as possible in the upper right corner of the map. There's a winding, curving path here, and halfway north you can find Robson resting at a light on the sloping, winding path. Return it to Hiro for a big reward.

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How to find Robson Chan? ›

Once you find all 9 cats, speak to Hiro to collect your reward and then he'll tell you about another lost cat called Robson. Although he says it's difficult to find him, his location is actually at Hamakita Park on the most north eastern side of the map, where he is perched on a post.

How many cats are in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is packed full of subquests, as well as additional quests via the Part-time Hero feature. One of these quests is to find and retrieve 10 different cats, and it's well worth doing as you are rewarded with two million yen, plus a new Poundmate!

Where is Hamakita Park in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Hamakita Park is a public park found within Isezaki Ijincho.

How do you get the secret character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

In order to unlock Eri Kamataki, you'll first need to complete Nick Ogata's requests while playing through the Business Management simulation minigame. The main thing you need to focus on is breaking into the Top 100 companies.

Where is the cat in restaurant row? ›

Restaurant Row: Head towards the weapons dealership in Restaurant Row and wander east down the alleyway. Proceed to the very end, turn right next to some cardboard boxes, and you'll see the cat in a little nook.

Where is Catthulu in Cat Quest? ›

Cathulhu is a unique optional water-based boss that can be fought unlimited times. It can be found in the southeast ocean of Felingard after you receive the Royal Art of Water Walking from the Governor.

How do I get Daigo Poundmates? ›

4 Daigo Dojima

Daigo Dojima can also be obtained through collecting fifty Tojo Crests. His attack hits all enemies and also costs a million to call.

How do you get empty cough drop tins? ›

  1. Sotenbori Battle Arena — Additional Reward on floors 21F, 23F, 25F and 27F.
  2. Dropped by Majima, Saejima and Kiryu after fight.
  3. Final Millennium Tower — in the room with 'Thought Entity' Kiryu, beside the last door.

What cat is Haku? ›

Haku (a large Maine Coon), Poki (a stray picked up from the street) and Nagi (a Norwegian Forest cat) all have their amusing individual personality traits that set them apart, leading to hilarious antics all over their owners' apartment.

Is there a two tailed cat? ›

One particularly monstrous breed of bakeneko is a two-tailed variety known as nekomata. Nekomata (Japanese: ねこまた, Chinese: 猫又 , meaning "Forked cat") are found in cities and villages, transformed from ordinary cats in Japanese mythology.

Can you pet the dog in Yakuza? ›

Can You Pet the Dog? on Twitter: "You cannot pet the dog in Yakuza Kiwami https://t.co/3iH8MQ5tYT" / Twitter.

What dragon is on Kiryu's back? ›

The protagonist of the Yakuza series, Kazuma Kiryu sports a dragon tattoo on his back. This design is a nobori-ryu (“ascending dragon”) motif, which is prevalent in Japanese tattoos.

Is Kiryu a dragon? ›

He is popularly known as "the Dragon of Dojima" (堂島の龍, Dōjima no Ryū) due to the tattoo of a dragon on his back and him originally being a fearsome member of the yakuza group known as the Dojima Family, a subsidiary of the Tojo Clan.
Kazuma Kiryu
10 more rows

Does Kiryu show up in Like a Dragon? ›

As you can see, the former protagonist of Yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu, is back. He was the protagonist in the first six Yakuza games, and now he's back in Like A Dragon 8.

What happens if you romance everyone in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

If you enter a romantic relationship with all six women, you can head to Survive Bar to start a new substory named "The Lone Survivor". Complete this substory to receive a +10 boost to your Defense stat. That's all for this page, but we've got plenty more Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides.

What is the best job for ERI? ›

Best Jobs for Eri Kamataki

The Clerk deals great slashing damage and the best weapon for it allows her to ignore the opponent's defense. If you're looking for an offense-based female party member, Eri will fill that role nicely. She also deals some great damage with the Night Queen job.

How to increase Ichiban personality? ›

Here, Ichiban can take exams that will raise the indicated Personality levels if he passes. Each exam has five questions, requiring three correct answers. The harder the exam, the greater the Personality boost.

Can you touch the cats in a cat cafe? ›

Do not push the cats off the chairs or move the cats with your feet. We'll find you a seat that the cats haven't claimed. Feel free to walk around the cafe - not run - but do not carry your hot drinks around with you. Our cats would be very upset if you spilt it on them or anyone else in the cafe.

What is the best time to visit cat cafe? ›

Weekends are our busiest times, so if you don't want to share your kitty snuggles, we recommend visiting on a weekday!

How many cats are in cat cafe manager? ›

Nevertheless, the main storyline does not actually take up much focus in the entire game. Plus, you get to continue playing and place as many as 50 seats and 41 cats (though I could only find 22 stray cats) in your cat cafe after the end of the main storyline.

How do you trigger the cat quest in Neko? ›

Players can start the first Neko is a Cat quest by teleporting to a waypoint at Asase Shrine in Genshin Impact. Then, head to the shrine with a black cat sitting on top of the counter. Four spots need to be cleansed around Asase Shrine, and all of them are on the wooden floors.

Where is Cathulu Cat Quest 2? ›

Overview. Cathulhu is a Boss in Cat Quest 2. It can be found in the middle of the bay of Lupus Empire guarding Zero Willpower.

Where is cat Grove Cat Quest? ›

Cat Grove is on an island off the east coast of Felingard.

Is Kiryu a Poundmate? ›

As fortunate as you are to see Kiryu in Chapter 12, you won't be able to officially recruit him until the very end of Chapter 14. That means that unfortunately yes, there's only one whole chapter where you'll be able to use Kiryu as a Poundmate.

Where can I farm Tojo clan crests? ›

Where to Find Crests. Most Tojo Clan Crests will be found hidden around the city, with some being more obvious than others. Basically, any glowing orb you see should be inspected, and as you're running around you should look down any dead ends or up any staircases, just to make sure you've covered every hiding spot.

How do you get Daigo in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Daigo can be unlocked as a part of the Poundmates system to aid Kasuga in battle. After Chapter 12 is complete, Kasuga can purchase the license to call Daigo from Kamulop via Tojo Clan Crests.

Can you just swallow a cough drop? ›

Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in your mouth and swallow the dissolved liquid along with your saliva. Do not chew or swallow it whole. This product is usually used every 2 hours as needed. If your doctor has directed you to use it, follow your doctor's instructions on how to use it.

How many floors are in battle arena yakuza like a dragon? ›

Note: The Sotenbori Battle Arena consists of 30 floors of battles increasing in difficulty. There are checkpoints every fifth floor and is a great way to earn some XP for your party. Plus, there are a whole host of weapon rewards, not to mention you'll earn millions of yen as you make your way through.

How many gold safes are in Yakuza? ›

Just move forward to open it and you'll find four gold safes. From left to right, they contain: Silhouette Katana, Blesswood Armor, Courage Pendant, and Gallant Binding.

Is Tabi a cat? ›

A tabby is any domestic cat (Felis catus) with a distinctive 'M'-shaped marking on its forehead; stripes by its eyes and across its cheeks, along its back, and around its legs and tail; and (differing by tabby type), characteristic striped, dotted, lined, flecked, banded, or swirled patterns on the body—neck, shoulders ...

Is Kotaro a cat? ›

Kotaro is an adorable, chubby cat with a short, stubby tail and a cute smile. The majority of his fur is white in color and he has black markings on his head and tail + around his tail. The marking on and around his tail is loosely shaped like a heart or a leaf while the black fur on his head resembles a mask.

Is Haku a girl or boy? ›

Haku, however, is not a young lady, but instead a young man. He makes this plain to Naruto, who then states his aforementioned attraction to the lad. From then on, any confusion as to which gender Haku is has been clarified, and he's firmly referred to as a boy for the rest of his short life.

What monster eats cats? ›

Domokun, The Little Japanese Monster that Eats Cats.

Is a Two Face cat rare? ›

Harvey is known as Janus cat, which is a rare genetic mutation caused by excess protein production while in the womb. "It has one of everything except for the skull," said Dr. Tim Addis of Alley Cat Animal Rescue in Arkansas. Janus cats are extremely rare, with only a handful of known cases in the modern era.

Is tails a dog or cat? ›

Characteristics. The character of Tails is portrayed as a very gentle, comforting, and humble fox who, before he met Sonic, was often picked on because of his twin tails.

Why is Majima the Mad dog? ›

His unpredictability, ferocity in combat, and accomplishments as the captain of the Shimano Family earned him the nickname "The Mad Dog of Shimano" (嶋野の狂犬, Shimano no Kyōken).

How do I get Majima Mad dog? ›

After facing the Five Stars of Sotenbori in battle, Majima will finally unlock the final confrontation in The Grand. Accomplishing the same will unlock the Mad Dog of Shimano style after hours of work.

How do I get angel dog? ›

Angel/Devil Dog is the eleventh guest in the hotel that holds a soul. She appears on the fourth night, along with My Son and Clock Master. Her room is the Heaven or Hell room in Basement LV 1. To obtain her soul, you must distract her.

Who is Kiryu's girlfriend? ›

Yakuza 6 focuses on the family relationship between Kiryu and Haruka after years of being separated.

Is it ok to get a Yakuza tattoo? ›

Yes, you can get a traditional yakuza tattoo. Yakuza doesn't use tattoos to identify their members, so you won't run into trouble. These tattoos are personal and based on Japanese legends, symbolism, and art.

Who is Kiryu's child? ›

Haruka Sawamura (澤村 遥, Sawamura Haruka) is a main character in the Yakuza series. She is the adoptive niece and daughter of Kazuma Kiryu, whom she first meets and becomes close to during the events of Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami, when Kiryu helps her to locate her missing mother.

Where do you find cats yakuza 6? ›

From Chapter Two onwards, stray cats will begin to appear in Kamurocho once you have the Troublr app. Cats in Onomichi will begin to appear from Chapter Four onwards. To get the cats to go to the Cat Cafe, you have to first befriend them, which you can do by feeding them food and filling their friendship gauge.

How do you get lizard cat? ›

Lizard Cat is the 8th Normal Cat unlocked. It is available after clearing Egypt in Empire of Cats: Chapter 1 for 7,000 XP, via the Cat Capsule or Summer Break Cats Gacha.

Where is the Knights Court cat? ›

Search for this Stray Cat on Scotland Yard Roof. Head toward Knight's Court and turn right after passing across the boards to find this cat in the corner.

Where is the hidden cat? ›

Check spaces under beds, couches, tables, recliners, and convertible sofas. If you're looking for a kitten, don't think twice about checking even the box springs or behind books in bookshelves. Your cat may also have been hiding inside a closet, a drawer, or cabinet and was trapped.

Where do stray cats spawn? ›

Stray cats spawn in villages with at least one villager and four beds. For each four beds in a village, a cat will spawn (up to 10), so you'll likely have a variety of colors to choose from in an average village.

How do you get a chocolate cat? ›

Matings between two carriers of chocolate are predicted to produce 25% chocolate kittens. Cats with B/bl genotype will be full-colored and are carriers of cinnamon. They will transmit this cinnamon variant to 50% of their offspring. Matings between two carriers of cinnamon are predicted to produce 25% cinnamon kittens.

How do you get Billy the cat? ›

Billy the Kitten is only attracted by the Cowboy Hat, which costs 400 silver fish. He leaves a Lucky Coin as a memento, and I've had success attracting him with Frisky Bitz.

Where is the Lost Ark cat? ›

There are three ways of obtaining a pet in Lost Ark:
  • An early-game quest.
  • In-game events.
  • Lost Ark's cash shop. Founder Packs also include an exclusive pet.
Feb 23, 2022

Where are all 5 kittens Star Stable? ›

They could be anywhere in Fort Pinta. There is one kitten on the umbrella of the saddle bag seller, one on the hay bale in the stable, one in the window of the fort tower above the pet shop, one inside the cafe, and one on the wall behind James. When you have all the kittens, return to the Security.


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