Yakuza: Like a Dragon Top 10 Quotes (2023)

Yakuza: Like a dragonIt offers a wealth of memorable quotes, ranging from emotionally resonant to downright funny. Whether you're looking for solid life advice or just want to fantasize about Peking Duck, Ichiban Kasuga and the eclectic cast of Like A Dragon, there's something for you.

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The Yakuza series has always evoked memorable moments, and Like A Dragon might just be the most prolific tree, offering twists throughout the story. From Arakawa to Adachi, some scenes from this emotional roller coaster will resonate in our minds for years to come.

10 "How about a finger?" - Masumi Arakawa

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As a young punk, Ichiban leaves the name of Arakawa's killer in a last ditch effort to save his life - but to his surprise, Arakawa actually turns up.- How about a finger? I'll trade mine for you. Does that sound fair?Ichiban and his captives are stunned as Arakawa cuts off his little finger to signal Ichiban to leave.

For the first time, we see Arakawa join the fray as the patriarch of the underworld, willing to help a teenage criminal, even at great personal cost. Ichiban tries to find out why Arakawa is risking everything to save the young punk, but Arakawa runs away. He attributes this to a desire to impress, but there is more than meets the eye.

9 "I'm sure we're all a little crazy here" - Ichiban Kasuga

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Returning to the group, Namba searches for information about his brother after his disappearance, and Ichiba and the gang welcome him with open arms. said the first grader“I'm sure we're all a little crazy here. But that's the best part of being a friend."Although Namba was reluctant to call Ichiban and the other friends, he eventually realized that it was.

Namba saved Ichiba's life before they could speak, and Ichiba refused to give Namba back even after he had turned his back on them. Regardless of the hardships he encounters, there is no connection between Ichiban Kasuga and the people he considers his friends - an attitude that defines his strong, unwavering loyalty.

8 "At that moment, I saw the trajectory of my life" - Ichiban Kasuga

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When Arakawa left Ichiban after saving his life, Ichiban stated;"At that moment, I saw my own path in life, which is to follow this person."Ichiban has shown his faith and conviction from the beginning, paving the way for his emotional journey.

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Growing up without parents, Ichiban was always looking for inspiration. Arakawa did not fail to plant the seed of gratitude in Ichiban's heart that would define his life. In a world of bleak despair, Arakawa represents the light at the end of Ichiban's tunnel—the light he intends to follow to the end.

7 "I am the dragon that protects him. Defeat me" - Kazuma Kiryu

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As Ichiban searches for answers to unravel Ryo Aoki's plot, he meets Kazuma Kiryu.“The treasure you seek is upon him. I am the dragon that guards the treasure. Beat me."At this point, worlds collide as Kiryu uses Ichiban's mind to decide what's at stake in the real world—after all, he sees himself as the hero of Dragon Quest.

This line sets off an epic battle between the two Yakuza titans, culminating in Ichiban slaying a dragon with his knight's sword - an apt and hilarious metaphor for this pivotal moment. Ichiban grows stronger as a true hero, ready to face the insurmountable challenges that await him.

6 "... deep down, no one knows who I really am" - Masato Arakawa

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In a recent conversation with Masato Arakawa (aka Ryo Aoki), Yichi heard the young master confess his pain for the first time:"I'm trying to be better, but I'm still not happy because no one appreciates my true inner self."While the sentiment is trite, Masato's late and painful upbringing gives the moment immense solemnity.

Masato's physical disability leaves him disgusted and ashamed of his body, despite being the son of a gang leader. The pain of uncertainty is something we all feel at some point, but Masato has defined his life - it makes him do unspeakable things. Eventually, something helps him realize that he and the people around Masato have always loved him, he just can't put aside his desire for power to learn the truth.

5 "I can have a dream, right?" — Ichiban Kasuga

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Discussing his childhood dreams, Ichiba admits that he wants to be a hero - just like in Dragon Quest - making Namba laugh until Ichiban corrects him.“I can dream, right? You don't have to laugh at this. Dreams are what drive you."After a while, Namba came to his senses and realized that what he had said made sense.

Despite difficult times, the power of dreams is real. This is especially true for Nampo, who dreams of finding out what really happened to his missing brother. At first, being a hero seemed absurd, and Ichiban took advantage of this to speed up the course of his life, eventually making it a reality.

4 "You have a good heart and give it your all" - Masumi Arakawa

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When Ichiban finally catches up to him after being shot by Arakawa, the honest exchange between them becomes even more powerful as the story progresses. Arakawa told me"You have a good heart and you do what you can. It doesn't matter where you were born."

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Ichiban lives with the shame of being born in a bubble bath, but Arakawa reminds him that the circumstances of his birth don't matter. Arakawa is proud of the man Ichiban has become, even though Ichiban didn't realize it at the time, and that's exactly the confirmation Ichiban needed to hear from his real father.

3 “Sweep it under the rug. That's how you handle secrets." - Joze Cheng

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In arguably the game's most important scene, Jo Sawashiro admits the unthinkable: abandoning his newborn child.“Just pretend it didn't happen. Sweep it under the rug. This is how secrets are handled. That's how we deal with things in our lives."

The scene reveals Sawashiro's turbulent past and the choices that have affected the lives of more people than he ever imagined. If Sawayo hadn't abandoned his child, Ichiban and Masato's lives might have changed and they could have become completely different people. All this shows the power of a choice.

2 "Only parents know how empty the house is" - Masumi Arakawa

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At the patriarch's request, after Ichiba surrendered and was imprisoned, Arakawa wrote Ichiba a warm letter suggesting a possible relationship between the two.“Only a parent knows how empty the house is. Parents are nothing without children."

Ichiban reads the letter on the cold prison floor, surrounded by other people but without his family - just like Arakawa. The letter becomes Ichiban's first seed of hope before he returns to the outside world to find that everything has changed. It is this letter and this sensitive subject that makes Ichiban put family above all else.

1 "He who has so much always wants more" - Koichi Adachi

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Howpowerful storyIn the end, former detective Koichi Adachi confronts a shady police chief in one of the series' most poignant themes. Adachi emphasizes the man's greed,"He who has so much always wants more."

This passage is at the heart of Yakuza, describing the story of those who desire power, wealth, etc. and they will stop at nothing to achieve these goals. People who have a lot always seem to be unhappy - and that's as true in the Yakuza as it is in real life. This social commentary is an apt observation, as the plot depicts the power of greed that can break even the strongest vows and family ties - unless heroes like Ichiban and Adachi dare to prevent it.

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